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1.0     CALL TO ORDER 


Commission Chair Willie B. Kennedy called the Thursday, September 10, 2009 meeting to order at 6:12 p.m. in the Alex L. Pitcher Community Room at 1800 Oakdale Avenue.   Commissioner Kennedy read the Sunshine Ordinance.


1.1      ROLL CALL


6:13 p.m.                                  Commission Secretary – Carla Vaughn


Commissioners Present:            Kennedy, Jones, Brown, Churchwell, Chung, Yang


Commissioners Excused:           Sampson


Staff Present:                            Toye Moses, Executive Director

                                                Ken Olivencia, Management Assistant

Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary

Cheryl Bernà Adams, Senior Clerk Typist




Commission Chair Willie Kennedy announced the Consent Calendar.


It was moved by Commissioner Brown and seconded by Commissioner Churchwell to accept the minutes of Wednesday, August 26, 2009.  The minutes were approved.


2.0              PUBLIC COMMENT


Mr. Sam Murray, Director of Outreach for the Southeast Sector of the SFPUC, said the painting of the HeadStart gate would soon be over and a final report would be available soon.  Mr. Murray also reported there were problems at the channel pump station and because of the problems the chemicals normally used would not be put in and there was a possibility there would be an odor at the plant.  He said he would contact Executive Director Moses in the event this occurred.


Greg Mayer, Operations Manager, SFPUC, Wastewater Enterprise, offered more details.  The department is between contracts for chemical supplies.  One of the vendors has applied for a patent and they are asking for a residual.  In the meantime the department is looking for the extension of a blanket purchase order and that has not occurred yet.  Another part of the problem is that the department is limited in the way odor control chemicals can be used.  He invited the Commission to contact the plant at 648.6882 extension 1300 if there should be any complaints or issues.   




Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary announced the following:


  1. Invitation To Rhonda Simmons and Cedric Jackson from “One Stop” To Address The Commission
  2. Thank you Letter To Jimi Harris, Governmental And Public Affairs, Pacific Gas And Electric
  3. Press Release:  Mayor Newsom Announces Bond Rating Agencies Find San Francisco’s Credit To be Strong And Economy Sound
  4. Press Release:  Mayor Newsom And SFMTA Announce Record Muni Annual On-Time Performance
  5. Press Release:  Mayor Newsom Applauds Second Annual Outside Lands Music Festival As A Cultural Sensation And Economic Stimulus For This City
  6. Press Release:  Mayor Newsom Encourages Public To Use Transit Alternatives During Bay Bridge Closure
  7. Press Release:  Mayor Newsom Announces Free H1N1 Shots To Protect San Franciscans During The Upcoming Flu Season
  8. Press Release:  Mayor Newsom Lauds Second Round Sale of SFPUC Revenue Bonds Yielding $434 Million To Fund Water System Seismic Upgrades, Improvements
  9. Press Release:  Mayor Gavin Newsom Adds $25,000 To Hasanni Campbell Reward
  10. Statement:  Mayor Gavin Newsom’s Statement On The Stabbing Of 11-Year Old Hatin Mansouri
  11. Press Release:  Mayor Newsom Announces Sunday Streets Becomes Permanent Program
  12. Press Release:  Mayor Gavin Newsom In Washington To Support President Obama’s Call For Health Care Reform
  13. Executive Directive: Hepatitis B Prevention




Chair Kennedy introduced Mr. Dwayne Jones, Mayor’s Office, Director of Communities of Opportunity.


Mr. Jones provided and update on the Gateway To College program which allows students that have dropped out of high school to reengage to complete their academic career.  Many of the rules are changing particularly within some things that have happened historically, such as, the unions past practice of accepting GED’s.  This will be changing soon.  With these changes it is important to make sure our young people receive their high school diplomas. This particular program also allows students to earn credits towards their AA degree at the same time.


The program is funded by the Gates Foundation.  About six to eight months ago a team of City, City College, SF School District, and students partnered and traveled to Portland to see the model in operation.  This is a national model that the Gates Foundation is funding all over the country and now we are a part of that national network.  This program has 54 students enrolled and they are an amazing group of young people that disconnected from school for a variety of reasons.  Many had to provide income support to their households and some had children early.  These weren’t all students who were just simply bad in school.  This program gives them an opportunity to reengage and get their academic career and their professional lives back on track.  The Gateway To College program is only one piece of the puzzle.  Dean Hunnicutt and Chancellor Griffin have done some amazing things to reactivate this campus.


Mr. Jones invited Dean Hunnicutt to talk about the laundry list of things done to reactivate the campus.  Mr. Jones said in terms of the Dean’s and the Chancellor’s leadership, he was most proud of the significant increase in the campus population to over 400 students.


All of this great effort and these great programs come on the heels of enormous cuts to the City College funding avenues both from the State and Federal government.  In spite of those obstacles resources were made available to reestablish the Southeast Campus as a priority for the City and City College.


Mr. Jones asked the Commission to support the programs and acknowledged there would be more traffic on campus and with more traffic comes some tension around previously unresolved issues.  He asked everyone to be mindful that everything possible was being done to accommodate everyone in the building, but it was necessary to make sure every single space was maximized for the benefit of the larger community.  He noted there might be some obstacles along the way however, everything was being done in the spirit of broad partnership and the experience was fantastic thus far.


Dean Hunnicutt thanked the Commission for their support and for the opportunity to co-present with Mr. Jones and said it was a new day at the Southeast Campus.  She thanked Mr. Jones and noted the improvements on campus which were expedited by support from the Mayor’s office and Chancellor Griffin.  The Chancellor added new courses and the classes are impacted.  English, math, and some specialty classes are all filled.  The campus is experiencing real growth.


