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The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management will support state legislation and administrative action in pursuit of the following goals:



I.  Oil Spill Prevention and Response


  1. Volunteer Training:  create volunteer training programs that will provide on-the-spot training to convergent volunteers following an oil spill.


  1. Spill cleanup technology: improve oil spill cleanup technology, including funding research and reporting on emerging technologies.


  1. Notification:  require the California Office of Emergency Services to promptly notify all Bay Area counties of any oil spill that occurs inSan Francisco Bay.


  1. Response:  require rapid response to the scene of any oil spill in San Francisco Bay.


  1. Training:  require that any entity required to file an oil spill contingency plan must exercise that plan regularly.



II. Interoperable Communications


  1. Planning:  facilitate clear governance, including both state and local representation, for state and regional public safety interoperable communications networks, as described in California's State Interoperable Communications Plan (SCIP).  Support creation of a Bay Area Regional Interoperable Communications System.



III. Department of Homeland Security and Office of Emergency Services


  1. Grant funding:  maximize state grant funding for emergency management programs in San Francisco. 



IV.  Emergency Communications


  1. 9-1-1 fees:  maximize 9-1-1 fee revenue that the state returns to counties.


  1. VoIP:  Ensure that Voice Over Internet Protocol services supply 9-1-1 emergency calling capabilities to their customers.