Request for New Parklet Proposals Now Open


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – From April 13th to May 29th, San Francisco merchants, residents, non-profits and neighborhood organizations can submit a proposal for a parklet in their neighborhood.

To help streamline the application process, the Pavement to Parks team developed a variety of resources that describe what’s involved with designing, applying for, building and sponsoring a parklet in the City:

2015 Parklet Request for Proposal (RFP) Requirements
Please refer to the RFP Announcement and Proposal Package, a detailed list of required materials you will need to submit your parklet proposal.

2015 Parklet Manual
If you’re thinking about proposing a parklet, we strongly encourage you to read the updated Parklet Manual in its entirety and to refer to it throughout the process. Understanding the Program’s goals and guidelines will help you create a strong proposal.

Parklet Videos
What are the benefits of having a parklet in your neighborhood? If you’re thinking about proposing a parklet, watch this video to hear from community members on how parklets have strengthened their neighborhoods and have the ability to reflect the diversity and creativity of the people and organizations that sponsor and design them.

Application packages for parklets are due at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 29 and may be submitted electronically at