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Meeting Information

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Southeast Community Facility Commission


6:00 P.M.
1800 Oakdale Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124

I.          Call to Order:

          Commission President Millard Larkin called the Wednesday, April 24, 2002 meeting to order at 6:11 p.m. in the Alex L. Pitcher Community Room at 1800 Oakdale Ave.

III.          Roll Call:

          Present:                     Commissioner Heidi Hardin
                                        Commission Millard Larkin II
                                        Commissioner Malik Looper
                                        Commissioner Enola Maxwell
                                        Commissioner Kim Nguyen

          Not Present:          Commissioner Bobbrie Brown
                                        Commissioner Atiliai Tofaeono

Staff Present:          Robert Bryan, Dep. City Attorney; Joseph Tham, PUC/Commercial Land Mgmt.; Toye Moses, Executive Director; Kathy Basconcillo, SECF Commission Secretary

IV.          Approval of Minutes:

Commissioner Looper moved and Commissioner Hardin seconded to accept the minutes of Weds. April 24 with minor corrections made by Commissioner Larkin. Motion passed to accept the minutes with minor changes.

V.          Public Comment: No public comment was offered at this meeting.

VI.          Communications:
a)          Letter from Dean Hunnicutt, CCSF/Southeast listing current tenants;
b)          Invitation to Police Chief Fred Lau re: disparity in ethnic and gender diversity representation among SF Police Station Captains;
c)          Draft Letter of support for Providence Foundation's Senior Housing Project.
VII.          Director's Report:
a)          Contacted the City's Webmaster, Jennifer Shuler has received photo id info. for each Commissioner and will include this info on the Commission's website ( which is current with agenda and minute postings - we await downloading the photos;
b)          The FY02-03 budget request was presented to the Board of Supervisors Budget Committee chaired by District 10 Supervisor Maxwell in this Facility on Mon., April 29, the final budget will be decided upon before the end of June;
c)          We received info. today that the parent organization of two of our tenants - Equal Opportunity Council (EOC) for Sojourner Truth Child Care (#1 Cashmere) and MLK Child Care (#200 Cashmere) is ready to open the bid process for the Capital Improvement Projects/American Disabilities Act (CIP/ADA) phase immediately. We were sent this info. to disseminate notice of an "Offer to Bid" to those qualified from the Community compliant with the City that may want to bid.
d)          The Secretary to the Southeast Community Facility Commission will be moving on to another position within Public Utilities Commission and her last day will be Friday, May 24. We wish to express our appreciation for a job well done and extend our congratulations and best wishes in her new position.

Commissioner Hardin moved and Commissioner Maxwell seconded to accept the Director's Report. Motion passed.

VIII.          Presentations:
a)          Commissioner Larkin introduced SFPD Capt. Mike Puccinelli to present his plans and goals as the new Capt. of the Bayview Police Station. After thanking the Commission invitation to the Commission meeting and greeting the Community, Capt. Puccinelli distributed copies of the Bayview Station Resource List and briefly explained the contents. Capt. Puccinelli also explained that since being assigned Capt. at Bayview Station, he has implemented Operation Cease Fire.

Operation Cease Fire is a collaborative effort initiated by the Mayor's Office where the SFPD, FBI, US Attorney's Office, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), California Bureau of Narcotics, State Parole Board, San Francisco District Attorney's Office, Sheriff's Dept., Adult Probation and Juvenile Probation Depts. meet every 4-5 weeks to develop a strategy (similar to the Boston program presented at the San Francisco Crime Summit) directed at dealing with gang violence.

The focus of the strategy is: identify gang members thru the various participating agencies, bring the gang members on probation to the Hall of Justice as a condition of probation, bring together community-based organizations/service providers: YCD, City College/Second Chance Program, Substance Abuse Treatment Program, Providence Baptist Church, True Hope COGIC, and Jones United Methodist Church. The message from the law enforcement side is: there is no/zero tolerance for gang violence - "If you or your group/gang choose to engage in violence then the full weight of all these depts./agencies will flood down/come to bear on you and your gang." The message from the CBO/service providers is: we are here to assist you, use our services, come and talk to our personnel.

Since the first meeting, two groups/gangs have broken the cease fire/truce (engaged in shootings) and have suffered consequences - about 40 members from the two groups have been brought in and face stiff (i.e. 25 years to life) penalties. We are have since brought the depts./agencies, the gang members, and the CBO/service providers back to meet and again re-iterated the no/zero tolerance for gang violence.

There seems to be a decline in gang violence these last few weeks; however, this week already there have been two more shootings that we don't know if are gang related under investigation; we don't know if they are gang related, but this is where we stand.

Capt. Puccinelli summed-up that his goals and main thrust for the Bayview during his tenure is to reduce the gang violence and make the area safer for those who live and work here.

Commissioner Larkin then opened the presentation for comments, questions and answers from the Commission and the Community to which Capt. Puccinelli responded: there needs to be a greater awareness of both the officers towards citizens and of citizens towards officers. More money/time spent on diversity training, more money for equipment, Community involvement for area retention of officers, neighborhood policing, increase in beat officers, and officers attending more community (social) functions were all suggestions towards achieving these ends.

Commission Larkin thanked Capt. Puccinelli for his presentation and invited him back to keep the Commission and the Community update in the Bayview Stations involvement.

b)          Commissioner Larkin then invited up Mr. Cornelius Wise and Mr. James Blanding of the San Francisco Providence Foundation: After greeting the Commission, architectural plans for the proposed Senior Housing Project were set-up. After explaining that a Co-sponsor, a General Contractor, and a Project Architect have been decided for the 53-unit project and that the Church agreed to construction on their land if parking wasn't affected. Mr. Blanding stated that the Foundation came very close to receiving HUD funding for the project last year, but was "inched out" by another project in the City. Almost promised the funding for this year, the Foundation has returned to ask for the Commission's support again. At this point, Commissioner Larkin recused himself from the vote for support as he sits on the Board of Directors for the San Francisco Housing Development Corporation (Project Co-sponsor).

Commissioner Hardin moved and Commissioner Nguyen seconded to support the Providence Foundation in their request for HUD202 funding for this Senior Housing Project. Motion passed and a letter for support from the Commission will be provided.

IX.          Old and On-Going Business:
a)          Joe Tham, from SFPUC/Commercial Land Mgmt. stated that an initial meeting with Decorative Plant Service President, Ed Rathbun has taken place, but negotiations for a new lease agreement have not yet begun as details are still being drafted; the draft will be presented to the Commission for Committee review.
b)          Recycling bins have now been placed in the Community Room in answer to a request from ex-Commissioner Scott Madison.

X.          Introduction of New Business:
          - Executive Director Moses suggested calendaring adjournment of the next Commission meeting into a "light going-away reception for the Commission Secretary".

IX.          Announcements:
          - Commissioner Hardin announced the 10th Annual Children's Mural Program will be held on Friday, May 24 at the Bayview Opera House.
          - Commissioner Larkin announced an Info Fair to be held for the Community by the Navy on Weds., May 15 from 6 pm-8 pm at the EP Mills Community Auditorium at 100 Whitney Young Circle. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

X.          Adjournment:
Commissioner Hardin and Commissioner Nguyen seconded to adjourn the SECFCommission meeting at 8:16 p.m.

Respectfully submitted: _________________________
                               (Commission Secretary)