Historic Preservation Commission - February 15, 2017 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
February 15, 2017 - 12:30pm



Meeting Minutes

Commission Chambers Room 400,
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102-4689

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
12:30 p.m.
Regular Hearing

COMMISSIONERS PRESENT:   Wolfram, Hyland, Hasz, Johnck, Matsuda, Pearlman, Johns


STAFF IN ATTENDANCE:  Jeff Joslin – Director of Current Planning, Desiree Smith, Stephanie Cisneros, Deborah Landis, Marcelle Boudreaux, Tim Frye – Historic Preservation Coordinator, Jonas P. Ionin – Commission Secretary

+ indicates a speaker in support of an item;

  • indicates a speaker in opposition to an item; and

= indicates a neutral speaker or a speaker who did not indicate support or opposition.

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Planning Information Center, 1660 Mission Street, 1st Floor
Voice recorded Agenda, only: (415) 558-6320

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At this time, members of the public may address the Commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Commission except agenda items. With respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the Commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting.  Each member of the public may address the Commission for up to three minutes.



1. Director’s Announcements

Tim Frye, Preservation Officer:
No formal report from the director, however, happy to answer any questions should you have them.

2. Review of Past Events at the Planning Commission, Staff Report and Announcements

Tim Frye, Preservation Officer:
No formal report from the Planning Commission, however just one small announcement; wanted to make you aware that the next LGBTQ Cultural Heritage Strategy working meeting will occur on February 22nd in City Hall in room 278. We’ll forward you some information if you are interested in attending and then the following meeting will be on March 22nd in the same room at City Hall from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M.

Commissioner Hyland:
Both at 6:00 and the 22nd?

Tim Frye, Preservation Officer:
Yes, both are at the same time and at the next meeting we will have a variety of speakers that are working on existing initiatives related to cultural heritage strategy such as the Harvey Milk Plaza improvements at the Castro Muni stop, the Ringold Alley improvements, Eagle Plaza, etc. At the next meeting in March we’re going to have representatives from all of the existing cultural heritage districts or strategies present, including SOMA Pilipinas, Jay Chess, and some existing - I am sorry I am blanking on the third one right now - but representatives from each of those groups will present and give the groups some broader ideas of what they can implement in their own strategy. That concludes my comments, unless you have any questions.


3. President’s Report and Announcements


4. Consideration of Adoption:

ACTIONS: Adopted
AYES: Wolfram, Hyland, Hasz, Johnck, Matsuda, Pearlman, Johns

5. Commission Comments & Questions

Commissioner Matsuda:
The first thing is I received an e-mail from a law firm regarding agenda number eleven and then just a couple of announcements; I made these announcements at the Cultural Heritage Assets Committee meeting a few minutes ago. In the February 4th Chronicle, there was an article entitled Preservation Falls Flat by John King, and he made a suggestion about possibly creating plaques to talk about - on the outside of the building - to talk about the stories that happened inside, the sense of place and I thought that that was a really good idea and possibly food for thought for this commission to take up further with the Planning Department staff to see if we can somehow encourage that. Second thing is that there was an e-mail that was forwarded to me today about the California Arts Council creating a pilot program for the California Cultural District. They’re asking for a letter of interest from various organizations as well as local businesses to become a part of their pilot program to further acknowledge diverse and cultural resources, to identify high concentration of cultural resources and activities and I thought that it would be a great idea if the city and county looked into that and possibly would apply because one of the prerequisites is that the entity already have passed a survey. So I thought it would be a good opportunity for us to highlight all of the good things that we do here and then third is an article that appeared in the New Fillmore and I believe this is, and this is the February 2017 edition, and it is called Flashback and it is just located on the last page; it is called the Local Hang Out and it talks about the businesses that have been around for a while and I thought that that would be an example or a good way we recognize the legacy businesses that we have approved.

President Wolfram:
Thank you, and could you forward, perhaps that e-mail to Mr. Frye and Mr. Ionin and then they could forward it to the rest of the commission? That’s very interesting.

Commissioner Hyland:
I too was contacted and e-mail communications with Reuben, Junius, and Rose, on agenda item eleven.

Commissioner Johnck:
I was contacted through e-mail as well.

Commissioner Pearlman:
I was as well and I ran into Mr. Loper at the Planning Department the other day and he gave me a little preview of Oceanwide project that we are going to see on agenda number eleven.


The Commission will consider a request for continuance to a later date.  The Commission may choose to continue the item to the date proposed below, to continue the item to another date, or to hear the item on this calendar.

