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Accessory Dwelling Unit Handbook   12/11/2018
Accessory Dwelling Units   01/02/2018
Accessory Uses for Dwellings   08/03/2011
Action Plan 2008-2010   07/18/2009
Annual Report 2009-2010    
Annual Report 2011-2012   03/19/2013 
Annual Report 2012-2013  27MB Interactive Version 12/19/2013 
Annual Report 2013-2014  30MB 12/18/2014 
Annual Report 2014-2015  26MB Interactive Version 05/18/2015
Annual Report 2015-2016  13MB Interactive Version 04/20/2017
Annual Report 2016-2017  13MB Interactive Version 05/25/2018
1% for Art Program & Today's Downtown Gallery   10/28/2011
Awnings Canopies & Marquees Handout   01/09/2013
Balboa Park Station Area Plan Monitoring Report 2007-2011   10/31/2013
Bayshore Boulevard Home Improvement District Design Guidelines   11/2010
Bayview Hunters Point Project Area B Project Sponsor Handout    
Bayview Hunters Point Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Review   03/2014
Bernal Heights East Slope Building Guidelines   03/2010
Better Streets Plan    
Standards for Bird-Safe Buildings   10/07/2010
Design Guide Standards for Bird-Safe Buildings   6/04/2012
Cannabis Related Land Uses Guide   04/13/2018
Car-Share Requirements and Guidelines    
Central Waterfront Plan Monitoring Report 2006-2010   02/2012
Chinatown Broadway Street Design Final Report   02/2013
Citywide Policy Planning Reports & Publications    
Commerce & Industry Inventory Reports Interactive Version 11/2015
Cow Hollow Neighborhood Design Guidelines

Cow Hollow Neighborhood Design Guidelines Resolution
Department Analysis of June 2014 Ballot Initiative - Voter Approval of Waterfront Development Height Increases   05/06/2014
Design-for-Development, Hunters View   05/2008
Design Guidelines - Residential   12/2003
Development Impact Fee (web site)    
Development Stimulus and Fee Deferral Legislation   03/19/2010
Deck Handout   01/01/2019
Discretionary Review (DR) Reform Information    
Discretionary Review (DR) Policy Findings - Pre-Application   03/04/2010
Downtown Plan Monitoring Report (Annual and 5-Year) Interactive Version  
East SoMa Plan Monitoring Report 2006-2010   02/2012
Environmental Review Process Summary Handout   10/25/2011
Executive Park Design Guidelines   05/2011
Fact Sheet for Proposed Ordinance 181216   01/30/2019
Family Friendly Housing Report   01/17/2017
Flood Plain Management Program    
Fee Calculator for Environmental Review and Entitlements   08/31/2016
Fee Calculator for Building Permit Applications   08/31/2016
Fee Schedule   08/31/2018
Fence Handout   01/03/2019
Formula Retail - Commission Guide   08/2018
General Advertising Sign Inventory    
Guide to the San Francisco Green Landscaping Ordinance   04/22/2010
Guidelines for Adding Garages and Curb Cuts
Formerly known as: Zoning Administrator Bulletin Nos. 2006.1a and 2006.1b
Guidelines for Fine Arts   07/1986
Guidelines for Formula Retail   08/2018
Guidelines for Ground Floor Residential Design   11/2008
Guidelines for Industrial Area Design   08/2001
Guidelines for Residential Design   12/2003
Guidelines for Storefront Transparency   11/2013
Guidelines for Western SoMa Design Standards (Draft)   08/2011
Guidelines for Window Replacement   04/2010
Historic Preservation Bulletins    
Historic Preservation Publications and Applications    
Housing Element Update 2014  |  2009    
Housing Balance Reports    
Housing Inventory    
In-Kind Agreements: Planning Commission Policy   09/09/2010
Inclusionary Housing Procedures Manual   05/14/2013
Inner Mission North - Context Statement   2005
Institutional Master Plans    
Large Tourist Hotel Room Annual Inventory    
Letter of Determination Handout   08/03/2011
Limited Commercial Uses Handout   01/01/2019
Living Roof Manual   10/28/2015
LIZ (Living Innovation Zones) - Manual   07/01/2015
Map Library    
Market & Octavia Plan - Historic Context Statement   12/20/2007
Market & Octavia Plan Monitoring Report 2010-2014    March 2016
Market & Octavia Plan Monitoring Report 2005-2009   02/16/2011
Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Application - update coming from the Office of Cannabis   04/13/2018
Miscellaneous Permit Referrals Handout   11/15/2011
Mission District Context Statement - City Within a City   11/2007
Mission Dolores Context Statement   12/2007
Mission Plan Monitoring Report 2006-2010   02/2012
NC@20 - Looking Back on Twenty Years of Neighborhood Commercial Zoning   12/2009
Neighborhood Commercial Districts Zoning Controls Table Reference Only - see SF Planning Code 06/07/2006
Neighborhood Groups Map and Organizations List    
Neighborhood Quadrants Map   07/2012
Office Development Annual Limit Program Update    
Pipeline Report    
Planning Commission Centennial Brochure   12/18/2017
Planning Director Bulletin No. 1: Overview of Development Impact Fees   11/2014
Rev 04/2016
NEW - Effective 09/01/2017 Planning Director Bulletin No. 2: Department Priority Application Processing Guidelines   05/2006
rev 08/2017
Planning Director Bulletin No. 3: Condominium Application, New Construction and Conversion   03/2007
Planning Director Bulletin No. 4: Review of Projects in Identified Areas Prone to Flooding   04/2007
UPDATED - Planning Director Bulletin No. 5: Senate Bill No. 35 Affordable Housing Streamlined Approval   12/2017
Rev 01/2019
UPDATED - Planning Director Bulletin No. 6: Implementing the State Density Bonus Program   02/2019
Preliminary Project Assessment Letters   06/2011
Privately-Owned Public Open Spaces Informational Plaque (ZA Bulletin)   12/2012
Reconstruction of Destroyed Buildings and Uses   07/24/2012
Recreation & Open Space Element Update 2009    
Residential Design Guidelines   01/2018
Residential Nexus Analysis supporting San Francisco's Residential Affordable Housing Program   04/04/2007
Residential Pipeline Quarterly Dashboard    
Rincon Hill Infrastructure Finance District - Infrastructure Financing Plan   12/2010
Rincon Hill Streetscape Master Plan  49MB 08/2015
Shadow Analysis Procedures and Scope Requirements Example No. 1
Example No. 2
Showplace Square/Potrero Hill Plan Monitoring Report 2006-2010   02/2012
Sign Handout   01/09/2013
Stormwater Management Ordinance   04/13/2011
San Francisco Neighborhoods Socio-Economic Profiles   12/06/2017
San Francisco Supervisor District Profiles   05/31/2011
San Francisco Supervisor Districts At A Glance   05/31/2011
Standards for Storefront Transparency   11/2013
Tobacco Paraphernalia Handout   02/12/2013
Transit Center District Plan   11/2009
Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines   11/2002
Urban Design Guidelines   03/30/2018
Urban Forest Plan - Phase 1: Street Trees Interactive Version 01/15/2014
WalkFirst: Improving Safety & Walking Conditions in San Francisco   10/2011
Western SOMA - Design Standards (Draft)   08/2011
Wireless Telecommunications Services (WTS) Facilities    
Wireless Telecommunication Services Handout   03/28/2012
Zoning Administrator Bulletin 1: Developing Ground Floor Accessory Rooms In Residential Buildings   06/1993
Zoning Administrator Bulletin 2: Curb Cuts   04/1996
Zoning Administrator Bulletin 3: Dormer Windows   01/2019
Zoning Administrator Bulletin 4: Public Notification for Building Permits in Residential and Neighborhood Commercial Districts   10/2018
Zoning Administrator Bulletin 5: Buildable Area for Lots in RH, RM, RC, and RTO Districts   04/2005
Zoning Administrator Bulletin 6: Car-Share Requirements and Guidelines for Car-Share Spaces   08/2010
Zoning Administrator Bulletin 7: Planning Code Interpretations for the Eastern Neighborhoods - RESCINDED  
Zoning Administrator Bulletin 8: Privately-Owned Public Open Spaces Informational Plaque   12/2012
Zoning Administrator Bulletin No.9: Bicycle Parking Standards: Design and Layout   09/2018
Zoning Administrator Bulletin No.10: Designation Priorities for Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program   12/2018 
Zoning Administrator Bulletin 11: Better Roofs Ordinance   04/2017
Zoning Administrator Interpretations    
Zoning Administrator Letters of Determination    
Zoning Map - San Francisco Citywide    


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