Bank On San Francisco

Bank On San Francisco helps you find a safe, affordable bank account, with no overdraft or hidden fees. A bank account is important because it is the door to the financial mainstream and greater economic stability. It doesn't matter how much money you have, if you don't have a social security number or California ID, or if you've had trouble banking in the past. With Bank On San Francisco, everyone is welcome! Talk to a free financial coach about setting up an account. They are available to support you through the process. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Living without a bank account is expensive as it can force someone to use fringe financial services, such as check cashing services, money orders and payday loans. Such practices are common and costly: one analysis found that the average family earning $25,000 per year could spend about $2,400 or ten percent of their income on financial transactions, including fees for prepaid cards and money transfers. Once someone has a bank account, they can access other financial products and services that can help them build wealth and achieve upward economic mobility. 

Bank On Accounts - Features

No Hidden Fees


No overdraft or other hidden fees                               Online BankingOnline and mobile banking 
No Minimum BalanceNo minimum balance required Minimum DepositMinimum opening deposit of $25
ID iconFlexible account opening Low FeesLow monthly fees of $10 or less

Bank On Account Benefits

  • You can manage your cash from your phone.

  • A bank account makes it faster to get your cash benefits reissued in the event of an investigation or fraud.

  • If your bank has ATM access, you can get your money for free at your bank’s ATM machines.

  • With direct deposit rather than an EBT card, you avoid the risk of cash benefits being stolen from your EBT card.

  • Having a bank account helps you reach your savings goals.

  • No more checks being delayed, lost, or stolen in the mail.

  • No more taking your check somewhere to be cashed and having to pay to get your cash.

  • Regardless of credit score, immigration status, or if you have a California ID or not, you may still be able to open a Bank On San Francisco account.

Things to Know Before You Open An Account

  • Your bank account may impact your credit score if you rack up fees and don’t pay them.  

  • No one, not even a person’s spouse or co-parent, can access a person’s individual bank account unless (1) that person is a co-owner on the account, (2) that person has power of attorney for the account owner, or (3) that person has completed the appropriate forms as required by the specific banking institution to give that person access.  

  • It is possible for your paychecks that are deposited into your account to be garnished for child support payments, and/or other payments owed to the state or IRS.  

FAQ icon   Bank On Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are several accounts that you can open with an ITIN, including:

  1. Chase Secure Banking Account
  2. Mechanics Bank Bank On Checking Account
  3. First Bank Thrive Checking Account
  4. Self-Help Federal Credit Union Access Checking Account
  5. Citibank Access Account
  6. California Bank & Trust OnBudget Banking Account
  7. Wells Fargo Clear Access Banking Account
  8. US Bank Safe Debit Account

You do need at least one form of government-issued identification to open a bank account. If you don’t have government-issued ID, we can help you obtain a San Francisco ID, an ITIN, or provide assistance to get your name changed on your ID. Schedule a free appointment with us at

If you would like help opening a bank account and setting up direct deposit, schedule a free appointment with us at

If you tried to open an account and your application was rejected, schedule a free appointment with us at