Area Plan EIRs

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Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) for area plans that are in draft or have been adopted are provided here. These EIRs are provided as reference to the respective Community Plan Evaluations found on the Community Plan Evaluations page. EIRs for area plans that have not yet been adopted may be found under the Negative Declarations & EIRs page.

We welcome your feedback on this web page. Please email your comments to: Monica Huggins, Administrative Assistant, Environmental Planning.

Case # Area Plan Final EIR Effective Date
(Hub Area Plan)

(30 Van Ness Avenue)

(98 Franklin Street)
The Hub Plan, 30 Van Ness Avenue Project, 98 Franklin Street Project, and Hub Housing Sustainability District (HSD)
The EIR public scoping meeting will be held on June 12, 2018 from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. at 170 Otis Street, 1st Floor, Born Auditorium, San Francisco, CA 94103. Public comments on the Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) may be submitted until 5 p.m. June 22, 2018.

Staff Contact: 415-575-8734

2011.1356E Central SoMa Plan
The public review period for the Draft EIR closed on February 13, 2017. Components (smaller PDFs)
  1. Front Content
  2. Summary
  3. Ch 1 - Introduction
  4. Ch 2 - Project Description
  5. Ch 3 - Plans and Policies
  6. Ch 4 - Overview
  7. Ch 4A - Land Use
  8. Ch 4B - Aesthetics
  9. Ch 4C - Cultural
  10. Ch 4D - Transportation
  11. Ch 4E - Noise
  12. Ch 4F - Air Quality
  13. Ch 4G - Wind
  14. Ch 4H - Shadow
  15. Ch 4I - Hydrology
  16. Ch 5 - Other - CEQA
  17. Ch 6 - Alternatives
  18. Ch 7 - Report Preparers
Transit Center District Plan and Transit Tower 3/3/16
2000.1081E Rincon Hill Plan  8/11/15
2008.0877E and 2007.1035E Western SoMa Community Plan 12/06/12
Transit Center District Plan and Transit Tower 9/29/12
2005.1004E Glen Park Community Plan 3/22/12
2007.0903E Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island Redevelopment Plan 3/10/11
2006.1308E Visitacion Valley Redevelopment Plan  6/7/09
2004.1059E Balboa Park Station Area Plan 5/17/09
2004.0160E Eastern Neighborhoods Rezoning and Area Plan 1/19/09
2003.0347E Market and Octavia Neighborhood Plan 5/30/08
1987.586E / 1982.392E Van Ness Avenue Area Plan 12/17/87