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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

6:00 P.M.

1800 Oakdale Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94124


1.0               Call to Order
Commission Vice President Juan Fuentes called the Wednesday, February 28, 2007 meeting to order at 6:08 p.m. in the Alex L. Pitcher Community Room at 1800 Oakdale Avenue.

Commissioner Fuentes read the Sunshine Ordinance aloud.

            1.2            Roll Call: Commissioners Present:  Fuentes, Churchwell, Parker, Sampson,
Brown (6:15), Kennedy (6:15). 

Staff Present: John Roddy, Deputy City Attorney; Toye Moses, Executive Director; Annette Price, SECF Comm. Secretary.


            1.3                    Consent Calendar

          RESOLUTION (SECFC-2007-75) Be it resolved that the minutes of the Southeast Community Facility Commission meeting of Thursday, February 8, 2007 were approved as submitted.

2.0               PUBLIC COMMENT
There was no public comment at this time.

3.0               COMMUNICATIONS:

Ø      Correspondence included in Commission folders:

a.    Letter of invitation to Ms. Heidi Sieck, Project Manager for San Francisco 311 Customer Service re: “Overview of new 311 toll-free telephone service”.

b.   Letter of invitation to Ms. Micki Jones, H-4 Inspector, San Francisco Fire Department re: “Senior Home Safety, Fire & Fall Prevention Program”


Commissioner Jones asked whether a response has come from Interim Superintendent Gwen Chan regarding invitation to present. Dir. Moses said no response had been received.

Commissioner Fuentes asked that Sgt. Trenia Wearing and Officer Tom Wong of the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) step forward to present on SFPD recruitment efforts.


4.0                 PRESENTER:
Sgt. Trenia Wearing reported that the SFPD Recruitment Unit, currently staffed with 3 officers, was reformed back in March of last year and has participated in 320 public safety events and community job fairs. Referencing the power point handout earlier disbursed, Sgt. Wearing reviewed the unit’s mission statement, reported on the staffing shortage, recruitment challenges/outreach, and programs available to its officers.
Sgt. Wearing also mentioned the Department is partnering with DHR and City College of San Francisco in the Pre-Academy, Accelerated Testing, and Lateral Incentive Programs.

Sgt. Wearing announced on September 15th, 2007 the SFPD in collaboration with San Francisco Fired Department (SFFD), San Francisco 911 Dispatch, San Francisco Sheriffs Department, and DHR will hold the first San Francisco Public Safety Job Fair, to be held either on Treasure Island or at the Police Academy. She then opened the floor to question.
Prompted by a question from Commissioner Churchwell regarding salary range, Officer Wong said the starting salary is $60,000 annually topping out @ $94,000.

Commissioner Brown asked whether height requirements are still in effect. Officer Wong said no, but that the weight requirement is still in place.

Commissioner Kennedy asked for clarification on available employment opportunities to individuals who have a prior criminal background. Officer Wong stated the Department would be unable to assist an individual who has any type of felony conviction. He further explained any type of felony that would prohibit a person from carrying a weapon or a crime such as domestic violence, poor driving record and/or work history would also disqualify a person.

Commissioner Parker asked whether the Department has maintained the minimum number of officers required by city charter; and whether the Department has a plan in place to increase the number of officers needed. Sgt. Wearing explained each district station is required to maintain a minimum of 80% staffing. Plans to increase the number of officers would need to be addressed by the command staff.

Ms. Espanola Jackson suggested that the recruitment unit conduct outreach at some of the high schools to attract more African Americans.

Commissioner Brown thanked both officers for the information and asked that they return within 4 to 6 months for a status update on recruitment efforts.

Commissioner Brown asked
Mr. Ron Vinson, Chief Administration Officer, Dept. of Telecommunications & Information Services (DTIS) to step forward to present.

Mr. Vinson reported DTIS is charged with increasing the level of technology advances to the City & County of San Francisco with a free wireless network 24 hours a day 7 days a week at zero cost to tax payers.

Mr. Vinson explained the Request for Proposal (RFP) to provide free wireless service throughout the city went out to bid and EarthLink, who has partnered with Google, was awarded the contract. The contract, currently going through the planning process, is with the Board of Supervisors.

Mr. Vinson mentioned the great need for the service in underserved communities that do not have in-home Internet access. He also explained the new technology would make government agencies more efficient in that they would be able to access the Internet in the field. The technology can be complete within 90 days once the contract has been approved.

Mr. Vinson reported that DTIS is also creating a Digital Inclusion Task Force, which will be responsible for all other components outside of the network, such as providing affordable computer hardware/training as well as accessing relevant content.

Mr. Vinson reviewed the plan packages and explained that the free-tiered level will come at a certain speed; and the affordable $21.95 rate will be a lot faster, and will pay for coverage of the free tier that blankets the city.

