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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

6:00 P.M.

1800 Oakdale Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94124


1.0               Call to Order

Commission President Bobbrie Brown called the Wednesday, January 26, 2005 meeting to order at 6:12 p.m. in the Alex L. Pitcher Community Room at 1800 Oakdale Avenue.


The Commissioner Secretary read the Sunshine Ordinance aloud.


1.2               Roll Call

Commissioners Present:   Brown; Fuentes; Jones; Kennedy; Larkin; Person;

Commissioners Excused:  Kenneth Sampson

Staff Present: John Roddy, Deputy City Attorney; Toye Moses, Executive Director SECFC; Annette Price, Comm.-Sect

1.3               Consent Calendar

(a)    RESOLUTION (SECFC-2005-26) Be it resolved that the minutes of the Southeast Community Facility Commission meeting of Thursday, January 13, 2005 be approved as submitted (passed unanimously).


2.0               Public Comment
Ms Espanola Jackson urged that the deadline to submit 9910 (Public Service Trainee) applications be extended and questioned the job qualifications. She also asked that underground wiring (PG&E) be addressed.  Mr. Francisco Decosta reminded that the SECFacility was built as a mitigation measure for the expansion of the sewage treatment plant. Mr. Decosta spoke on the infrastructure, Hunters Point Shipyard, and employment opportunities.

3.0               Communications:
Dir. Moses announced that Mayor Gavin Newsom and Supv. Sophie Maxwell will present before the Commission on February 23, 2005; Yomi Agunbiade, Director of Dept. of Rec & Park and Director Karen Roye, Dept. of Child Support Services will present on March 10.

Comm. Larkin asked whether specific questions had been forwarded to the invitees? Comm. Brown responded that past practice has been to request information in advance. President Brown directed the Commission Secretary to find out whether future presenters have specifics they would like to send in advance.

Comm. Brown welcomed Ms. Susan Leal and asked that she step forward to present. 

4.0               PRESENTATIONS:

-             Ms. Susan Leal, General Manager of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) congratulated the newly elected president and vice president, Bobbrie Brown and Juan Fuentes. She also commended Commissioner Millard Larkin, who recently stepped down as president, on a job well done.

Ms. Leal began by providing an overview of current PUC activities and how they relate to the Southeast community. Regarding the 9916 program, Ms. Leal stated that she is very pleased that the program has been renewed and wanted to acknowledged the PUC staff’s hard work at not only bring the program back but also for having one of the first training programs going for such a long time. In response to Ms. Jackson’s suggestion of extending the deadline, Ms. Leal stated she had previously spoken with staff to extend the deadline for applicant response and she assured that the PUC would have appropriate outreach for this 9916 program.

Regarding the rebuild of the water system, Ms. Leal stated it is very important that that process move forward for the liability of San Franciscans and also in terms of contracting. Ms. Leal also reminded that the PUC did conduct a workshop last week along with the small business administration and other city agencies to give guidance on the contracting process. Regarding apprenticeship employment opportunities, Ms. Leal stated that Mr. Kevin Barry, Manager of CDD will address that topic.

Regarding the sewage treatment plant, Ms. Leal acknowledged that the plant should be reduced in size and made less conspicuous such as the Oceanside plant. She stated one of her first priorities will be to move ahead with the Clean Water Master Plan.

Ms. Leal concluded by saying that the PUC has been working closely with the Governor’s Office and California Independent System Operator (CISO) and has commitments in moving forward in shutting down the Hunters Point VII and Potrero III power plants.

Comm. Person asked what efforts are being made on behalf of PUC with respect to helping individuals find available employment once they have completed the apprenticeship program? Ms. Leal responded by saying that Mr. Kevin Barry would explain some of the work being done with unions that tie to positions and will open up additional positions under the rebuild. Comm. Person asked whether preparation or tutoring was required in order for someone to be able to pass the apprenticeship program? Ms. Leal responded that PUC is a part of that apprenticeship training program in the rebuild and therefore PUC will build into that and at the same time look to work with some of the unions to provide funding.

Comm. Larkin asked what preparations are being made to ensure that community contractors will have a fair opportunity to compete for some of the work coming to Bayview. Ms. Leal stated that a lot of outreach will take place as well as mirroring the goals of the Human Rights Commission (HRC) as far as MEB/WBE ordinance.

Comm. Fuentes asked how does the outreach relate to the BVHP community and who is the person that will be in direct contact with the community? Ms. Leal responded that there would be involvement from Mr. Sam Murray, PUC community liaison as well as from other PUC staff. Comm. Fuentes questioned whether the Clean Water Master Plan was public record? Ms. Leal responded prior to making the plan available to the public, it must go through an EIR process and go out to the different communities that will be affected to explain what the components of the plan could be and possible alternative, which will take place in early spring.

