Register & View Balance Online

New and existing account holders can use the links below to find your account number and then view your account balance. To help you navigate the online registration process for one or more students, follow the instructions below. You will need your account number to register or view your account balance online. K2C's account number begins with 332201. Find it onlineon a Welcome Letter (mailed to newly opened accounts) or a recent Activity Statement (twice a year). 

Find Account NumberView Account Balance


Account RegistrationKey Benefits

Single Student

If you only have one K2C account that has not been registered online.


View your total balance, including contributions and incentives with Citibank.

Multiple Students

If you have more than one K2C account and have not yet registered any of your students accounts online. You can link multiple student’s accounts to one login.


View multiple students’ balances online with Citibank in one place.

13 Year-Old Students (and Older)

If you have a student that is 13 years old, you can now grant access in addition to older students.


Empower a 13 year-old student (or older) with the ability to log into their account to view balance.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Video Instructions

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