Bay Area Resilient by Design

Concerned about climate change
and how it will affect your Bay Area shoreline community?
Ready to prepare for a more resilient future?
Rather than wait for disaster, the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge will help communities adapt to a changing climate before we feel its worst effects, while also improving the lives of community members today.

Submit Your Idea by July 14
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Resilient by Design is asking local residents, community leaders and organizations to submit site ideas that will shape a collaborative research process where design experts will work with community experts to identify areas to create new, creative and implementable design solutions that will protect the Bay Area's most vulnerable shoreline communities from increasingly severe storms and flooding — while also addressing critical issues such as disparities in housing, income and access to open space.

To learn more or submit a site idea, visit the Resilient by Design website.


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The Bay Area Resilient by Design joins government, community leaders and stakeholders from around the region to address challenges affecting the resiliency of our neighborhoods, environment, and infrastructure in this era of climate and seismic uncertainty.

The San Francisco Bay Area is Changing.

The Bay Area Resilient by Design (RBD) presents an exceptional opportunity to develop a unified vision for a more sustainable and resilient future. Climate change and earthquake vulnerability means that businesses, homes, and public infrastructure are at significant risk. Our decades-old systems were not built to withstand the effects of sea level rise, extreme storms, urban flooding, and seismic events; leaving us vulnerable to catastrophic physical and economic damage across the region.

We need a comprehensive and innovative strategy that meets our needs today and creates tangible solutions for tomorrow.

Key Objectives of the Challenge

  • Create innovative and implementable design solutions that will provide resilience through the end of the century and capture the imagination and support of the public;
  • Maintain and expand the ecological and economic vitality of the Bay and the region;
  • Respond to place-based social inequities within the region; and
  • Improve access to the Bay for everyone.

Inspired by Rebuild by Design

Named "One of the 10 Best Ideas of 2013" by CNN, New York's Rebuild by Design was a multi-stage planning and design competition launched by President Obama's Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force in response to the physical and structural damage after the storm.

Rebuild by Design aimed to develop comprehensive, regional, replicable, and implementable solutions to increase resilience to future climate emergencies in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut region while strengthening communities today.

Of 148 international applicants, ten teams were selected based on a varied set of skills and methodologies. Of the ten final design proposals, seven are currently undergoing implementation throughout the region.

Inspired by this innovative approach, the Bay Area Resilient by Design presents an opportunity to elevate the public dialogue surrounding our rapidly changing and threatened environment and develop a unified vision for moving the region toward a more sustainable and resilient future.

Project Leadership

Resilient by Design is made up of community leaders passionate for fighting climate change in the Bay Area and beyond.

Executive Board

  • Allison Brooks
  • Tom Butt
  • Warner Chabot
  • Amy Chester
  • Adrian Covert
  • Amy Hutzel
  • Kiran Jain
  • Ashwini Kantak
  • Dwayne Marsh
  • Diana Sokolove
  • Laura Tam
  • Francesca Vietor

In the News: New York Rebuild By Design



Lisa Chen, MCP/MPH, Senior Planner
Citywide Planning
tel: 415-575-9124