Asthma Network Forum 2015

Presentations from October 23, 2015 Asthma Network Forum


Breathe Easy with SFHP: SFHP Asthma Care Program


Mimi Zou  (Project Manager, Health Improvement, Ongoing Health Texting Program Manager, San Francisco Health Plan)

Cassie Caravello, MPH (Project Manager, Clinical Quality, Ongoing Disease Management Program Manager, San Francisco Health Plan)

Jim Glauber, MD (Chief Medical Officer, San Francisco Health Plan)

Learning Objectives:

1. SFHP's incentive program for members with asthma

2. Integrating technology and innovative programs - SFHP's asthma texting program

3. Identifying a population for asthma home visits


Work-Related Asthma: The more you look the more you find


Jennifer Flattery, MPH (Research Scientist, California Work-Related Asthma Prevention Program, California Department of Public Health)

Learning Objectives:

1. Describe the extent and nature of work-related asthma in the California population.

2. Discuss key risk factors for work-related asthma and how to screen adult patients at risk.

3. Access and use resources for the diagnosis, management, and prevention of work-related asthma.


Food Allergy: An Overview


Naveena Bobba, MD, MPH  (Allergy and Immunology, Internal Medicine, San Francisco Department of Public Health)

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the presentation of IgE mediated food allergy

2. Identify the appropriate patients to skin test for food allergy

3. Understand the management of food allergy


Air Pollution and Lung Disease


Robert Blount, MD, MAS (Assistant Professor, Pulmonary Medicine, University of California, San Francisco)

Learning Objectives:

1. Understant relationship between air pollution and lung disease, with a focus on asthma

2. Identify types of air pollution

3. Identify mechanisms of lung injury

4. Understand health effects of air pollution

5. Identify ways to improve air quality and health for asthma patients