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Bank On San Francisco helps you find a safe, affordable bank account, with no overdraft or hidden fees. A bank account is important because it is the door to the financial mainstream and greater economic stability. It doesn't matter how much money you have, if you don't have a social security number or California ID, or if you've had trouble banking in the past. With Bank On San Francisco, everyone is welcome!

Living without a bank account is expensive as it can force someone to use fringe financial services, such as check cashing services, money orders and payday loans. Such practices are common and costly: one analysis found that the average family earning $25,000 per year could spend about $2,400 or ten percent of their income on financial transactions, including fees for prepaid cards and money transfers. Once someone has a bank account, they can access other financial products and services that can help them build wealth and achieve upward economic mobility. 

Bank On Accounts - Features

No Hidden Fees


No overdraft or other hidden fees                               Online BankingOnline and mobile banking 
No Minimum BalanceNo minimum balance required Minimum DepositMinimum opening deposit of $25
ID iconFlexible account opening Low FeesLow monthly fees of $10 or less