Mr. Vinson concluded by asking that the Commission advocate to the Board of Supervisors for the passage of this contract.

Commissioner Parker asked if there is a program connected to the wireless Internet that tracks and gives preference to low income/disadvantaged people. Mr. Vinson stated the contract piece does dictate that there is a free-tiered service and an affordable service, which will be handled by the Digital Task Force.

Commissioner Kennedy asked Mr. Vinson to forward the legislation that is before the Board of Supervisors so that the Commission can advocate.

Commissioner Churchwell asked whether jobs and training would be made available through this new technology. Mr. Vinson stated EarthLink has dedicated $600,000 for digital inclusion programs and the Task Force would be partnering with nonprofits to create jobs and make that training available.

Commissioner Brown thanked Mr. Vinson for the information and said the Commission will offer its support by the passage of the following attached resolution. The aforementioned attached resolution will be sent to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors.

4.1               MOTION: Moved by Kennedy seconded by Parker to adopt theSECFC-2007-74 Resolution of the Southeast Community Facility Commission Supporting the City & County of San Francisco’s Proposed Wireless Broadband Internet agreement with EarthLink’s Inc. Motion passed unanimously to accept report as presented (7-0).

5.0                 Public Comment:
There was no public comment from the audience.

6.0                 Dedication of the Suite B Conference Room as “SOUTHEAST COMMUNITY FACILITY FOUNDERS ROOM”: Dir. Moses shared a copy of the beautification mural and noted that the mural dedication ceremony would take place in April. He explained that staff would like the upstairs conference room to also be dedicated as the Southeast Community Facility Founders Room where a library could be created, the history of the Commission could be chronicled, and the community could read and learn how the Commission evolved. Commissioner Kennedy stated it was an excellent idea and long overdue.
MOTION: Moved by Kennedy seconded by Parker that the Sweet B Conference room be dedicated as the Southeast Community Facility Founders Room. Motion passed unanimously to accept report as presented (7-0).

Ms. Espanola Jackson distributed several documents to the Commission and expressed displeasure at the City’s refusal to recognize the SECF Commission as a full-fledged commission. She voiced concern regarding the project area and global warming. She also informed that the Dept. of Park & Rec plans to create a committee that will be responsible for the parks throughout the City & County of San Francisco. She urged that the Commission become a part of that committee.

7.0                 DIRECTOR’S REPORT:

Ø      Director Moses reported:

a.       Dir. Moses thanked Decorative Plants for donating plants for the Black History Month Celebration luncheon sponsored by SFPUC.

b.      General Fund & PUC 07/08 budgets are before the Bd. of Supervisors and Mayor.

c.       Staff conveyed the Commission’s recommendations to Ms. Hardin regarding mural changes. Commissioner Jones interjected that she would prefer the female student be younger.

d.      Dir. Moses reviewed the memo recap of the Jurisdictional Transfer childcare center meeting held Feb. 21st. He explained he was asked to report back to the group by March 2nd on what role the SECF Commission wished to play in this childcare center transfer.

After lengthy discussion among the Commission, Dir. Moses and clarification by City Attorney Roddy regarding the Commission’s authority with regard to the four childcare centers, the following motion was made:

It is the desire of the SECF Commission, given it’s traditional historical role in reviewing and providing counsel on the management of the four daycare centers, that it continue to have a substantial role to play in the event the Mayor’s Office determines that a jurisdictional transfer is desirable. And, that the SECF Commission will provide its service for scheduling of the Earl P. Mills Auditorium.

MOTION: Moved by Parker seconded by Kennedy to accept the motion as amended. Amended Motion passed unanimously as presented (7-0).

Ms. Tuttle clarified the funding WYCDC is requesting would strictly be for security and maintenance of the facility.


Commissioner Jones suggested that a follow-up letter of invitation be sent to the School Superintendent Chan apprising her how many times the request has been made with a copy to the Board members. Commissioner Brown directed staff to send the letter to the Superintendent with copies to board members, the Board of Supervisors and Mayor.

Commissioner Parker suggested that a letter be sent to Mr. Alton Byrd of BVHP Lennar requesting an update on the future of the African Marketplace.

Dir. Moses suggested that a letter of invitation be sent to Mr. Ed Lee, City Administrator to present on the implementation of 2-Y Disclosure, Slavery Era Document.

The Commission and staff will honor former Commissioner Ronald Person at a dinner following the Commission meeting of 3/28. 

9.0               PUBLIC COMMENT:
Ms. Espanola Jackson suggested that the youth in the mural be changed to acknowledge the diversity of the southeast sector.


10.0               ANNOUNCEMENTS:
There were no announcements at this time.

11.0               ADJOURNMENT
The meeting adjourned at 8:19 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Commission Secretary