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Asthma is a leading cause of school absenteeism. With proper asthma management and making sure our children have healthy learning environments, we can all help to keep children with asthma in school, where they will grow and learn with their peers. 

To this purpose, the SFUSD Tools for Schools Program works to promote indoor air quality to keep all students, teachers and other staff healthy.   The San Francisco Board of Education adopted a Green Cleaning Resolution in June 2011, and in 2012 all segments of SFUSD are striving to implement this resolution.  

Asthma Task Force Projects

The Asthma Task Force advocates for the SFUSD's successful implementation of:


(1) The San Francisco Board of Education Green Cleaning Resolution.

For more information, see Overview, Green The Next Gen, Sustainable SFUSD and Ecoliteracy in SFUSD.

(2) Family and School use of Asthma Management and Emergency Care Forms.

(3) School site use of  Asthma Management and Education, Student Support Services, including: 

  • School Site Steps for Implementing Open Airways for Schools (Asthma Management Education for Elementary School Age Children with Asthma)
  • School Site Steps for Implementing Tools for Schools (Indoor Air Quality Program)

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