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Thursday, October 13, 2005

6:00 P.M.

1800 Oakdale Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94124


1.0               Call to Order
Commission President Bobbrie Brown called the Thursday, October 13, 2005 meeting to order at 6:10 p.m. in the Alex L. Pitcher Community Room at 1800 Oakdale Avenue.

Commissioner Brown read the Sunshine Ordinance aloud.

             1.2            Roll Call

Commissioners Present: Brown; Fuentes; Kennedy; Parker; Jones, Person, Sampson

Staff Present: Toye Moses, Executive Director; Annette Price, SECF Comm.-Sect


             1.3                    Consent Calendar

(a)           RESOLUTION (SECFC-2005-41) Be it resolved that the consent calendar was approved with the exception of the minutes of the Southeast Community Facility Commission meeting for Wednesday, September 28, 2005, which were tabled.

2.0               Public Comment
There was no public comment at this time.

3.0               Communications:
Dir. Moses reported that the following copies of correspondence were included in Commission folders: (1) Letter of Invitation to Gregg Fortner and (2) Press release from the Mayor’s Office re: predatory lending. 


4.0               Presentations:
Commissioner Brown introduced Mr. Luis Herrera, S.F. City Librarian who thanked the Commission for the invitation and opportunity to discuss the library services that are available. Mr. Herrera remarked that he would like to touch on upcoming renovation plans for the Anna Waden Branch Library and two new initiatives dealing with children and youth. After briefly summarizing his employment background, Mr. Herrera went on to discuss the library branch improvement program which will provide funding for the renovation of 19 branch libraries with the following priorities: (1) increase accessibility of older facilities, (2) seismic safety, and (3) electronic technology services.

  Mr. Herrera outlined the Early Child Ready to Read Initiative, which promotes early childhood literacy. He explained that statistical research has revealed there is a 90% probability that a child who struggles in 1st grade will also have difficulty in 4th grade. Mr. Herrera reported that the library has been given additional dollars to focus on early literacy, which will encompass community outreach, parent workshops, childhood literacy specialist personnel, and new books and materials for the program.

The second initiative called Supporting Successful Teenagers is an outreach program specifically focusing on the teenage population. This initiative will allow the employment of teen service librarians who will go out to schools and create teen councils, which will hopefully motivate teens to become active in libraries and reading. Mr. Herrera concluded by expressing his commitment to the BVHP community.

Commissioner Jones asked whether there would be staging in another building so that library services would continue since there will be closure during renovation of the Anna Waden Library. Mr. Herrera stated there will be no storefront library; however, a certain level of interim services will be available, i.e., bookmobile. The library will also work directly with the schools and nonprofit agencies doing outreach, such as story time as well as working with parents on skill building for the Every Child Ready to Read program. In addition, library hours will be extended in other neighborhoods and staff will also be deployed in those neighborhoods.

Commissioner Parker asked whether there was in place any measure to evaluate the success of increasing the library facilities. Mr. Herrera responded that there are measures that are very traditional; however, he also noted that measures are being developed for the Every Child Ready to Read Program to evaluate the program’s impact.

Dir. Moses asked in terms of quality of service, how would Bayview compare with Potrero or Visitation Valley districts. Mr. Herrera stated all three will have substantial improvements in the renovation program.

Dir. Moses reminded that the unemployment rate in BVHP is high and asked whether Mr. Herrera is doing anything in partnership with the CBOs to counteract that. Mr. Herrera stated although he is not familiar with any youth employment program sponsored by the library, they do work with a summer youth program that hire youth. The library also sponsors a scholarship program that identifies staff members interested in pursuing advanced degrees in library science.

Commissioner Sampson asked if there were statistics available for the number of 94124 residents using the main library services. He also asked would the Potrero branch library be closed in conjunction with BVHP or staggered. Mr. Herrera stated they will try to stagger them so there is not much overlap. Regarding stats of 94124 residents using the services of the main library, Mr. Herrera stated he did not have the numbers off the top of his head but would provide that at a later date.

Commissioner Brown asked whether there would be some type of communication schedule sent out for the bookmobile prior to the library closure. Mr. Herrera stated the bookmobiles will have set schedules. Communication will be sent out prior to closure via the library website as well as flyers being sent to each neighborhood informing of the services available and locations as well as expanding the hours of other libraries.

