Late 2016 and early 2017, we listened to a wide array of stakeholders, reassessed our work, honed our mission and identified the unique ways we believe can best support low-income San Franciscans. The results of this process are outlined in our five-year strategy below.


A City Where Everyone Can Thrive


Leverage the power of City Hall to strengthen economic security and mobility for low income families.

Goals and Strategies

With income and wealth inequality on the rise and families struggling to get ahead, we prioritize support to low-income communities and communities of color — those facing the greatest economic challenges. We will work closely with these communities and a broad group of thought and implementation partners inside and outside city government to pursue three primary goals in support of our mission.

Goal 1: Demonstrate Promising and Expand Proven Innovations

Within this goal, we will focus on strategies to innovate while strengthening our flagship initiatives.

Goal 2: Use Our Voice for Economic Justice to Help Families Build and Protect Wealth

Leveraging the power of City Hall, we will pursue two strategies to protect consumers from predatory financial practices and strengthen the impact of our programs.

Goal 3: Amplify Our Work with Strong Funding, Research and Communications

To increase our effectiveness, we will pursue three key organizational strategies.