Executive Park Neighborhood Plan

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Plan Overview

Plans are afoot to transform Executive Park, the unrealized office park east of Highway 101, into San Francisco's newest residential neighborhood. Executive Park is now an office park with some housing on the far eastern end. The office buildings are surrounded by surface parking and some of the housing is internally focused and gated. The area as it exists does not provide a physical framework for supporting a vital San Francisco neighborhood. The Executive Park Subarea Plan challenges this pattern. It envisions a new San Francisco neighborhood: a mixed-used residential neighborhood with attractive public streets and open space connectivity. This pervasive public quality would be achieved through a street and open space system that knits all the various neighborhood parts together and in turn links the neighborhood to its surroundings. The plan focuses on providing a welcoming environment for visitors and residents to the area through the creation of good streets, good urban design, and sound land use policies.

General Plan and Planning Code Amendments

As a first step in creating this neighborhood, the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors recently approved General Plan amendments, which completely revised the Executive Park Subarea Plan, Planning Code amendments, which established the Executive Park Special Use District (SUD); and established the Executive Park Design Guidelines. Actual development proposals are not yet before the Planning Department and Commission. New zoning and the amended plan would accommodate up to 1,600 dwelling units plus related retail and community uses in the area now occupied by office and parking.

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We look forward to working with the community to refine the Plan, and to getting the Plan in place for a vibrant new neighborhood.