Schedule closures are as follows: Potrero will be June 2006 opening April or May 2008. BVHP Anna Waden will be closed December 2006 or Jan 2007 with construction beginning early 2007 and will take approximately 12 to 18 months before completion. There will be a series of neighborhood meetings for each neighborhood that is impacted to discuss imminent closures and get feedback in terms of best approach prior to closure.

Commissioner Brown opened the floor to the public.

Mr. Sam Murray voiced concern with the design of the new structure, turf problems, and the placement of satellite computers. Ms. Alma Robinson commented about Spotlight for the Arts, a summer youth employment program sponsored by Lawyers for the Arts. Rev. Walker was in favor of Mr. Murray’s suggestion of satellite computers. Ms. Linda Brooks, Librarian for the Anna Waden Library, noted that the majority of personnel who work at the library are from the 94124 Zip Code. Ms. Brooks also announced that the library will hold it’s annual Unsung Hero Program sponsored by the African American Interest Group on November 20th at the main library and nomination forms are available at the San Francisco Public Library website.

Commissioner Brown thanked both Ms. Brooks and Mr. Herrera for their presentation.

5.0               NEW BUSINESS
Due to the upcoming holiday schedule, the November and December meeting dates are as follows: Thursday, November 10th and Wednesday, November 30th;  Thursday, December 8th and Wednesday, December 28th.

6.0               OLD & ONGOING BUSINESS:
Ms. Espanola Jackson reported that the task force meeting to discuss Supervisor Maxwell’s ordinance, Visitation Valley Infrastructure Fund, was held on September 28, 2005. In attendance was Supervisor Maxwell, Commissioner Parker, City Planning, and community members. Ms. Jackson reported that Supervisor Maxwell refused to withdraw the ordinance prompting the filing of a complaint to the Sunshine Task Force. That hearing will be held on November 8th, Rm. 406 @ 4:00 p.m.

Prompted by questions from the public, Commissioner Kennedy explained the process of how an ordinance is passed by the Board of Supervisors. Rev Walker voiced concern regarding the economic impact the ordinance would have on BVHP community.

Commissioner Parker referring to the task force report included in Commission folders stated the report is a summarization of the committee’s recommendations and asked that the Commission secretary read the report into the record (report read by secretary).

Commissioner Parker stated he is of the opinion that in order to defeat this ordinance, the community will have to go before the Board.

MOTION: Moved by Parker, seconded by Sampson to accept the Task Force Committee report. Motion passed unanimously to accept report as presented (7-0).

Dir. Moses referring to the four recommendations in the report, stated perhaps the Commission could address recommendation #1 first by inviting Sophie Maxwell for update and begin implementing the other recommendations after she has presented.

Commissioner Brown instructed staff to invite Supv. Maxwell and after her presentation the Commission will decide what the next step will be.


6.0               Director’s Report
Dir. Moses reported that: Staff is in the process of filling the 1424 Clerk Typist position recently vacated. The budget for 06/07 is due by November, which staff is working on. Also, the budget for Commission stipend has been reduced by $2,000 due to lack of attendance. The roofing project should be complete by early November and the Headstart Playground is now being renovated. The E.P. Mills tenants, JMC Academy and Whitney Young Child Development Center are having licensing problems due to the commingling of childcare children with high school children and staff is working with the Mayor’s office to resolve this.
MOTION: Moved by Jones, seconded by Parker to accept the Director’s Report. Motion passed unanimously to accept report as presented (7-0).

7.0               Introduction of New Business By Commissioners:
Commissioner Parker reminded that the BVHP Fit ‘n Fun Fair sponsored by Dr. Mitchell Katz and others took place on October 1. He suggested that a letter of appreciation be sent to all sponsors involved and that a schedule of events planned by the Dept. of Public Health be sent to the Commission. Dir. Moses suggested that Dir. Trent Rhorer be invited to present to discuss the services DHS provides. Commissioner Brown also asked that a letter of invitation be sent to Dr. George Davis of the Multipurpose Senior Center to discuss the aging campus.

8.0               Public Comment:
Mr. Sam Murray announced that SFPUC will host a career day at Thurgood Marshall on November 30th, 2005 and requested that the Commission be a co-sponsor for that event.

9.0               Announcements:
Kennedy announced this Saturday from 10:00 to 3:00 the Charette for the African Marketplace will take place at the BVHP Opera House and from 2:00 to 4:00 at Visitation Valley Chariton School the Homebuyers workshop will take place for those interested in purchasing homes on the shipyard.

10.0               Adjournment
Comm. Brown adjourned the SECF Commission meeting at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Commission Secretary