2011 Commerce and Industry Inventory

Report now available for download.

 pages from the 2011 Commerce and Industry Iventory

The San Francisco Planning Department recently published the 2011 Commerce and Industry Inventory. This report is a compilation of economic data from a wide variety of sources and may be used for economic analysis and policy formulation. Similar to the Housing Inventory Series, the Commerce and Industry Inventory develops background information for the review and update of the City’s General Plan and for the Downtown Growth Monitoring reports required by Administrative Code Section 10E.2.

This publication includes data for 2010. The 2011 Commerce and Industry Inventory follows the same framework established in previous years. It also includes a Findings section highlighting current trends. Data on employment, number and size of businesses, wages, and building activity have been gathered from various public and private agencies and presented in a consistent format that allows for comparisons and cross-references.

The 2011 Commerce and Industry Inventory is available to the public through the following venues:

  • Download the report in PDF format for free
  • To purchase a printed copy, send a completed order form along with a check made out to the “San Francisco Planning Department” for $20 ($17 for the report and $3 for shipping and handling) to the San Francisco Planning Department, Attention: Scott Edmondson, 1650 Mission St., Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94103

For more information regarding this report, contact:

Scott Edmondson
(415) 575-6818

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