Graduating Students

Claim YOUR Money

Congratulations! If you are a graduate (Class of 2023 or 2024) of a San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) or SFUSD affiliated charter school, then you have at least $50 in your K2C account, plus any contributions or incentives to continue your education after high school.
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Eligible students may also have $500-$1,500 in a CalKIDS account from the State of California. 

Claim CalKIDS Money 
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Follow These Steps to Get YOUR Money with K2C:


Submit Your Request ASAP

K2C’s withdrawal form is live and closes with the new school year in August.



Stop Making Deposits

Cancel automated (direct deposit, bill pay) deposits as well as deposits at a branch or by mail.



Receive YOUR Money This Summer

Confirm your disbursement method (Bank Transfer, Transfer to 529 ScholarShare, or Check) and payments will begin in July. 



Put YOUR Money to Good Use with K2C

Colleges & Universities


  • Four-year university
  • Community college
  • Trade/Vocational school
  • Post-secondary
  • Apprenticeship or training program


  • Tuition and fees
  • School supplies
  • Room and board
  • Computers/laptop
  • Other educational related expenses


    Payment Options with K2C

    Payments options, including distribution of any contributions or incentives, are based on the student’s enrollment status and plans after high school. After you claim your money with K2C and K2C approves your disbursement request, you must confirm your payment preference in order to receive your money.    

    Payments to graduating seniors begin in July following graduation and are processed throughout the year for prior graduates. Payment requests are processed ongoingly for students who have left the district prior to graduating and currently enrolled students who are not graduating.   

    • Bank Transfer (ACH; Zelle) 

    • 529 Transfer (California ScholarShare or non-ScholarShare provider) 

    • Check (made payable to the student; can be cashed by a parent/guardian if student is a minor) 

    • Donate to the Program (funds are recycled for use by other students; K2C sends a confirmation of your donation for your records) 

    College Dreams Come True

    Video file:


    Press Release

    The Class of 2023 is also the first graduating class that is part of the Kindergarten to College (K2C) program, marking a new milestone in City history. 

    “We started K2C so that every student in our public schools would know that they have a future worth saving for,” said San Francisco Treasurer José Cisneros. “K2C is beginning to deliver on the promise that every child growing up in San Francisco has not only a dream for college, but a pathway.”



    Need Help?

    Get questions answered during Zoom office hours (Tuesdays 4pm-5pm in English and Thursdays 9:30am-10:30 am in Spanish). We can also be reached at or by calling 3-1-1 (in San Francisco) or 415-701-2311 in multiple languages. Our team is here to support you on the next step of your college saving journey!