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Welcome to the Legislative Research Center (LRC):

The Board of Supervisors welcomes you to its web-based Legislative Research Center. In addition to the posting of Board and Committee agendas, the Legislative Research Center makes it possible for members of the public to:

  • Search for legislation by assigned committee, sponsor, department, date introduced, and other additional criteria.
  • Monitor the current status of any introduced legislation.
  • Produce committee-specific or general lists of all pending legislation.
  • Display and print the text of any pending legislation.
  • For legislation heard by a committee or the Board, run video, audio or obtain a transcript of the hearing held.
  • Easily list legislation sponsored by any member of the Board of Supervisors.
  • Request to be alerted in the event legislation of interest is scheduled for a hearing or changes in any way.

This research center operates within four modules: Legislation, Calendar, Board of Supervisors, and People. Each module can provide the following information:

The Legislation Tab provides a listing of all the legislation that has been posted to InSite, this listing can be narrowed down by using the search features in the module either independently or jointly. The search results can be generated as a report or exported to PDF, Excel or Word.

The Calendar tab provides access to past, current and future Board and Committee meetings, including meeting details, agendas, minutes, attachments and legislation file history. This Calendar has the ability to show published Board and Committee agendas and minutes by day, week, month or year. This Calendar can display a specific Committee or the entire Board and Committee structure.

The Board of Supervisor’s tab provides access to current, past or all Supervisors. Once a Supervisor is selected it is possible to view Legislation sponsored by that Supervisor, the Supervisor’s meeting attendance and the Supervisor’s voting record on Legislation considered by them.

The People tab provides a list of Supervisors and the City and School District Commissioners, both current and past for your reference.

You can adjust your “My Account” settings to have InSite send you an email on a piece of Legislation or on a Meeting which meets the criteria of the “Search Term” entered for the Legislation Alert or Calendar Alert entered.

Please note that you will need Adobe Reader to view meeting agendas, minutes, attachments and reports generated by InSite.

We welcome your feedback!

Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how to improve the Legislative Research Center at LRC-Feedback@sfgov.org. This tool is intended to make government more accessible to you. We look forward to improving the site with your collaboration. Thank you and welcome to the Legislative Research Center!