Dean Hunnicutt invited the Commissioners to contact her in room #200 if they would like to provide suggestions for evening courses that would help make the Southeast campus a full service campus.  She noted that green programming was being added to the course list.


In closing, Dean Hunnicutt thanked the Mayor, Dwayne Jones, and the Commissioners for their support.  She also thanked Commission Chair Willie B. Kennedy and Executive Director Toye Moses for attending the press conference.


Dwayne Jones thanked Executive Director Toye Moses and the SECFC staff along with the Public Utilities Commission for the work that was done.  He noted the participation of the PUC was unprecedented and the work was completed in an incredible short time frame.  PUC made sure the manpower was available to complete the project in record time.    This was all done so the program would be successful because that is what this is all about.


Commission Chair Kennedy thanked Mr. Jones for continuing to support this community.  She noted that many in his position forget this community but he did not forget and he does all he can to bring as much as he can into the community.


Commissioner Churchwell requested a copy of the curriculum and Dean Hunnicutt offered to provide a copy of the day classes.  She advised the evening classes were in the process of being added and said she would be happy to provide a list. 


Commissioner Churchwell thanked Mr. Jones for his comments regarding why some young people drop out of school.  The Commissioner said he was glad the research had been done.


Dean Hunnicutt added the program was not easy to develop because people had to be hand picked who understand the young people and their needs.


Commissioner Chung requested the current schedule and Dean Hunnicutt said she would provide one.


Executive Director Toye Moses thanked Mr. Jones and Dean Hunnicutt and asked the Dean if Gateway To College was a part of the Student Counsel.


Dean Hunnicutt responded that she was in contact with Laurie Scalari, Associate Dean working with the Gateway To College program, and the associated student counsel is forming again.  There is an advisor who will be working with the Student Counsel.  The counsel will work with the young people and sponsor activities. The hoped for outcome would be that City College students would mentor the Gateway To College program students.


Dean Hunnicutt said there was a need to reactivate the Advisory Board to advocate for the college and the community.  Dean Hunnicutt announced Shirley Jones, community activist, had agreed to be on the Southeast Advisory Board and she thanked Dr. Moses for reminding her that perhaps there was a need to revitalize that particular Board.  The Dean invited anyone interested in serving on the Board to contact the Dean directly, or Dr. Toye Moses. 


Commissioner Jones thanked Dean Hunnicutt and everyone involved in getting the young people back in school.  The Commissioner had a question related to staffing.  She asked if there were challenges getting the qualified staff needed to work with the young people.


Dean Hunnicutt said the staff had to be hand picked to provide people that understand the students, have compassion, are no nonsense and can tell the students “You will achieve”.


Ms. Espanola Jackson, community activist, had comments regarding students in the SFUSD who were mostly placed in special education classes.  She referenced a literacy program that previously had been successful.  She announced she was returning to the community and would be available to attend more meetings.  Also, Ms. Jackson said an asthma resource center would be opening at 4909 Third Street.




Chair Kennedy reported the BayView Opera House would be holding afterschool programs for children in the community to provide a safe and positive outlet for them.  The programs are scheduled to start on September 14th. 


Chair Kennedy reminded the Commissioners of the Attendance Policy and the expectations from the community.  She provided copies of the By-Laws to the Commission members for their perusal. 




Executive Director Toye Moses reported the budget is still in progress.  The base budget is being prepared for submission to PUC/WWE.


A meeting is scheduled for September 23rd with Dwayne Jones, Dean Hunnicutt, Chancellor Griffin, and Jim Buick, Deputy Director, Human Services Agency regarding security issues.


Ken Olivencia report staff was working closely with the SFPUC Health and Safety, as well as other tradesmen to complete the work on the HeadStart fence and to make sure the area is clean and safe for the tenants.  The project should be completed by September 23rd and the painting should be completed in 72 hours.  In total the entire project should be completed within ten to fifteen days.


Espanola Jackson suggested the Commission request additional security for the campus.  She said it was the City’s responsibility to make sure the campus was safe.







         FUTURE AGENDA      






            Sam Murray invited everyone to attend the Big Blue Bucket event on September

            26th. This Eco-Fair will provide information regarding recycling cooking oil, safe

            disposal of unused medicine, installation of rain barrels, free compost for

            gardening, 50% discounts on solar panel installations, water conservation tips,

            and resources on how to keep your home and family safe in an emergency such as

            an earthquake.




Chair Kennedy announced the BayView Merchants Association will be sponsoring the African Marketplace Festival titled “Embracing Our Heritage” on Saturday, September 12th  from 11 am to 6 pm and Sunday, September 13th from 11am to 6:30 pm.


Chair Kennedy announced the Citizen Advisory Committee was still meeting regarding the Shipyard and she invited everyone to attend because the planning for the second phase was beginning.


Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary announced Henry Alvarez, III, Director San Francisco Housing Authority will provide a presentation to the Commission at the September 23rd meeting.


Ms. Espanola Jackson had comments regarding the BayView Opera House and the fact that Danny Glover honed his acting skills there.  She suggested an invitation be provided to Mr. Glover to attend the opening of the acting classes at the BayView Opera House. 


            Chair Kennedy mentioned Terri Vaughn, a successful Hollywood actress who is

also a product of the BayView community and continues to lend her support to the community.




The meeting was adjourned at  7:30 p.m.


            Respectfully submitted,


           Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary