With Communities

History of community involvement  

May 2009: Excelsior and Bayview Hunters Point Communities
The Task Force awarded World Asthma Day recognition to three activist collaboratives working to reduce asthma risks posed by traffic emissions, housing conditions, and less toxic home cleaning and pest control products. For further details about these important community-based advocacy projects, see our press release: (English, Word ) (Chinese, Word ) (Spanish, Word )

October 2009: Bayview Hunters Point Community
The Task Force was awarded a one-year $29,995 grant from the Regional Asthma Management and Prevention Initiative, effective October 2009, in partnership with Breathe California-GGP, Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco and Bay Area Legal Aid, housed at the Alpha-Omega Asthma Resource Center on Third Street. During the grant project, Housing Rights Committee and Bay Area Legal Aid conducted Information Sessions with tenants residing in Bayview Hunters Point, and build tenant capacity to enforce healthy and habitable housing conditions, particularly those that improve quality of life for people with asthma. Through data gathered, community leaders were trained to testify at the Board of Supervisors to advocate for the need they identified of more effective code enforcement by City agencies to force delinquent property owners to correct long-standing substandard housing conditions, particularly those that pose risks for people with asthma.

October 2011-2012: Western Addition Community
The Task Force assisted St. Andrew's Baptist Ministry to implement a USEPA grant for peer education to promote healthy housing conditions, particularly for those residents of low income housing in the Western Addition with asthma. The grant program, entitled "Free 2 Breathe" trained several church members and Westside Court residents as peer educators, held community outreach events and conducted home inspections for residents, with referral to code enforcement resources on an as needed basis.

October 2010-2014 Citywide Child Care Provider Community
The Task Force led a multi-year effort to help over 150 child care settings transition to regulatory-compliant bleach-free disinfecting and santizing.  See Our Work In Child Care Settings for further information.

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