Close An Account

Congratulations for using your Kindergarten to College (K2C) account to save for college!

When your student is no longer enrolled in a San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) school, K2C will close their account and you have three options:
  1. Transfer the balance of contributions and incentives into a 529 CA ScholarShare account; or
  2. Request that we send the balance of your personal contributions by check or bank transfer; or
  3. Donate your contributions to K2C to benefit other students.

Submit Request


    Steps to Take When No Longer Enrolled in SFUSD

    1. Stop making contributions (e.g. cash, bill pay, direct deposit) with K2C.
    2. Submit a request; see form instructions and video
    3. Stay in communication and follow-up on anything needed to process your request (e.g. proof of new address).

    More Information

    You now have the option to move your savings from K2C into a CA 529 ScholarShare account without losing your K2C incentives. Visit the Help Center for detailed instructions. Families with higher balances or students nearing graduation may be especially interested in this opportunity to maximize college savings. Benefits can include:

    • Investment options with federal and state tax-free growth
    • View CalKids balance & ScholarShare balance together
    • Move K2C contributions and incentives to a 529

    Learn more about 529 ScholarShare.

    Checks are made payable to the student for the balance of any contributions. Parents or legal guardians may deposit checks for a student into their own bank account or one for their minor child. 

    When electing a bank transfer for contributions, K2C is using Zelle. If you are not registered for Zelle, you will receive instructions via email from the City and County of San Francisco’s banking partner JP Morgan Chase on how to register. If K2C is unable to successfully transfer funds electronically, a check payable to the student will be mailed. 

    Learn about Zelle and see step-by-step instructions to register and accept payments. Contact your bank directly to confirm the bank and email address associated with Zelle before requesting a transfer from K2C to ensure you receive notifications and understand where funds will be deposited.

    Please note that K2C is only sending payments at this moment to registered Zelle users via email.  K2C and the City and County of San Francisco's banking partner JP Morgan Chase will not communicate via text (SMS) about a Zelle transfer.  We recommend calling 311 (415-701-2311) or emailing us at if you receive a suspicious message that appears to come from us. Additionally, if any payment amounts are sent in error to a recipient via Zelle, K2C will communicate with recipients to ensure funds are recovered successfully from

    You can elect to donate your contributions to benefit other K2C students.  K2C will send a thank you note as confirmation of your tax-deductible donation.  Any earned incentives will return to the program. 

    After one year (total contributions less than $15) or three years (contributions of $15 or more), you will lose any contributions and earned Kindergarten to College (K2C) incentives will return to the Program.  K2C’s latest program rules can always be found online and more details are described below along with related forms.