Tracking 2013-2014 Youth Commission Business

Tracking 2013-2014 Youth Commission Business

The Youth Commission typically takes action as a full body in 3 different ways: through responding to pending legislation proposed by the Board of Supervisors, by adopting resolutions advising the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors on issues related to San Francisco's children and youth, and by passing motions subsequent to presentations the Commission hears from community organizations and/or other City agencies.

This regularly updated document tracks all 3 of these actions for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

Item Date  Item Type 

Origin & File no. 

Item Name 


YC Action & Date 
 9/9/13 Legislation Referred 130764 Administrative Code – Due Process Ordinance on Immigration Detainers Supervisor John Avalos and Raquel Redondiez Support with comment and recommendation on 9/9/13 (PDF)
 10/7/13 Legislation Referred 130864 Planning Code – Transfer of Proposed Child Care Facility Oversight from the Dept. of Children, Youth, and Their Families to the Office of Early Care and Education Yee Support 10/7/13 (PDF)
 10/7/13 Legislation Referred 130946 Hearing – Impact of Sugar Sweetened Beverages to San Franciscan’s Health and Health Care Sector Sponsor: Mar; Presenter: Peter Lauterborn Support with comment and recommendation. 10/7/13 (PDF)
 10/7/13 Legislation Referred 130785 Request for Approval of the Youth Commission’s TAY, Housing, LGBT committee’s referral response to BOS file no. 130785 on family friendly workplace ordinance Sponsor: Chiu; Presenter: Eric Wu Support the ordinance, and corroborate the comment and recommendations made by the TAY committee 10/7/13 (PDF)
 10/7/13 Presentation   Presentation on Project WHAT! Project WHAT! Youth Participants, Zoe Willmott No official action taken.
 10/7/13 Presentation   Proposed Record Retention Schedule for the Youth Commission Wilson Ng, Records Retention Manager, Board of Supervisors Approved 10/7/13 (PDF)
 10/21/13 Presentation   Presentation on the Dept. of Children, Youth, and Their Families, the Children's Amendment, the Children's fund, and the Youth Empowerment Fund Prishni Murillo, Policy and Program Planner, DCYF, YEF No official action taken. (PDF)
 10/21/13 Presentation   Presentation and Request for Support with the Recruitment Process for the SFHRC's Equity Advisory Committee Zoe Polk, Policy Coordinator, Policy and Social Justice Division of SF HRC No official action taken.
 10/21/13 YC Business - Motion 1213-M-01 Motion to support and co-sponsor Youth Advocacy Day 2014 Commissioner Landrum Approved upon first reading 10/21/13 (PDF)
 11/4/13 Legislation Referred 130968 Administrative, Planning Codes – Ellis Act Displaced Emergency Assistance Amy Chan- Legislative Aide to Supervisor Chiu Supported 11/4 (PDF)
 11/4/13 Legislation Referred 131044 Hearing to Evaluate the Status of the San Francisco’s Afterschool for All Initiative and to examine access to afterschool programs for all students in the San Francisco Unified School District Introduced by Supervisor Farrell Support 11/4/13 (PDF)
 11/4/13 Presentation   Presentation on the Bay Area Video Coalition’s Next Gen Youth Programs Ingrid Dahl and Aisha Fukushima No action taken.
 11/18/13 Presentation   Presentation on San Francisco Public Library Resources and Teen Services Catherine Cormier, Teen Center Manager, Main Library, SFPL Teen Librarian No action taken.
 11/18/13 YC Business   Policy Research Tutorial Adele Carpenter, Youth Development and Administration Coordinator; Sharon Chung, Youth Commission Intern No action taken (PDF)
 12/2/13 Legislation Referred 130983 Hearing to discuss and evaluate San Francisco’s 10-Year Plan to Abolish Chronic Homelessness, which is due to sunset at the end of 2014 Jess Montejano, Legislative Aide, Office of Supervisor Mark Farrell Support with comment and recommendation 12/2/14 (PDF)
 12/2/13 Presentation   Presentation on Overview of the Affordable Care Act with a focus on implementation in San Francisco and youth; request for support, feedback, and collaboration on youth outreach strategies Lani Kent, Health Policy Advisor, Mayor’s Officer No official action taken. Provided feedback. (PDF)
 12/2/13 Presentation   Presentation on Cleaner Bart Stations: Proposal from Generation Citizens, Paul Revere Middle School Jessie Wray, Xiomara Zelaya No official action taken. Provided feedback.
