Submission Criteria for Publicly Drawn Redistricting Plans

Members of the public may submit a redistricting plan for a single district, a combination of several districts, or for the entire City and County of San Francisco. The legal deadline for the Task Force to adopt new district lines is April 15, 2002. Accordingly, members of the public are encouraged to submit proposed plans as soon as possible. The Task Force will make every effort to consider plans submitted by Friday, April 5, 2002. The Task Force will not consider plans submitted after this date.

Members of the public may submit a plan by sending or e-mailing a copy to:

Elections Task Force on Redistricting
c/o San Francisco Department of Elections
City Hall, Room 48
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102

E-mail address:

Members of the public may submit plans in one of the following formats:

1. By using the worksheet supplied in the redistricting kit. You may work from an electronic version of the Redistricting Kit, or pick up a printed kit at a community meeting or the Department of Elections. You may also request a kit by calling the Task Force Informational Line at (415) 554-7432.
2. By drawing proposed district boundaries on a map of San Francisco.
3. By making an appointment to use redistricting software at the Department of Elections. (Technical assistance is not guaranteed and is based upon availability of the Task Force"s consultants.) Appointments can be made by leaving a message at the (415) 554-7432 information line. The last day to meet with a technical consultant is April 4, 2002.

Members of the public should submit reasons for their proposed changes along with a their proposed plans.

Submitted plans must follow the criteria established by federal, state and local law as well as additional criteria adopted by the Task Force.

The Task Force encourages members of the public to include their name, contact information and the name of any organizations they represent along with proposed plans. The Task Force, however, reserves the right not to contact all persons who submit plans.