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On behalf of DCYF, please find our revised state agenda language Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.   Please note that education issues are vital to the children, youth and families agenda, particularly this session and I am operating on the understanding that Hydra has or will submit the City's education priorities.  We're happy to add our two cents if its needed, but understand it is covered elsewhere.

VII.  Children, Youth & Families

A.   Child Care:   Promote legislation to expand the availability, affordability and quality of child care services for low income families, as well as promote continuity of services for families transferring from local to state and federal funding streams.

B.   Afterschool:   Promote legislation to expand the availability, affordability and diversity of afterschool programs for all families, as well as advance a quality workforce for the sector.

C.   Family Economic Success:   Promote legislation which enables low income families to increase their income, build and maintain assets, and attain self-sufficiency.

D.   Health & Wellness:  Promote legislation which addresses the health and wellness of children and youth including nutrition, physical fitness, environmental factors and social and emotional well-being with a particular focus on preventing violence and associated trauma.