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Thursday, August 11, 2005

6:00 P.M.

1800 Oakdale Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94124


1.0               Call to Order
Commission President Bobbrie Brown called the Thursday, August 11, 2005 meeting to order at 6:17 p.m. in the Alex L. Pitcher Community Room at 1800 Oakdale Avenue.

Commissioner Brown read the Sunshine Ordinance aloud.

1.2              Roll Call

Commissioners Present: Brown; Kennedy; Jones; Parker; Person; Sampson

Commissioners Excused: Fuentes

Staff Present: Fred Blackwell, Deputy Director Mayor’s Office of Community Development; Charlie Dunn, SF Department of Real Estate; Toye Moses, Executive Director SECFC; Annette Price, SECF Comm.-Sect


1.3              Consent Calendar

a.             RESOLUTION (SECFC-2005-37) Be it resolved that the minutes of the Southeast Community Facility Commission meeting of Wednesday, July 27, 2005, be approved as submitted (passed unanimously).

2.0               Public Comment
Mr. Herb Dang, SFPUC thanked the Commission for helping to facilitate “community night” at Southeast.

3.0               Communications:
Dir. Moses
reported that a letter was sent to Mr. Gary McIntyre inviting him back for a follow-up visit regarding the African Marketplace located in Los Angeles, California.

4.0               Presentations:
Gary McIntyre
, Project Manager for Lennar/BVHP introduced colleague Ms. Clem Clarke, Community Benefits Liaison and thanked the Commission for the invitation to present. Mr. McIntyre began by presenting a power point presentation on Lennar’s Community Benefits Project which incorporates the following components:

(1) Construction Assistance Program           (2) Financial Assistance Program
(3) Mentorship Program                             (4) Community Builder Program
(5) Cultural/Historical Recognition Program (CHIRP)         (6) Business Incubator Space      
(7) Homebuyers Assistance Program                          (8) Job Training & Employee Assistance Program
(9) Local Community Priority Leasing           (10) Small Business Assistance Program

Mr. McIntyre reported that the first demolition/deconstruction contract has been awarded to Ferma, who will subcontract 30% of the work to several BVHP contractors. Ferma will also utilize the BVHP Trucking Program, which consists of local trucking contractors.

Mr. McIntyre reported that Wells Fargo Bank has made available business loans totaling $2 million to assist the BVHP contracting community in acquiring work on particular projects. The next financial assistance workshop is scheduled for September 2005.  The first mentorship workshop took place last month at Dago Mary’s Restaurant. 

With regard to the Community Builder Program, Ms. Clarke reported that the RFQ was put out to bid in June and applications are still being accepted from that RFQ either as independent, joint venture, or a combination of the two. The RFQ can be found at or at Lennar, 49 Stevenson Street.

Ms. Clarke gave an overview of the cultural/historical recognition program (CHIRP), which will highlight the history of the shipyard. The consultant for that program will be Illona McGriff and the first meeting will take place August 31st from 10:00 to 4:00.

Mr. McIntyre briefly reviewed the Homebuyers Assistance Program and the Business Incubator Space Program.  Mr. McIntyre reported that 17 responses have been received for the RFP regarding the Job Training & Employee Assistance Program, which include four categories: Occupational skills, construction skills, youth development, and professional services. The selection committee has selected the grant recipient and once that recipient has been notified, their name will be made available to the public.

Ms. Clarke gave a brief overview of the interim African Marketplace and announced that on August 19 thru 21st a team will tour the African Marketplace located in Los Angeles to study their concept. Upon their return, charettes will be held by consultants to inform the community on marketing strategy and also to receive feedback from the community. Charettes will be held September 10, October 15th, and November 12. Ms. Clarke also noted that the kick-off date for the African Marketplace has been pushed back to mid 2006 for maximum success and concluded by listing her contact information.

Comm. Jones asked for clarification with regard to the distinct venues that will take place in the interim African Marketplace. Mr. McIntyre stated nothing is definitive at this point.
Regarding the African Marketplace, Comm. Parker asked whether a concept of what the community wants included has been determined as far as the African American experience vs. African experience. Mr. McIntyre stated going through the charettes process will allow community input.

