Civic Design Review Committee - July 20, 2020 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
July 20, 2020 - 3:00pm


Monday, July 20, 2020
3:00 p.m.

Remote Meeting via video and teleconferencing


Civic Design Review Committee Members: Kimberlee Stryker, Chair; Yakuh Askew, Mary Jung, Dorka Keehn, Abby Sadin Schnair, Debra Walker, Paul Woolford

Commissioner Stryker called the meeting to order at 3:03 p.m.

  1. Roll Call
    Commissioners Present
    Kimberlee Stryker, Chair
    Yakuh Askew
    Mary Jung
    Dorka Keehn
    Abby Sadin Schnair
    Debra Walker
    Paul Woolford

    Staff Present
    Joanne Lee, Deputy Director of Programs
    Luna Izpisua Rodriguez, Program Associate, Civic Design & Special Initiatives
    Alyssa Ventre, Commission Secretary
  2. Public Comment
    There was no public comment.
  3. Bayview Opera House Project: Post Phase 3
    Walter Hood, Project Designer and Landscape Architect, Hood Design Studio
    Sarita Schreiber, Project Manager, Hood Design Studio

    The project team presented potential improvements for the Bayview Opera Houses’s Commemorative Plaza area and the site’s surrounding fence and gate. When the fencing and gates were implemented, there was not a sufficient budget to provide lighting to the barrier. The team plans to address illumination of the fence as well as the safety of the fence, as people are currently able to reach their hands through the barrier. The spacing in the fence will be changed to an inch or smaller so that people may not be able to fit their hands through the fence. The team presented mock-ups of possible illumination placement. Lighting will be provided via electrical outlets or solar energy. They will also include a feature that allows the lighting to rotate through RGB colors.

    There was no public comment.

    Commissioner Woolford, seconded by Commissioner Keehn moved to approve the motion, as presented.

    The motion unanimously carried by the following vote:
    Ayes: Askew, Jung, Keehn, Schnair, Walker, Woolford, Stryker

    Motion to approve post Phase 3 improvements of the Bayview Opera House Project. 
  4. Portsmouth Square Improvement Project: Conceptual and Phase 1
    Michael DeGregorio, Project Manager, SF Rec and Park
    Michael Wang, Architect, MEI Partners
    Travis Theobold, Landscape Architect, SWA Group

    The project team introduced the project site, Portsmouth Square, as the community living room for San Francisco’s Chinatown. The Square hosts over three hundred events every year. The park exists on three levels and is bordered by Washington Street, Kearny Street, Walter U Lum Place, and Clay Street. The park was originally built in the 1960s over a parking garage. The garage has since revealed extensive water leakage, and is in need of major waterproofing. The garage will be functional as waterproofing is implemented. The project team has conducted a yearlong outreach program with the Portsmouth Square surrounding community which has resulted in an extreme amount of participation and help from stakeholders including advocacy groups, support groups, residents, and businesses. One of the community’s primary wishes for the park is that it expand the existing clubhouse. The project team designed a the park to  include a renovated clubhouse, an arrival court, an upper plaza, a performance stage, a play and fitness area, and increased accessibility in all areas of the park. The clubhouse will consist of a warped plane roof with a solid core that opens up to public areas. The exterior is made of concrete and is decorated with a variety of patterns. The play and fitness area will include a structure that resembles the “Golden Mountain,” or San Francisco, as the California Gold Rush explains parts of Chinese immigration to California. The Art Enrichment portion of this project will be dedicated to restoring the Zodiac Sculpture bench that is precast.

    The Commissioners spoke in support of the park’s function, its purpose for the surrounding community, and the overall organization of the park. They asked if the roof of the Clubhouse could be made more interesting from an aerial view. Perhaps the team could incorporate a green roof. They asked why the retaining wall is significantly higher on one side. The Commissioners also asked if there could be a more consistent language between the textured concrete of the Clubhouse and the rest of the plaza’s materials. They also wondered about the relationships amongst the existing restroom building, the covered trellis, and the pavilion, as they currently seem like four distinct architectures. The Commissioners also stated that the proposed landscape has a discontinuity as it has an amorphic language at the corners of the site in contrast to a grid language in the interior of the park. A hierarchy between the two languages is needed. The Commissioners commented that there is a change in architecture throughout the four corners of the square. Finally, the Commissioners asked the team to return for an informal review before their project is approved.

    Erika Gee spoke in support of the project.
    Calvin Yan spoke in support of the project.
  5. New Treasure Island Wastewater Treatment Plant: Phase 1
    Calvin Huey, Project Designer, SF Water
    Tom Birmingham, Project Manager, SF Water
    Michelle Hollenbaugh, Architect, Carollo
    Chris Guillard, Landscape Architect, CMG Site

    The project team began by providing context on Treasure Island and the project’s location. The Wastewater Treatment Plant will be located in the northeast corner of the island. It is replacing an existing Plant that is more than fifty years old and is in need of being replaced. The new Plant will ensure regulatory compliance and meet the non-potable and wastewater needs for the new development project on Treasure Island. The team addressed the contingency from their Conceptual presentation regarding the campus design in accordance with Treasure Island’s design. They presented the new campus of the Plant as a “machine in the park.” They changed the layout of the previous enclosure to have more integration with the Plant’s surrounding park. They are building the operations buildings of standing seam metal panels or CIP concrete. The wetland was reshaped since the team’s Conceptual presentation to have a stronger and more assertive figure. The team commented that the Plant’s surrounding parklands will not be built until at least a decade after the proposed facility is constructed. The team also revisited the perimeter enclosure of the Plant’s facility, and noted that it will be made of steel. The public art component of the project is currently being reviewed by the San Francisco Arts Commission public art team.

    The Commissioners commended the project team for revisiting the Civic Design Review Committee’s comments from the team’s Conceptual Phase presentation. The Commissioners wondered how the equipment will fare in the site’s extreme marine context. They also asked the team to consider the site’s edging to cue outsiders that there is an edge to the park so that vehicles do not drive over it. The Commissioners would also like the team to consider the water-heavy environment for the project’s planting plan.

    There was no public comment.

    Commissioner Sadin Schnair, seconded by Commissioner Woolford moved to approve the motion, as presented.

    The motion unanimously carried by the following vote:
    Ayes: Askew, Jung, Keehn, Schnair, Walker, Woolford, Stryker

    Motion to approve Phase 1 of the New Treasure Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. 
  6. Visual Arts Committee Update
    Commissioner Keehn shared that artist Sanaz Mazinani was selected to create an artwork for the Golden Gate Park Tennis Center Renovation Project.
  7. Staff Report
    Joanne Lee, the Deputy Director of Programs, welcomed Commissioner Yakuh Askew to the Civic Design Review Committee.
  8. New Business and Announcements
    The Commissioners welcomed Commissioner Yakuh Askew to the Civic Design Review Committee.
  9. Adjournment at 5:10pm

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