Socio-Economic Profiles Released for New Supervisorial District

New profile sheets released based on data from Census 2010 and the American Community Survey.

The Planning Department has during the past few years prepared socio-economic profiles with data from the 2010 Census as well as from the American Community Survey for the various neighborhoods in the City, including supervisorial districts. The 2010 Census, released in March of 2011, showed a population growth of 28,502 residents from 776,733 in 2000 as San Francisco’s population surpassed 800,000 for the first time since during the Second World War.

The San Francisco Charter § 13.110(d) requires that following the release of each decennial census an assessment be made as to whether a redrawing of the supervisorial district boundaries is required in order to ensure districts roughly even in population. Given the growth in particular in District 6 such a redrawing was necessary, a redistricting task force was established, and its work was completed with new district boundaries released in April of 2012.

The Planning Department has accordingly prepared new socio-economic profiles for the updated supervisorial districts. The count of population, households and housing units come from Census 2010, whereas the balance of the data comes from the 2006-2010 American Community Survey.

See the profile sheets here:

Supervisor District Profiles 2012

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