Comm. Parker asked for clarification with regard to the youth development program. Mr. McIntyre stated that the youth development refers to job training. Ms. Vincent having served on the panel interjected that the program will entail job training that encourages youth to continue their education and have jobs at the end of their training.

Comm. Sampson asked how much space is available for the marketplace. Mr. McIntyre explained that there will be two segments for the African Marketplace; however, the interim marketplace will consist of 1.3 acres.

Comm. Sampson also commented that he hopes to see people of color owning businesses in the marketplace instead of the disparity that is seen in airports, etc. Mr. McIntyre replied to ensure that, people must become involved in the charette process to help define what will be found for this particular community.

Comm. Person asked what part the City of San Francisco will play to encourage tourism in the BVHP community. Mr. McIntyre stated that an extensive marketing program is being implemented to help with the image of BVHP.

Comm. Person asked that Mr. McIntyre elaborate more on the Property Leasing Program. Mr. McIntyre explained the program has yet to be totally developed, as there is no property to lease; however the concept is for community businesses to be able to lease property. Businesses in the impact zone 94124-34 and -07 will have preference.

Comm. Person followed up by asking with regard to the Community Builder Program, would any preference be given to 94124 residents. Ms. Clarke answered in the affirmative with regard to the impact zone 94124-34 and -07.

Comm. Brown asked whether there were any requirements on companies specifically the truckers in terms of job training for youth. Mr. McIntyre stated that Lennar hopes to work with Young Community Developers (YCD) as well as other entities in the BVHP to ensure that youth are employed.

Comm. Brown asked that the recruitment process for CHIRP be expanded upon. Ms. Clarke stated Ms. McGriff has presented at several community meetings informing residents of her vision and recruitment efforts.

With regard to the Incubator Space Program, Comm. Brown asked whether there would be space for rental and sharing of conference rooms with preference given to BVHP residents. Mr. McIntyre stated other parts of the program have not been totally formulated as yet, but it will happen after the residential area is built, and preference will be given to BVHP residents.

Dir. Moses voiced concern regarding health issues related to the shipyard and asked whether precautions and/or preventative measures are being taken for people who work on the shipyard. Mr. McIntyre stated Lennar is currently doing air quality monitoring to determine what contaminants/pollutants are present through the construction process.
Comm. Brown welcomed William Siffermann, Chief Probation Officer and Alan Nance, Assistant Chief Probation Officer of the SF Juvenile Probation Department.

Chief Siffermann, appointed by Mayor Newsom in April of 2005 as the Chief Probation Officer reported that he has worked as a probation officer for nearly 35 years in Chicago, Illinois and brings a vast amount of experience, specifically his participation in a strategy known as the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative that develops alternatives to secure detention.

Mr. Siffermann stated he is committed to providing public safety not only in the short term but the long term while providing youth with skills enabling them to resist delinquency. Mr. Siffermann stated his department plans on becoming more involved in the community to restore public trust and faith in the probation department by targeting communities that have a large number of youth going through the system while at the same time collaborating with the police department to keep youth out of system.

Chief Siffermann stated his hope is to get more probation officers out into the community so that youth will not have to travel to the youth guidance center. His vision is to see more community-based agencies that provide supervision during the critical hours of 3:00 to 9:00. Chief Siffermann concluded by pledging his support in working with communities and asked that Mr. Alan Nance step forward and share a few words with the Commission.

Assistant Chief Nance commented that there is clearly a disproportionate representation of minority youth in the system and the mindset must be changed when working with youth and also in partnering with the community.

Comm. Brown thanked both Mr. Siffermann and Mr. Nance stating that she would like to schedule a follow-up meeting with them in 90 days.

Comm. Kennedy voiced her support for Chief Siffermann’s vision. Comm. Person echoed Comm. Kennedy’s sentiments and statements.