 12/2/13 Presentation   Presentation on Bayview Mobilizing for Adolescent Growth in our Communities - BMAGIC Jeaneane Young, BMAGIC Community Outreach Coordinator No official action taken. Provided feedback.
 12/16/13 Presentation   Presentation and Request for Support with Project WHAT Youth Survey Outreach Zoe Willmott, Project WHAT Program Coordinator Approved motion of support. (PDF)
 12/16/13 Presentation   Overview on Shape Up San Francisco and its priorities with a focus on youth initiatives Christina Goette, Department of Public Health’s Community Health Equity and Promotion Branch, Director of Shape Up SF No official action taken. Provided feedback. (PDF)
 12/16/13 Presentation   Presentation on District Attorney Victim Services’ Youth Focus Group Efforts and Request for Feedback and Support Maria Bee, Chief of Victim Services No official action taken. Provided feedback.
 12/16/13 YC Business   Presentation and request for approval of Community Outreach and Media & Public Relations Work Plan for the Youth Commission Allen Lu, Coordinator of Community Outreach and Civic Engagement; Commissioner Landrum, Community Outreach Officer; Commissioner Van Stark, Media & Public Relations Officer Approved on 12/16/14. (PDF)
 12/16/13 YC Business   Presentation and update on the Youth Commission’s Housing, LGBTQ, and TAY committee’s work on 12N ordinance Adele Carpenter, Coordinator of Youth Development and Administration; Sally Jenkins-Stevens, Intern, Office of Supervisor John Avalos No action taken. (PDF)
 1/6/14 YC Business   Possible Revision to 2013-2014 Youth Commission Bylaws Commissioner Kong Approved 12/16/14 (PDF)
 1/6/14 YC Business 1314-01 Resolution 1314-01 Urging Support of the California Homeless Bill of Rights Commissioner Eric Wu Approved upon second reading, 1/6/14. (PDF)
 1/6/14 YC Business BOS File #: 131219; YC #: 1314-M-02 Motion of support for BOS File no. 131219 resolution supporting amendments to State Law to return local control over the Ellis Act to prevent the speculation and abuse of no-fault evictions Commissioner Eric Wu Approved 1/6/14 (PDF)
 1/11/14 Presentation   The Power of Youth Action Kiran Sridhar, Founder of Waste No Food; Vrinda Agarwal, Girl Scouts of America Gold Award Winner and Founder of 100 Strong No action taken.
 1/11/14 Presentation   Budget Bonanza: Presentations on the City and School District Budgets  Jack Wu, Mission High Student Advisory Council Representative; Commissioner Sicairos; Commissioner Persky; Salvador Lopez-Barreras, Student Advisory Council Coordinator; Phimy Truong, Youth Commission Director No action taken. (PDF)
 1/11/14 Presentation   Effective Communication Workshop Commissioner Kong; Commissioner J. Wu; Xiaofan Wu, Student Advisory Council President; Allen Lu, Youth Commission Coordinator of Community Outreach No action taken.
 1/12/14 Presentation   Fall Orientation Retreat Core Content Review: Lifecycle of a Policy Priority, School District and City Government Overviews Commissioner Cardenas; Commissioner Yu No action taken.
 1/12/14 Presentation   Policy Research in Action Leah LaCroix, Youth Commission Alum; Jose-Luis Mejia, TAY SF Young Adult Engagement Coordinator; Bob Allen, Urban Habitat Director of Transportation Justice No action taken.
 1/12/14 YC Business   Review May 22, 2013 Youth Commission Budget and Policy Priority Presentation to BOS Budget and Finance Committee Youth Commission Staff No action taken.
 1/12/14 Legislation Referred 131212 Referral Response: Support of BOS File No. 131212 Accept and Expend Grant- San Francisco Youth Back on Treatment to Recovery Through Accountability, Collaboration, and Knowledge - $250,000 Consent Calendar  Supported 1/12/14 (PDF)
 2/3/14 Legislation Referred 131192 Police, Administrative Codes – Considering Criminal History in Employment and Housing Decisions Supervisor Jane Kim (Sponsor), Ivy Lee, Legislative Aide, Office of Supervisor Jane Kim  Supported with comment and recommendation 2/3/14 (PDF)
  Presentation   Presentation and Request for Participation in the California Association of Human Relations Organizations Statewide Gathering April 24-25th, 2014 Theresa Sparks, Executive Director, San Francisco Human Rights Commission Approved motion to support.
