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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

6:00 P.M.

1800 Oakdale Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94124

1.0               Call to Order
Commissioner Bobbrie Brown called the Wednesday, June 27, 2007 meeting to order at 6:07 p.m. in the Suite B Conference Room at 1800 Oakdale Avenue.

Commissioner Brown read the Sunshine Ordinance aloud.

            1.2            Roll Call: Commissioners Present: Brown, Fuentes, Jones, Parker; Churchwell,

Commissioners Excused: Kennedy, Sampson

Staff Present: John Roddy, Deputy City Attorney, Toye Moses, Executive Director; Joseph Singh, Mgmt. Assistant, Annette Price, Commission Secretary.


            1.3                    Consent Calendar

          RESOLUTION (SECFC-2007-83) Be it resolved that the minutes of the Southeast Community Facility Commission meeting of Wednesday, June 14, 2007 were approved as submitted.

2.0                 PUBLIC COMMENT
Per Ms. Espanola Jackson, cell phone users can register their number with the National Do Not Call Registry (888) 382-1222 to prevent cell phone numbers from being released to telemarketers.

3.0                 COMMUNICATION:
Dir. Moses reported: Letters of invitation were sent to Mr. Nathaniel Ford, MTA; SFUSD Superintendent Carlos Garcia (in progress). Correspondence received from Inspector Micki Jones, SFFD; Mayor Gavin Newsom re: Community discussion on transportation, Saturday @ Jane Park Elementary School.

Staff shall follow-up with Mr. Alton Byrd, International African Marketplace re: Update on future of the marketplace.

4.0               PRESENTATION:
Ms. Karen Kubic, Project Manager for the Combustion Turbine (CT) Project explained that she would give a brief status report on where the CT Project is and reported the following:

Work on the project has been ongoing for several years. Licensing and environmental permitting for the project is now complete. Siting of the four CTs if approved by the PUC Commission and Bd. of Supervisors would be located at two project sites: 3 CTs at 25th and Maryland on a 4-acre site and 1 CT at the SF Airport off the north access roadway near United’s terminal.

The project has been put out to bid twice and PUC is working toward securing a contractor. Letters of interest have been received and a letter of intent has been issued to the J-Power Company. PUC is actively negotiating on contract terms. Ms. Kubic emphasized that the agreement is not binding and must be put into a formal agreement prior to being presented to the PUC Commission and Bd. of Supervisors for approval.

Ms. Kubic expressed optimism that the formal agreement will be presented to the PUC Commission for project approval by summer 2007 and is hopeful to have the CTs operational by fall 2008.

Ms. Kubic explained the California Independent Service Operator (CALISO), which oversees the electricity system in California, has outlined the action plan for the shutdown of the Mirant Potrero Power Plant. The project team is working to secure a firm commitment from Mirant regarding its closure once CTs are in operation. Ms. Kubic reiterated however that no agreement has been made to move forward at this point.

Commission Jonesasked for clarification regarding the bid process and location where bid information has been publicized. Ms. Kubic stated the bid process began in August of last year and has been advertised in engineering news records, outreach, and by placing phone calls to different power companies.

Commissioner Fuentes asked whether there would be an impact on the community that surrounds the units in terms of noise or pollution. Referring to the “Comparison of Emissions” graph, Ms. Kubic explained that “peakers” now sited at the Potrero Power Plant run on diesel fuel and emit particulant matter and harmful greenhouse gases. She stated the CTs would be much cleaner than what is currently in use and noted that the California Energy Commission requires that the project provide particulate matter mitigation (removal of pollutants by high efficiency street cleaning). She stated the ultimate goal of the CT project is reliability and air quality.

Commissioner Brown asked if the street cleaning process would be done on a daily basis and its proximity to schools. Ms. Kubic stated cleaning would be done daily and take place far east where Pacific Cement is located. Noise requirements are not to exceed 50 decibels, which is part of the mitigation process required through the California Energy Commission licensing process.

Commissioner Parker asked if the new plant would be in the Southeast sector of the city. Ms. Kubic stated yes, it would be located (if approved) north of Islais Creek but at a different site than where the Mirant Potrero Power Plant is located in order to tie power into the substation.

Dir. Moses asked whether there was a Plan B outlined if, for some reason, PUC could not follow through with the project. Ms. Kubic reviewed Plans A, B, and C.

Ms. Espanola Jackson was opposed to siting the CTs in the BVHP and said that PUC Commissioners are also opposed. Ms. Jackson was in favor of the Transbay Cable coming to San Francisco and commented on the digesters that are to be placed in the BVHP district, training for the 9910s. She challenged Ms. Kubic to solicit more funding for the cleanup of the shipyard. Commissioner Brown said she’s made note of Ms. Jackson’s concerns and will follow up on them.

4.0               Public Outreach (by Commissioner Fuentes):
The Public Safety and Outreach Ad-Hoc Committee met on Monday to address issues regarding public safety and outreach services for youth. It was suggested that a gang violence prevention program be developed as well as several other recommendations. The committee meets again on July 30th @ 12:00 noon to further discuss options

Commissioner Brown stated the Commission would work towards Stop The Violence Program and look at categorizing some of the ideas that were discussed.

MOTION: Moved by Parker, seconded by Jones to accept the Director’s Report. Motion passed unanimously to accept report as presented (4-0).

Herb Dang explained the budget process has what is called “add-backs”, where a program that has been successful in the past is added back into the budget. He suggested that might be an option to address some of the suggestions made at the Public Safety Committee.

5.0                 DIRECTOR’S REPORT:
Dir. Moses reported the following:

a.   A meeting was held to address the lead issue @ the Head Start playground area. It was suggested that the decorative artwork (snake) be sealed.

b.   Renovation on the community room floor in the Alex Pitcher room is in progress

c.   Comcast Wireless System is nearly complete

d.   Jurisdictional transfer will be calendared at the next meeting. On July 1st, the childcare facilities will be operated/maintained by the Human Service Agency.

Ms. Jackson spoke of the dangers of radiation being released from wireless Internet systems, cell phones, blue-tube devices and voiced oppositions to the wireless installation.

Dir. Moses asked that Mr. Joseph Singh update the Commission on the lead issue @

Head Start.

Joe reported the following: In a meeting last week, PUC Health & Safety confirmed that lead does exist on the tiles of the snake. Options would be to remove the tiles from the snake or reseal the entire snake with a clear coat sealant. Tests will be performed to determine which sealant works best.

Commissioner Brown asked that more information be brought back to the Commission prior to any work being done so that a decision can be made on what route to take.

Dir. Moses reported that there was a rape last week near the park on Palou @ Phelps in which a young woman (youth) was gang raped and $60 was stolen. SFPD was called from SECF.

MOTION: Moved by Jones, seconded by Parker to accept the Director’s Report. Motion passed unanimously to accept report as presented (4-0).


Ms. Jannette Kodou will present on 7/14/07; Messrs. Edwin Lee and Al Williams will present on 7/25/07.

6.0                 PUBLIC COMMENT:
PUC in collaboration with United Council is holding a food drive. Canned goods and monetary donations will be accepted until July 15th. Red food bins will be strategically placed throughout the Southeast sector.

7.0                 ANNOUNCEMENTS:
There were no announcements at this time.

8.0                 ADJOURNMENT
The meeting adjourned at 7:21 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Commission Secretary