Legal Memos

This page contains a selection of legal memos prepared by the San Francisco City Attorney's Office that are relevant or of interest to the Elections Commission.

This list is maintained by the Elections Commission. See also the list of legal opinions on the City Attorney's website. Each document is a PDF unless otherwise noted.

Date Name Pages Notes
July 6, 2005 A Brief History of Elections Administration in San Francisco 7  
July 1, 2005 Operation and Governance of City and County Commissions 4  
July 1, 2005 Restrictions on Political and Other Outside Activities by Elections Commissioners 2  
July 1, 2005 Powers and Duties of the San Francisco Elections Commission 11  
June 27, 2005 Relationship of Members of Elections Commission to Appointing Authority and to Department of Elections Staff 3  
November 19, 2003 Commission's Role in Awarding a Contract for a new Voting System 3  
January 30, 2003 Opinion No. 2003-01: The Roles of the Commission, Individual Commissioners and the Department Head 7 Referenced by June 27, 2005 Memo
April 26, 2002 Administration of the Department of Elections 1 Referenced by June 27, 2005 Memo
January 22, 1990 Opinion No. 90-01: Administrative Powers of the Parking and Traffic Commission 5 Referenced by April 26, 2002 Memo