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Meeting Information

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Southeast Community Facility Commission


THURSDAY, April 11, 2002
6:00 P.M.
1800 Oakdale Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124

I.          Call to Order:

          Commission President Millard Larkin called the Thursday, April 11, 2002 meeting to order at 6:09 p.m. in the Alex L. Pitcher Community Room at 1800 Oakdale Ave.

III.          Roll Call:

          Present:                     Commissioner Bobbrie Brown
                                        Commissioner Heidi Hardin
                                        Commission Millard Larkin II
                                        Commissioner Malik Looper
                                        Commissioner Enola Maxwell
                                        Commissioner Kim Nguyen

          Not Present:          Commissioner Atiliai Tofaeono (excused)

          Staff Present:          Robert Bryan, Dep. City Attorney; Toye Moses, Executive Director;
                                        Kathy Basconcillo, SECF Commission Secretary

IV.          Approval of Minutes:

Commissioner Maxwell moved and Commissioner Brown seconded to accept the minutes of Wednesday, March 27, 2002. Motion passed to accept the minutes with minor changes.

V.          Public Comment: No public comment was offered at this meeting.

VI.          Communications:
a)          From: Community Development Digest, Subscription Reservation;
b)          Invitation to Supervisor Gavin Newsom, Homelessness Policy Reform;
c)          Invitation to Providence Foundation, Senior Housing Project Update;
d)          Invitation to Capt. Mike Puccinelli, Bayview Police Station - Goals During Tenure.
e)          Addenda information to the Commission from Decorative Plant Services President, Mr. Ed Rathbun re: the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) and supplemental info to the Quarterly Hiring Report as requested by the Commission.

VII.          Director's Report:
a)          Contacted the City's webmaster, Jennifer Shuler regarding update of the Commission's website ( which is current with agenda and minute postings. They will proceed with downloading photos once they receive biographical information for each Commissioner;
b)          The FY02-03 budget request has progressed to the Mayor's Office and then will go to the Board of Supervisors. a) 10% cut requested from each budget is a big concern; b) Budget Committee chaired by District 10 Supervisor Maxwell;
c)          A meeting has been scheduled on Tues. April 16 with CCSF/Southeast Dean Hunnicutt to discuss safety and security issues such as vandalism and loitering at the Facility with several subtenants (New Directions, CCSF/High School). Commissioner Larkin requested that Commissioner Hardin as Facilities Committee chair also attend this meeting.

In response to inquiries to sub-tenancy, Mr. Joe Tham of PUC/Commercial Land Mgmt. (dept. charged with both management of the 1800 Oakdale Facility and Greenhouse, and negotiating lease agreements with tenants of City-owned buildings under the SFPUC) stated that as a tenant CCSF/Southeast does have a clause in their lease agreement allowing them to sublet (at the same rate they lease the space from the City so it is not a profit making endeavor) after notification of intent to sublet to the PUC/Commercial Land Management and the Commission (entities that sign the lease agreement). Commissioner Brown inquired what more the Commission might do to remind CCSF of the requirement to notify the PUC/ Commission before sub-letting space in the Facility since this has happened several times in the past. Mr. Tham suggested perhaps the Commission request the City Attorney's office to draft another letter reiterating the requirements of the (lease) agreement. Deputy City Attorney Robert Bryan suggested that continued discussion on this matter would be appropriate for "closed session".

Commissioner Looper moved and Commissioner Brown seconded to accept the Director's Report. Motion passed.

VIII.          Presentation:
a)          Decorative Plant Service, Inc. (DPSI) HR Mgr. John Balanca distributed supplemental information the last version of the Quarterly New Hire Reporting showing a 43% increase in reportable new-hires for 2000 from the Community;

          Regarding a request for copies of information/reports from Decorative Plant to the Commission from a community resident who is also an ex-employee of Decorative Plant: Deputy City Attorney Bryan stated that Decorative Plant needs to make an "independent determination of what is private/confidential information". The Commission on the other hand may release copies of any reports that were sent/delivered to them by Decorative Plant pursuant to the Sunshine Ordinance and the Brown Act.
b)          Joe Tham, PUC/Commercial Land Mgmt. updated the Commission on Decorative Plant Services, Inc. (DPSI) whose lease recently expired, but is retained on month-to-month lease until a new lease agreement is negotiated.
c)          Mr. Tham also reported that CCSF/Southeast campus is in the last option of a two-year term lease agreement that expires June of 2003.

          After a few questions by Commissioners, President Larkin requested that info. packets regarding the mitigation process and the history of the Southeast Community Facility be re-distributed to all Commissioners.

IX.          Introduction of New Business:

          Commissioner Hardin directed staff to submit a letter to Dean Veronica Hunnicutt, CCSF/Southeast requesting a current list of sub-tenants;
          Dr. Moses confirmed that at the next Commission meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 24: a) Capt. PJ Jackson will attend to accept her commendation from the Commission; b) the new City Attorney, Dennis Herrera will attend and present his prospective and goals; and c) Providence co-chairs, James Blanding and Cornelius Wise will attend the next Commission meeting to update the Commission on the Senior Housing Project.

IX.          Announcements:
          Commissioner Larkin urged all San Francisco voters to attend the next session of the Elections Task Force on Redistricting at 7:30 p.m. this evening at City Hall where the Task Force will hear testimony and discuss drawing a new district map for elections in the City.

X.          Adjournment:

Commissioner Looper moved and Commissioner Maxwell seconded to adjourn the SECFCommission meeting at 7:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted: _________________________
                               (Commission Secretary)