Working Draft Maps

The Redistricting Task Force will post a working draft map after each meeting where the Task Force considers proposed changes to district lines. Click on the links below to see the current and prior versions of the working draft map. The current working draft is the map with the most recent date, which appears at the top of the list.

These maps are works-in-progress and do not represent any final determinations by the Redistricting Task Force. The maps are posted for informational purposes only, and they have not been reviewed for compliance with all legal requirements. The Task Force intends to revise the maps at future meetings and welcomes public input on the maps. Comments may be submitted at meetings, by e-mail to, or in-person to the Redistricting Task Force Clerk, City Hall, Room 244.

* * Printable Version of Working Draft Map as of 04/11/12 (PDF)

* * Boundary Description for the April 11, 2012 Working Draft (Revised)

* * Working Draft Map Equivalency File as of 02/23/12 (Excel)

* * Link to Archived Printable Versions of Working Draft Maps

* * Link to Archived Boundary Descriptions of Working Draft Maps

* * Links to Public City Wide Maps Submittals

* * Links to Comparative Maps