2000 Census: Redistricting Task Force

In compliance with San Francisco Charter Section 13.110 (link to Charter Section), the 2002 Elections Task Force on Redistricting has been appointed by the Mayor, Board of Supervisors and Elections Commission to lead the City through the process of re-aligning the 11 supervisorial disticts in the City and County of San Francisco by April 15, 2002. The Task Force is holding meetings in City Hall and each of the 11 districts to hear community feedback in defining new districts that meet the criteria required by Federal, State and City laws, and, guidelines established by the Task Force. The new districts must comply with:


"US Constitution & SF Charter rule requiring districts equal in population,
"Federal Voting Rights Act rule against diluting the voting power of minorities,
"Constitutional rule prohibiting use of race as the principal factor in redistricting,
"SF Charter Requirement to keep "communities of interest" in the same districts and use adjusted census data where available, and,
"2002 Election Task Force goals of considering "propensity to vote" and maintaining neighborhood boundaries, commercial districts and grouping related institutions.

New District Boundaries Drawn
The Elections Task Force on Redistricting approved new Supervisorial district boundaries on April 14th, 2002. The new boundaries were determined based on federal, state and city criteria, and public feedback provided to the Task Force. The new map can be viewed by clicking the following link:

New San Francisco Supervisorial District Map

Recent News
Elections Task Force Decides on New District Lines April 14, 2002

Previous Task Force Updates

Survey Results on Current Redistricting
To expand its outreach efforts and collect further community input, the Elections Task Force on Redistricting commissioned a telephone survey in Supervisorial districts 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 11. The Task Force chose these districts because census data shows that these districts are the most over or under populated. The results of the survey are found below.
Summary Memo on Survey and Results
Detailed Cross-Tabulation of Survey