Comm. Kennedy asked whether the sewage from new developments at the Hunters Point Shipyard would be routed to the Southeast sewage treatment plant? Ms. Leal stated until a new system is going throughout the city, north point is upgraded, and southeast is redesigned, all sewage from new construction at the shipyard will come to Southeast.

Comm. Brown asked that the Commission be updated following the recruitment process in terms of its success. Ms. Leal responded in the affirmative.

Dr. Harrison Parker commented on the financial aspect of the sewage treatment plant as it relates to the Southeast Community Facility. Mr. Charlie Walker commented on discrimination and how it affects black contractors in the Bayview community. Mr. John Nauer commented on the apprenticeship program process and how the BVHP community will be linked to that process. Ms. Espanola Jackson commented on the rewriting of the 9916 application and Mr. Johnson’s involvement in that process.   Mr. Javar Mercedes commented on RFPs. Mr. Damone Hale, Director of Young Community Developers commented on authority of the SECF Commission and offered the services of Young Community Developer’s to the PUC regarding training. Ms. Doris Vincent commented on trainee membership dues being waived and/or postponed and on-site sewage treatment plants. Mr. Francisco DeCosta commented on empirical data and voiced opposition to siting additional power plants in BVHP. Ms. Espanola Jackson commented on waiving membership fees for trainees.

Comm. Brown thanked Ms. Leal for her time and stated if there is anything the Commission can do to assist her, to please ask. Comm. Brown asked that Mr. Kevin Barry step forward to present.

-             Mr. Kevin Barry, Division Manager of City Distribution Division (CDD) began by providing an overview of the Youth Employment/Opportunity programs. Mr. Barry reported that there are currently two tracks of employment, working youth and members of the community. Twenty CSOS kids work in the Lands Management Program 1-day a week and fifteen members of the community (94124) work full-time in the Garden Project coordinated through the sheriff’s department and Mayor’s Redirect Program. “

Mr. Barry explained the intent is to transition these jobs into the 7501 program.  Mr. Barry said he hopes to tie these programs with the San Francisco School District and use it as a feeder system and get the unions involved.

Mr. John Nauer asked how will CDD expand the employment numbers? Mr. Barry stated that if the program starts off slow and is successful, expansion will come with negotiations. Mr. Barry explained the Dept. of Human Resources as well as the craftsmen’s union also has input regarding employment. PUC develops a wide range of programs for the unions then becomes the mentors to their apprenticeship program and use the school district to provide the feeder system. Mr. John Nauer asked whether PUC has looked into community-based organizations vs. the school district? Mr. Barry responded that has been done through the Mayor’s Redirect Program.

Comm. Brown thanked Mr. Barry and requested that he come back for a future presentation once his employment program has begun to give update on its success, obstacles. 

5.0                 Director’s Report
Dir. Moses stated that he has included his written reporter. He reported that Parking & Traffic has completed the ADA blue/white parking zones. DPW has submitted an estimate for the intercom system for the parking lot at a cost of $36,000. The Decorative Plant lease contract is still with the Dept. of Real Estate and once completed, staff will bring it before the Commission for approval. PUC budget is going through the hearing process. CAG and Deputy City Attorney Roddy and Attorneys Hale and Harris are in the process of scheduling a meeting and once set, staff will inform the Commission. Dir. Moses will be on vacation beginning Monday of next week coming back to work on the 15th.
MOTION: Acceptance of Director’s Report. Motion passed unanimously to accept report as presented (6-0).

6.0                 Introduction of New Business by Commissioners:
Comm. Jones suggested that someone from the CPUC be invited to address the underground wiring conversion program. Comm. Brown suggested that perhaps someone from PG&E be invited to present as well. Dir. Moses announced that Mr. Fred Williamson, General Manager of Wells Fargo Bank Bayview branch has requested to present before the Commission regarding funds that are available for businesses in the Bayview and nonprofits. The Director also requested that Mr. Terzian, President of the Shipyard Association be invited to present to address the issue of tenant concerns. Comm. Brown announced that the Commission will present Comm. Sampson with a commendation at his 16th Pastoral Anniversary on Sunday. The Commission congratulates him.

7.0                 Public Comment
Dr. Harrison Parker suggested that the Commission and the community acknowledge the accomplishments of the people of Bayview Hunters Point and celebrate those accomplishments by hosting an event.

8.0                 Announcements:
Comm. Larkin
announced his official resignation to the Commission. He stated he will follow-up with a formal letter. His last meeting will be on February 23, 2005. He thanked the Commission for all he has learned and thanked the community for the opportunity to serve them.

Comm. Brown stated that Comm. Larkin has brought value not only to the Commission but also to the community and wished him well. The rest of the Commission echoed the President’s sentiments and statements.

9.0                 Adjournment

Comm. Brown adjourned the SECF Commission meeting at 7:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Commission Secretary