Legislation 2021 - 2022

Tracking 2021-2022 Youth Commission Business

The Youth Commission typically takes action as a full body in 3 different ways: through responding to pending legislation proposed by the Board of Supervisors, by adopting resolutions advising the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors on issues related to San Francisco's children and youth, and by passing motions subsequent to presentations the Commission hears from community organizations and/or other City agencies. 

This document tracked all 3 of these actions for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. 


Date Item Type Origin & File no. Item Name Sponsor/Author/Presenter YC Action & Date
9/20/21 YC Business  

Adoption of 2021-22 Youth Commission Bylaws

YC Staff

Approved upon first reading 9/20/21 (PDF)

9/20/21 YC Business   Election of 2021-22 Youth Commission Executive Officers   Commissioner Zhang elected Chair; Commissioner Asfaw elected Vice Chair; Commissioner Hum elected Legislative Affairs Officer; Commissioner Listana elected Communication & Outreach Officer
10/5/21 Presentation   Our Children Our Families (OCOF) & Blaze Forward Fellowship Presentation  Presenter: Simone Combs, OCOF Staff  No action taken
10/5/21 YC Business   Our Children Our Families Youth Seat - Elections  Presenter: Executive Committee  Commissioner Oyagata elected OCOF representative
10/5/21 YC Business   Resolution No. 2022-AL-01 [Resolution Making Findings To Allow Teleconferenced Meetings Under California Government Code Section 54953(e)] Sponsors: Executive Committee
Presenter: Youth Commission Staff

Support 2022-AL-01  (PDF)

10/18/21 Presentation   Seamless Transit - Fare Integration Bay Area  Presenter: Adina Levin, Seamless Bay Area Director  Motion to Support
10/18/21 Presentation   Employ + Empower Program (E+E)  Presenter: Hira Zahir, Program Manager, 3 Strands Global Foundation  No action taken
10/18/21 YC Business   Resolution Writing - Training  YC Staff This item was tabled
10/18/21 YC Business   Public Comment - Training YC Staff This item was tabled
11/16/21 YC Business   Motion to support Letter on Sexual Violence in SFUSD   Item passed (PDF icon PDF)
01/18/22 YC Business   Resolution No. 2022-AL-06 [Safe Storage for Firearms Resolution] Sponsor(s): Ewan Barker Plummer Support 2022-AL-06 (PDF icon PDF)