Comm. Parker asked how the community could help in deterring youth from becoming involved in the system. Mr. Nance stated poverty, abuse, lack of structure within the family would impact some of the prevention concerns. Mr. Siffermann added that in 90 days, they would return with a laundry list of ideas regarding prevention.

Comm. Jones asked how many youth are in the probation system and of that number what percentage are African Americans as compared to other ethnicities. Mr. Nance stated there are approximately 1300 youth active on probation and the majority are minority youth with 80% being male and 20% being female. The exact numbers in terms of African Americans vs. other ethnicities can be provided at the follow-up meeting.

Chief Siffermann interjected that in Cook County they were able to bring their detention numbers down from 848 to 440 using detention alternatives vs. secured detention.

Dir. Moses asked what percentage of the population in juvenile hall is from the BVHP and what type of exit plan is in place for children turning 18. Chief Siffermann said at least 40% of their caseload is from the BVHP. He also noted there is a huge inadequacy for aftercare within the department that needs to be addressed.

Ms. Vincent suggested that it be mandatory for individuals coming into the youth guidance center be released upon earning their high school diploma instead of just being given time and then released. Mr. Millard Larkin suggested that in addition to probation officers working with the police department, they should also work with the school system.

Comm. Kennedy reminded that Mr. Larkin had directed a youth employment program in the city and suggested that something similar be implemented again. Mr. Herb Dang advocated for after school programs such as the boys and girls club keeping youth off the street.

Comm. Brown thanked Chief Siffermann and Asst. Chief Nance for coming, offered Commission support, and wished them much success.

5.0               Director’s Report
Dir. Moses
reported that the electric gate has finally been implemented and noted a problem with the ADA issue that is now resolved. The Director announced that the Commission would be issued keys for access, which are only to be used after 5:00.
MOTION: Moved by Jones, seconded by Person to accept the Director’s Report. Motion passed unanimously to accept report as presented (6-0).

6.0               OLD & ONGOING BUSINESS: (Discussion & Action):
Recommendation by the “Review Panel” for a new provider/tenant to operate a Child Care Facility at 1030 Oakdale Avenue: Charlie Dunn, SF/Dept of Real Estate & Fred Blackwell, Deputy Director Mayor’s Office of Community Development.

After giving an overview of the RFP process for 1030 Oakdale, Mr. Fred Blackwell reported that two proposals were submitted: (1) San Francisco State Headstart; and (2) Florence Crittenton Services. Mr. Blackwell replied after lengthy deliberation, it was the unanimous recommendation by the review panel for the City to engage in a lease contract with Florence Crittenton Services.

Mr. Dunn explained that 1030 Oakdale is under the jurisdiction of DPW, which is lacking in maintenance funds and noted that MOCD would make funds available for facility improvement. He continued if the Commission agrees and recommends that the City proceed with the proposed tenant, a lease would be customized and taken to the Board of Supervisors for approval.

MOTION: Moved by Kennedy, seconded by Sampson to accept the Recommendation that the City would enter into a lease with Florence Crittenton Services to lease the childcare facility known as 1030 Oakdale. Motion passed unanimously to accept report as presented (6-0).

7.0               Introduction of New Business By Commissioners:
Comm. Kennedy reminded that at the last meeting she was given a report to review concerning a fire at Martin Luther King Childcare Center. Upon review of that report, Comm. Kennedy stated she feels it is unnecessary to schedule a subcommittee meeting.

8.0               Public Comment:
Mr. Herb Dang invited the Commission and community to attend an upcoming Italian Glass Masestro event on Aug. 20th from 9:30a.m. to noon and Aug. 21st from 1:00 to 7:00 p.m. at 1750 Armstrong Ave.

9.0               Announcements:
Comm. Parker
announced that he has followed up with Dr. Katz regarding the health exercise event being planned and was informed that Mr. Loyce is working on it and will be in contact with him sometime in September.

Comm. Kennedy announced that CCSF will hold their 70th anniversary at Southeast on Tuesday from 9:00 to 5:00.

10.0               Adjournment
Comm. Brown
adjourned the SECF Commission meeting at 8:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Commission Secretary