Executive Committee

2324 Executive Committee

(Left to Right: Kelly Wu, Téa Lonné Amir, Ewan Barker Plummer, Gabbie Listana, Allsiter Adair, Jason Fong

Ewan Barker Plummer (Chair), Gabbie Listana (Vice-Chair), Jason Fong & Allister Adair (Legislative Affairs Officers), Téa Lonné Amir and Kelly Wu (Communications and Outreach Officers)


As per the 2023-2024 Youth Commission Bylaws (PDF), the Executive Committee is an elected body of six Youth Commissioners: the Chair, Vice Chair, Legislative Affairs Officers, and Communications and Outreach Officers.

The Executive Committee meets each Wednesday before a Youth Commission meeting at 5:00 p.m. in-person with remote access.

The Executive Committee is responsible for:

(a) approving Commission meeting agendas; 
(b) regularly discussing issues raised by the Community Affairs Officer, by individual commissioners, by Commission committees, legislation referred from the Board of Supervisors, and Commission legislation; 
(c) regularly discussing and devising strategies to improve commissioner engagement and satisfaction; and 
(d) leading the Commission’s work on advising the City and County of San Francisco on its annual budget.

Members of the public are welcome to attend Executive Committee meetings!

To request that the Executive Committee put a particular item on the Youth Commission meeting agenda, please email youthcom@sfbos.org.


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