2/3/14 YC Business   Motion to support and Co-Sponsorship of a Youth Town Hall in District 8 on March 13th, 2014 Commissioner Angel VanStark Approved 2/3/14 (PDF)
2/3/14 Legislation Referred 140070 Resolution supporting Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth and Restorative Justice Youth Commission Staff Support with comment and recommendation 2/3/14 (PDF)
3/3/14 Legislation Referred 140098 Initiative Ordinance Introduced – Business and Tax Regulations Code – Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages to Fund Food and Health Programs Sponsors: Mar, Wiener, Avalos, Campos, Chiu, Cohen Presenters: Supervisors Mar and Wiener; Peter Lauterborn, Legislative Aide Support 3/3/14 (PDF)
3/3/14 Presentation   San Francisco Summer Jobs Plus Report Amy Thole, Program Specialist, Matchbridge No action taken. (PDF)
3/3/14 Resolution 1314-02 Resolution Urging Creation of a Youth Voice Policy Sponsor: Nicholas Persky Adopted upon third reading 3/3/14 (PDF)
3/3/14 Motion 1314-M-04 Motion for Youth Commission to Endorse the Our Children, Our City Stakeholder Council’s Youth Town Hall Report Sponsor: Eric Wu Adopted upon first reading 3/3/14 (PDF of motion; PDF of report)
3/3/14 YC Business   2014-2015 Youth Commission Application Staff Approved 3/3/14 (PDF)
3/17/14 Legislation Referred 140120 Building Code – Earthquake Performance Evaluation of Private School Structures   Support 3/17/14 (PDF)
3/17/14 Legislation Referred 140123 Resolution urging State Community College Chancellor Brice Harris to restore the voice of San Francisco voters and bring democratic decision-making, transparency, and public accountability back to City College of San Francisco by restoring the duly elected Board of Trustees   Support 3/17/14 (PDF)
3/17/14 Legislation Referred 131208 Ordinance Amending the Health Code to prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes where smoking is prohibited; require a tobacco permit for the sale of electronic cigarettes; prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes where the sale of tobacco products is otherwise prohibited; and making environmental findings Supervisor Eric Mar Support with comment and recommendation 3/17/14 (PDF)
3/17/14 Presentation   Presentation on the Children’s Fund Community Coalition Recommendations Jessica Mele No official action taken, Feedback given. 3/17/14
3/17/14 Motion 1314--M--05 Request for Board of Supervisors hearing on services and solutions for youth with incarcerated parents Joshua Cardenas Adopted upon second reading 3/17/14 (PDF)
3/17/14 Resolution 1314--03 Modifying MUNI’s fare structure to make 18-year-olds eligible for youth discounts Nicholas Persky Adopted upon second reading 3/17/14 (PDF)
3/17/14 Motion 1314--M--06 Sponsoring the Take a Stand for San Francisco youth art event on April 5, 2014 Angel Van Stark Adopted upon first reading 3/17/14 (PDF)
4/7/14 Presentation   Presentation and Request for Support of Mission SF’s New Era campaign Irene Cuellar, Raquel Cuellar, Marco Ponce, Gabriel Hernandez, Santiago Martinez Motion of support 4/7/14
4/7/14 Presentation   Overview of Policy Priorities for Transitional Age Youth Vision & Goals 2014-16 Report Glenn Eagleson, Senior Planner & Policy Analyst/Citywide Lead for TAY Services Motion of support 4/7/14 (PDF)
4/7/14 Legislation Referred 140274 Hearing – Expanding Technology Sector Opportunities for Girls and Low-Income Youth Sponsor: Supervisor Eric Mar; Presenter: YC Staff Support with comment and recommendation 4/7/14 (PDF)
4/7/14 Resolution 1314-04 Youth Commission’s recommended policies and priorities for the Children’s Fund Commissioners Eric Wu and Michelle Kong Adopted upon second reading 4/7/14 (PDF)
4/7/14 Motion 1314-M-07 Request for Youth Commission Support and Sponsorship of Summer Learning Day 2014 Commissioner Jina Bae Adopted upon first reading 4/7/14 (PDF)
4/7/14 Motion 1314-M-08 Support SFCIPP’s letter of support for DGO 7.04 Commissioners Sophie Edelhart and Ramon Gomez Adopted upon first reading 4/7/14 (PDF)
4/7/14 Motion 1314-M-09 Supporting Generation Citizens Civics Day Commissioner DeAsia Landrum Adopted upon first reading 4/7/14 (PDF)
5/5/14 Legislation Referred File No. 140441 Charter Amendment – Children and Youth Fund; Commission on Children, Youth, and Their Families Sponsor(s): : Avalos; Campos, Cohen, Kim, Mar, Yee and Breed
Presenter: Peter Lauterborn, Legislative Aide to Supervisor Mar

