2014 Housing Element Update


State law requires that every jurisdiction in California adopt a General Plan with seven mandatory elements, including a Housing Element. The General Plan’s Housing Element must be updated approximately every five years, on a schedule set forth by the State’s Department of Housing and Community Development. Many state funds for infrastructure and community development are tied to an adopted Housing Element that complies with state law.

The Housing Element provides the overarching policy framework and vision for the City’s housing strategy. Future policy work will be evaluated for consistency with the Housing Element; however, adoption of the Housing Element does not of and within itself change City law or practice.

The 2014 Housing Element consists of:

  • Part 1: Data and Needs Analysis, which contains a description and analysis of San Francisco’s population, household and employment trends, as well as an assessment of existing housing characteristics, and housing needs;
  • Part 2: Objectives and Policies, defines the City’s policies and goals related to housing;
  • Implementing Programs includes a number implementation measures that result in specific actions to help implement the City’s housing-related objectives and policies.

The 2014 Housing Element reflects the City’s core housing values, including prioritization of permanently affordable housing; recognition and preservation of neighborhood character; integration of planning for housing, jobs, transportation and infrastructure; and our City’s role as sustainable model of development.

A timely adoption will confirm our continued dedication towards meeting the State of California’s objectives towards housing and community development, and continue our eligibility for state housing, community development and infrastructure funds. The 2014 Housing Element also builds on the work of the Housing Working Group and the Mayor’s Executive Directive 13-01, which requests that City Departments prioritize the construction of affordable housing.

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