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Meeting Information

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State Legislation Committee

May 2, 2007

11:00 am


City Hall, Room 288


Meeting Minutes


Members Present


Mayor’s Office (Chair) – Amiee Albertson
Supervisor Aaron Peskin’s Office – David Noyola
Supervisor Alioto-Pier’s Office – Catherine Stefani
City Attorney’s Office – MaryJane Winslow
Treasurer’s Office – David Augustine

Assessor’s Office – Alissa Pines


Members Absent


Controller’s Office – Peg Stevenson


Other Attendees


Human Services Agency – Noelle Simmons

Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice – Nicolas King



        I.      ROLL CALL



Action Item:  the Committee approved the minutes of the April 18, 2007 meeting.



Action items:  the Committee voted to take the following positions on state legislation affecting the City and County of San Francisco.


A.      AB 1578 (Leno):  to provide increased educational support for foster youth.

Position taken: Support


B.      AB 1512 (Torrico):  to create urgent disenrollment procedures from county organized health systems for foster youth when placement changes so youth can be re-enrolled in new county health plan.

Position taken: Support


C.      AB 1471 (Fuerer):  to require guns sold in California to utilize “micro-stamping” technology that imprints a unique signature for that gun on each bullet fired.

Position taken: Support


D.      AB 1278 (Ma):  to increase the penalties for human trafficking, allow greater flexibility in seizing the ill-gotten assets of organized crime enterprises involved in human trafficking, and outlaw so-called  wage deduction contracts,' which purport to allow traffickers to withhold wages from their victims to recover the costs of 'transporting' them to the worksite."

Position taken: Support