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WEDNESDAY, January 3, 2007

12:00 Noon

1800 Oakdale Avenue, Conference Room B

San Francisco, CA 94124


   I.                 Call to Order:

            Acting Committee Chair, Commissioner Willie Kennedy called the Wednesday, January 3, 2007 Facility Committee meeting to order at 12:10 p.m.


II.                 Roll Call:

Present:                      Commissioners Kennedy and Sampson


            Staff Present:             Toye Moses, Exec. Dir., SECFC;

                        Mariejie Arguelles, Events Coordinator
            Ernestine Braxton, Jr. Mgmt Asst.
             Annette Price, Comm.-Sect.


III.                 Announcement:  Chair Willie Kennedy read the Sunshine Ordinance.

IV.                 Public Comment: There was no public comment at this time.


 V.                 The Rules & Regulation for the use of Alex Pitcher Community Room & E.P. Mills Auditorium.

Dir. Moses referenced copies of the Rules & Regulations, revised annually, for the Southeast Community Facility & Earl P. Mills Auditorium, reviewed monitor/security guard/SFPD service fees, and other amendments to social event procedures.

Dir. Moses reported: On December 5, 2006 a shooting took place in front of the Southeast Community Facility, which staff believes was related to a repast event taking place simultaneously. SFPD was called to the scene and the Facility was evacuated.

Discussion ensued among Facility Members, SECF/EPM/CCSF staff/tenants who spoke of their experience during repast events and also voiced concern for their safety. The following recommendation was made:

3-month moratorium on ALL repast events during week (SFPD required on weekend); increase hourly fee of event monitor/security guard; elimination of courtesy set-up hour; referral list of available locations to hold events; letter to Mayor Newsom requesting meeting re: Homeland Security funding for BVHP; letter to D.A. Kamala Harris (Victim Assistance), Supervisor Maxwell, Capt. Albert Pardini, S.F. Sheriff’s Department re: security issues in BVHP community and request for support in bringing homeland security funding to BVHP.

VI.                 Safety issues at E.P. Mills Center, MLK Childcare Center, Sojourner Truth Childcare Center & Captain Shorey Childcare Center.

Dir. Moses gave a recap of the General Fund budget in relation to safety issues at the Earl P. Mills Auditorium, Martin Luther King, and Sojourner Truth Childcare facilities. Dir. Moses reviewed rents charged to tenants. He reported that the Earl P. Mills Facility has had (4) burglaries within a very short period of time.

It was determined at the time of each burglary that the security alarm system had not been armed prior to staff vacating premises and that Whitney Young Child Development Center (WYCDC) staff has not been in compliance with regard to having past employees removed from the security code access list.  Ms. Gloria Hampton also commented that Building B has never been connected to the alarm system.

Ms. Chiquita Tuttle, Interim Executive Director, WYCDC interjected that there had been a conflict between the telephone line at the facility and the alarm system, which caused interference in setting the alarm. That problem has been resolved.

After discussion among Facility members, SECF staff/tenants, EPM tenants with regard to safety and budget issues, the following recommendation was made by the Facility Committee: WYCDC staff to ensure security system is armed upon vacating premises; SECF staff to negotiate with new security vendor regarding hours of services for EPMills Facility ; SECF staff to request cost estimate from DPW to connect EPMills Bld. B to alarm system; letter from WYCDC tenants requesting change in security hours; reassignment of security codes by WYCDC staff; guideline compliance by WYCDC staff regarding issuance of keys/codes; SECF staff to request cost estimate for security lights @ EPMills facility; revisit security issues in 3 months.


VII.               General Fund Budget issues for the four childcare centers:
Dir. Moses reviewed the General Fund budget allocated for the childcare
facilities under his purview and gave a brief overview of allocation of line item    

VIII.               Action Plans:
Dir. Moses explained budget hearings are fast approaching. Once a date has
been scheduled, Dir. Moses stated he would notify everyone so that they could attend those meetings to advocate for more funding.

  IX.               Public Comment: There was no public comment at this time.

   X.               Adjournment: Commissioner Kennedy adjourned the Facility Committee
meeting at 1:55 p.m.

  Respectfully submitted,

  Commission Secretary