Here’s what our clients are saying about Smart Money Coaching…. 

“I valued the encouragement surrounding attacking past credit mistakes.”
– Kareisha 

“Before meeting [my Smart Money Coach], I had no financial experience whatsoever. However, [he] took the time to understand my goals and explained financial terminology to me, all while personalizing a financial plan for me...He helped me understand and make the best choices when it comes to credit cards and savings accounts. Thanks to [his] coaching, I am in a stronger financial position than I was when I first started meeting with him, and I feel more confident and prepared for the future.”

“I feel more confident planning for the future and can think about my finances without spiraling into anxiety.”
– Jay

“I come from a broken home and have spent the majority of my adult life behind bars. I have been blessed with a second chance…I was in a reentry program when I heard about Smart Money Coaching, I'm still in the program and informing others about the service you provide. [My Smart Money Coach] helped me establish a savings plan and suggested that I obtain a secured credit card to help build my credit. I value the one-on-one hands-on approach I receive[d].”

“They guided me on how to work with credit bureaus on all my five delinquent accounts. Plus, helped me find companies and organizations that help individuals like me get safe short-term loans and credit cards to further help build my credit”
– Ranni