Public Submissions to the Task Force

The 2002 Task Force on Redistricting not only encourages feedback on preliminary Task Force maps, but will also view proposed maps created by individuals or organizations. For more information, please see "Submission Criteria for Publicly Drawn Redistricting Plans." Maps submitted to the Task Force can be viewed at the Department of Elections.
Submission by CAVEC (Chinese American Voter"s Education Committee)
CAVEC Proposal (MS PowerPoint)

CAVEC Map and Statistics (PDF)

Submission by MALDEF
MALDEF Plan Comparison (MS Excel)
MALDEF City Wide Map Proposal (image)
MALDEF District 1 Map (image)
MALDEF District 2 Map (image)
MALDEF District 3 Map (image)
MALDEF District 4 Map (image)
MALDEF District 5 Map (image)
MALDEF District 6 Map (image)
MALDEF District 7 Map (image)
MALDEF District 8 Map (image)
MALDEF District 9 Map (image)
MALDEF District 10 Map (image)
MALDEF District 11 Map Proposal (image)

Submission by Christopher Bowman
C. Bowman Plan 2 Map (image)
C. Bowman Plan 2 Statistics (MS Excel)
C. Bowman Plan 3a Map (image)
C. Bowman Plan 3a Statistics (MS Excel)

Submission from Joe Boss
Joe Boss Map (image)
Joe Boss Statistics (MS Excel)

Submission from HVNA
HVNA Map A (image)
HVNA Map A Statistics (MS Excel)
HVNA Map B (image)
HVNA Map B Statistics (MS Excel)

Submission from District 11 Council
District 11 Council Map (image)
District 11 Council Citywide Map (image)
District 11 Council Statistics (MS Excel)

Submission by Jeoflin D. Roh
J. Roh Plan for District 6 (image)
J. Roh Plan Statistics (MS Excel)
J. Roh Explanation/Argument (MS Word)

Submission from Ron Miguel
Ron Miguel Map (image)
Ron Miguel Statistics (MS Excel)

Submission from CCSROC
CCSROC Map A (image)
CCSROC Map A Statistics (MS Excel)
CCSROC Map B (image)
CCSROC Map B Statistics (MS Excel)
CCSROC Map C (image)
CCSROC Map C Statistics (MS Excel)

Submission by Alliance for a Better District 6
Alliance for a Better District 6 Map (image)
Alliance for a Better District 6 Map Statistics (MS Excel)

Submission by Rodney Clara
Rodney Clara Map (image)
Rodney Clara Map Statistics (MS Excel)

Submission by Ray Vitale
Ray Vitale Map (image)
Ray Vitale Map Statistics (MS Excel)

Submission from Gwenn Craig and Herbert Donaldson
Proposed Map (image)
Proposed Map With Streets (MS Excel)
Corresponding Statistics (MS Excel)