Support, with comment and recommendation
5/5/14 Legislation Referred File No. 140443 Charter Amendment – Children and Families Council; San Francisco Children and Families Plan Sponsor(s): Yee; Avalos, Kim, Mar, Campos, Cohen and Breed
Presenter: Jen Low, Legislative Aide to Supervisor Yee

Support, with comment and recommendation
5/5/14 Presentation   Presentation and request for support of Transitional Age Youth E.D. Network’s recommendation to invest in new TAY Services in the coming budget year Jodi Schwartz and Sherilyn Adams of Transitional Age Youth E.D. Network Motion of support passed 5/5/14
5/19/14 Legislation Referred 140442 Charter Amendment – Public Education Enrichment Fund Sponsors: Kim, Yee, Avalos, Campos, Mar, Cohen Presenter: Supervisor Kim Support with comment and recommendation 5/19/14
5/19/14 Resolution 1314-07 Commendation for Nayad Abrahamian DeAsia Landrum Adopted upon first reading 5/19/14
5/19/14 Resolution 1314-05 Employing Undocumented Youth in SF Public Sector Youth Workforce Programs Commissioners Li, Persky, Bae, Kong Adopted upon second reading 5/19/14
 5/19/14  YC Business    Youth Commission Budget and Policy Priorities for Fiscal Years 2014-15 and 2015-16  

 Adopted upon second reading 5/19/14


6/16/14   Legislation Referred    140571-2   Amending the Board's Rules to Establish Scheduling Procedures for Hearing on Matters Referred to the Youth Commission Sponsors: Mar, Campos

Support on consent calendar 6/16/14

 6/16/14 Resolution   1314-06  Supporting the SFUSD's Disability Awareness Efforts Commissioners Yu, Sicairos, Bernick and Joyce Wu  Adopted upon second reading 6/16/14
 6/16/14 YC Business     2013-2014 Annual Report    Adopted with permission for staff to finalize document
 7/7/14       Legislation Referred 140715  Hearing - Initiative Ordinance- Park Code- Children's Playgrounds, Walking Trails, Athletic Fields Sponsors: Chiu, Farrell, Mar, Tang, Wiener, Breed Support.
7/7/14  Legislation Referred   140687 Initiative Ordinance - Administrative Code - Minimum Wage Sponsors: Mayor Lee Support with commend and recommendation.
 7/7/14       Presentation   Afro Solo's "The Audacity to Succeed" and Request for Support Mr. Thomas R. Simpson, Founder of AfroSolo Support.
 7/7/14 Presentation    Y-PLAN's 2014 Tomodachi Program and Request for Support Jessie Stewart, Research Specialist & National Y-PLAN Coordinator; Sean Cochrane, Y-PLAN Tomodachi Coordinator  
 7/21/14  Presentation   Overview of SF RPD Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights & Request for Support and Endorsement Zoe Burton, Youth Volunteer & Education Coordinator; Charlotte Hill, SFCAN Steering Committee; RPD Support
 7/21/14  Presentation   Overview of OCEIA's Dream SF Fellowship Program Kraig Cook, Civic Engagement Coordinator/Dream SF Project Manager  
 7/21/14  YC Business   YC's Key to the City Youth Housing Town Hall Report and Request for Support Eric Wu, Housing, LGBT, and TAY issues committee members Support.