6. 2013.0975COA                                                 (R. SUCRE: (415) 575-9108)
888 TENNESSEE STREET – located on the northwest corner of Tennessee and 20th Streets, Assessor’s Block 4060, Lot 001 (District 10) – Request for a Certificate of Appropriateness to demolish an existing two-story industrial building and construct a new four-story (45-ft tall) mixed-use building (measuring approximately 87,100 gross square feet) with 110 dwelling units, 83 off-street parking spaces and private and public open space. The project site is located within the Dogpatch Landmark District, which is designated in Appendix L of Article 10 of the San Francisco Planning Code, and is also located in the UMU (Urban Mixed-Use) Zoning District and a 45-X Height and Bulk District.
(Proposed continuance to Regular hearing April 19, 2017)

ACTIONS: Continued to April 13, 2017
AYES: Wolfram, Hyland, Hasz, Johnck, Matsuda, Pearlman, Johns

7. 2013.0384U                                                    (D. SMITH: (415) 575-9093)
AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORIC CONTEXT STATEMENTConsideration to adopt, modify, or disapprove the African American Citywide Historic Context Statement. Partially funded by the Historic Preservation Fund Committee, the context statement documents the history of African Americans in San Francisco from the City's earliest development to the present day. It outlines significance, integrity considerations, registration requirements, and further recommendations.
Preliminary Recommendation: Adopt the Historic Context Statement
(Continued from Regular hearing February 17, 2016, April 6, 2016, May 4, 2016, and October 5, 2016)
(Proposed continuance to Regular hearing August 16, 2017)

ACTIONS: Continued to August 16, 2017
AYES: Wolfram, Hyland, Hasz, Johnck, Matsuda, Pearlman, Johns


8. 2016-014227CRV                                             (D. LANDIS: (415) 575-9118)
FY 2017-2019 PROPOSED DEPARTMENT BUDGET and WORK PROGRAM – Final review of the Department's revenue and expenditure budget in FY 2017-2018 and FY2018-2019, including grants, capital budget requests, and proposed staffing; high-level work program activities for the Department; and proposed dates where budget items will be discussed during the budget process.
Preliminary Recommendation:  Approve

SPEAKERS: Deborah Landis – Staff report
ACTIONS: Adopted a Recommendation for Approval as Amended by Staff
AYES: Wolfram, Hyland, Hasz, Matsuda, Johnck, Pearlman, Johns

9. 2017-000806LBR                                      (D. SMITH: (415) 575-9093)
PIER 40 THE EMBARCADERO – Pier 40 on the east side of The Embarcadero. Assessor’s Block 9900, Lot 040 (District 6). Consideration of adoption of a resolution recommending Small Business Commission approval of a Legacy Business application. Established in 1957, SB40/Carmen’s Restaurant is a long-standing family business serving Filipino and American fare along San Francisco’s waterfront. The Legacy Business Registry recognizes longstanding, community-serving businesses that are valuable cultural assets to the City. In addition, the City intends that the Registry be a tool for providing educational and promotional assistance to Legacy Businesses to encourage their continued viability and success. The subject business is within a M-2 (Heavy Industrial) Zoning District and a 40-X Height and Bulk District.
Preliminary Recommendation: Adopt a Recommendation for Approval

SPEAKERS: = Stephanie Cisneros – Staff report
ACTIONS: Adopted a Recommendation for Approval
AYES: Wolfram, Hyland, Hasz, Matsuda, Johnck, Pearlman, Johns

10.                                       (S. CISNEROS: (415) 575-9186; D. SMITH: (415) 575-9093)
LEGACY BUSINESS PROGRAM – At the request of the Historic Preservation Commission, Planning staff will give an overview of work to date in processing applications for the Legacy Business Registry. As outlined in Section 2A.242 of the Administrative Code, the Historic Preservation Commission advises the Small Business Commission on nominations to the Registry. This hearing will provide an opportunity for the Commission and members of the public to comment on the review process for Registry nominations and methods to encourage participation in the program. The HPC’s Cultural Heritage Assets Committee will discuss this item at its February 15, 2017 meeting.
Preliminary Recommendation: Review and Comment

SPEAKERS: = Stephanie Cisneros – Staff report
= Desiree Smith – Staff report
= Richard Carrillo – Legacy Business Registry
ACTIONS: Reviewed and Commented

11. 2006.1523E                                         (M. BOUDREAUX: (415) 575-9140)
40/50/62/78/88 1ST STREET, 512/516/526 MISSION STREET “OCEANWIDE CENTER” – (Assessor Block 3708/Lots 003, 006, 007, 009, 010, 011, 012 and 055) (District 6), Informational Presentation of Version 2 of the interpretative display produced as part of the historical resources mitigation measures, part of the Project requirements under the Community Plan Exemption published for the Project. The original display was presented June 15, 2016, for review and comment by the Historic Preservation Commission (Resolution No. 765). On May 5, 2016, the Planning Commission approved the Project, and also affirmed the accuracy and adequacy of the CPE (2006.1523E) authorizing the proposal. The project site is located within Transit Center District and Downtown Plan Areas, and C-3-O (SD) (Downtown Office – Special Development) Zoning District and 550-S and 850-S-2 Height and Bulk Districts. 
Recommendation: None - Informational

SPEAKERS: = Marcelle Boudreaux – Staff report
+ Keith Helmitag – Historic interpretation
ACTIONS: Reviewed and Commented