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Southeast Community Facility Commission

THURSDAY, November 14, 2002
6:00 P.M.
1800 Oakdale Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124

I.          Call to Order
Commission President Millard Larkin called the Thursday, November 14, 2002 meeting to order at 6:15 p.m. in the Alex L. Pitcher Community Room at 1800 Oakdale Avenue.

II.          Announcement
Commissioner Larkin read the Sunshine Ordinance aloud and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

III.          Roll Call
Present:          Commissioner Millard Larkin, Commissioner Bobbrie Brown, Commissioner
                    Enola Maxwell, Commissioner Atiliai Tofaeono, Commissioner Heidi Hardin,
                    Commissioner Kim Nguyen, Commissioner Malik Looper
Staff Present:          Robert Bryan, Deputy City Attorney; Annette Price, SECF Commission Secretary.

IV.          Approval of Minutes
Commissioner Brown moved and Commissioner Maxwell seconded to accept the minutes of Thursday, October 23, 2002. Motion passed to accept the minutes with minor changes.

V.          Public Comment
Commissioner Larkin re-opened the floor for public comment and noted that requests may also be heard after Commission discussion of an agenda item by completing an information card and submitting it to the Commission Secretary. Requests will be given on a first-come-first-serve priority and speakers may be limited to three (3) minutes. (Speaker cards were made available).

At the request of first-time residents attending the Commission meeting, Commissioner Larkin explained the purpose of “public comment” is to give community residents an opportunity to communicate with the Commission. He went on to explain the function and responsibility of the Commission and its commitment to fostering Bayview Hunters Point community interests. Commissioner Larkin informed the audience that minutes and agendas from previous Commission meetings are available on the SECF Commission website, or by contacting the Commission Secretary at (415) 821-1534.

VI.          Communications (Discussion):
As directed by the Commission, letters of inquiry were sent to the following: Gary Dowd, PUC Commercial Land regarding amount of rent income generated from all the “Clean Water Fund” tenants; Carlos Jacobo, PUC Finance Dept. regarding the total amount of SECF yearly operation & Maintenance expenses to date. Letter of invitation was sent to Jim Jefferson, President of Primus Industry Inc. requesting a presentation to the Commission regarding the SECF history since inception.

·          Agenda Item VIII, Director’s Report was heard prior to Item VII, Presentation.

VII.          Directors Report: (Read by the Secretary in the absence of the Director)
a)          Fiscal year 03/04 Baseline budget for both Clean Water fund and General fund in progress and will be presented for your purview at the next Commission meeting.
b)          Met with Paul Jones of Jones & Associates re: estimate for installation of new drapery at EP Mills Childcare Center.

Commission Larkin put the Executive Director’s Report over to the next commission meeting of December 12, 2002.

VIII.          Presentation
Mr. Seth Steward, Dir. of the Small Business Commission (SBC), distributed information packets regarding services provided by the Small Business Commission, Mayors Office of Community Development, and the Mayors Office of Neighborhood Services. SBC is charged with developing a friendly business environment for the City & County of San Francisco. We do that by dealing with legislation & policy issues. Mr. Steward reviewed the numerous program offerings of the SBC. Mr. Steward then listed the following business assistance programs that his agency is responsible for: He emphasized a new job tax credit program for business owners; SFBIZINFO, a business information & referral service (888-800-8000); and the Youth Entrepreneurship Program, an on-the-job training program for college students.

Mr. Steward then asked the Commission for any questions: Commissioner Larkin asked that Mr. Steward elaborate on how the Small Business Commission provides assistance to students that wish to obtain hands-on training from small businesses. Mr. Steward explained that students who are eligible might participate in the Entrepreneurship Program. Young adults interested in starting their own business but are not currently enrolled in college can contact Mr. Steward for assistance.

Commissioner Maxwell asked what constitutes a small business. Mr. Steward responded the Small Business Commission defines a small business as 50 employees or less; small business for the State of California is 100 employees or less; and the small business administration on a federal level defines it as 500 employees or less.

Commissioner Nguyen asked what are the qualifications for participation in the Youth Entrepreneurship Program. Students must be enrolled and in good standing at one of the following partnering institutions: City College of San Francisco, University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, or Golden Gate University. Commissioner Nguyen also asked about mentor training and commitment expectations for participating businesses. Each small business is required to participate in a comprehensive training program prior to students being placed in their business.

Commissioner Looper asked if community residents were utilizing the services offered by Bayview Business Resource Center. Cletus Young, manager of Bayview Business Resource Center, gave updates on the center reporting thus far it has been very successful in assisting several residents open small businesses here in the Bayview.

Mr. Jeffrey Windham, Bayview Hunters Point resident, asked where he could go to get assistance in starting a new business in the Bayview Community. Mr. Steward suggested he contact the Mayors Office of Community Development, which offers several small business loan programs ranging from $25,000 to in excess of $100,000. He also recommended he visit the Bayview Business Resource Center, a program operated by Renaissance that assists businesses with loan packaging.

IX.          Old and Ongoing Business
The following organizations will give presentations at the December 12, 2002 Commission meeting:
·          Jesse Williams, YGC – “Homeless Youth”
·          Damone Hale, JPC – “Homeless Youth in BVHP”
·          Mother Brown, United Council of Human Services – “Feeding the Homeless & Hungry”

Introduction of New Business
None was offered at this time.

X.          Announcement
·          Commissioner Larkin welcomed and congratulated Mr. Joseph Flood, who has just been appointed as liaison to the Mayors Office of Neighborhood Services for District 10. Mr. Flood stated he will give the Commission his full support. Commissioner Larkin responded the Commission will do likewise and stated he looks forward to working with him.
·          Commissioner Larkin asked for a moment of silence in remembrance of a fallen hero, Mrs. Washington, who was a pioneer in the Bayview community.

XI.          Adjournment
Commissioner Maxwell moved and Commissioner Brown seconded to adjourn the SECF Commission Meeting. Meeting adjourned at 7:14 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Commission Secretary