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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

6:00 P.M.

1800 Oakdale Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94124


1.0               Call to Order
Commission President Bobbrie Brown called the Wednesday, February 23, 2005 meeting to order at 6:08 p.m. in the Alex L. Pitcher Community Room at 1800 Oakdale Avenue.


The Commission Secretary read the Sunshine Ordinance aloud.


1.2              Roll Call

Commissioners Present: Brown; Fuentes; Kennedy; Larkin; Person; Sampson
Commissioner Excused:  Louise Jones

Staff Present: John Roddy, Deputy City Attorney; Toye Moses, Executive Director SECFC; Annette Price, Comm.-Sect

1.3              Consent Calendar

(a)    RESOLUTION (SECFC-2005-28) Be it resolved that the minutes of the Southeast Community Facility Commission meeting of Thursday, February 10, 2005 be approved as submitted (passed unanimously).


4.0               Public Comment
Mr. Francisco Decosta commented on qualify of life issues taking place in the Bayview Hunters Point community. Ms. Espanola Jackson referencing “ToxiCity”, a report on Bayview Hunters Point Toxins, urged the Commission to not just sit back and let local government place hazards in the BVHP community. Mr. Alex Lantsberg, Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) commented on the planning process related to sewage issues and listed dates of upcoming meetings of the CAC. Mr. Samuel Murray, SFPUC thanked the Commission for their support with regard to the informational workshop sponsored by SFPUC and announced that he would hold more meetings in the future.

Comm. Larkin reminded Mr. Murray that the Commission would like to be made aware of not only decision-making bodies that affect the Southeast sector such as the CAC, but also be informed when openings on certain committees become available. Mr. Murray explained that the Mayor and Board of Supervisors appoint members to the CAC, not SFPUC.

Mr. Cedric Jackson
spoke on district-based initiatives regarding employment. Mr. Murray explained that PUC has put forth a very strong training program & outreach plan. However, the problem with the program as he sees it is that the program has only six positions allocated for 94124 zip codes. Mr. Murray suggested that Mr. Ardis Graham be calendared to discuss the job-training program in more detail.

Comm. Brown directed staff to calendar Mr. Graham for a future date and then took the agenda out of order and asked that Supervisor Maxwell step forward to present.

4.0               Presentation:
Supervisor Sophie Maxwell
, Board of Supervisors began by providing an overview of her legislative agenda stating that she has introduced new legislation called CityBuild. Supv. Maxwell reported that the City is dealing with many projects ranging in the billions of dollars, all of which she’d like to place under one roof. Supv. Maxwell stated her main focus will be on economics and the advisory board known as “Back Street Business” will be responsible for learning the needs of business owners. Supv. Maxwell reported that Junk Dealer legislation has also been introduced which will require junk dealers to possess/maintain a “buy book” that will lists individuals buying/selling. This new legislation will also require dealers to pay an annual registration fee. 

Supv. Maxwell reported she recently attended a hearing regarding employment at the Bayview Hunters Point Shipyard and met with Lennar/BVHP, San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRD), and Young Community Developers (YCD) regarding the type of employment programs that will be in place and how the agencies plan to ensure that people are properly trained and prepared to work. She reported that only 640 jobs will be available at the onset and 50% of those will be set-aside for 94124, 94107, and 94134. 

Supv. Maxwell commented that foster care is also a huge problem in the African Americans community, specifically from the 94124 area and stated she is looking into ways of reducing that rate and requesting that the Dept. of Public Health give her a plan of action on how they intend to bring those numbers down.

Comm. Larkin voiced concern regarding BVHP contractors/consultants being knocked out of the process as far as contracting opportunities. Supv. Maxwell suggested that Comm. Larkin connect with Durf Butler, who is coordinating the shipyard project. Comm. Fuentes asked the City’s perception as to the changes that will take place after the 3rd Street light rail is complete? Supv. Maxwell stated 3rd Street would certainly change with the new businesses and housing coming in. Comm. Kennedy suggested that training programs be made accountable. Supv. Maxwell responded that the CityBuild Academy modeled after the Mandela Academy in Oakland would train individuals in pre-apprenticeship programs.

Comm. Kennedy
voiced concern that the contractors hired to do the job routinely bring their own people in and hire 1 or 2 people from the community. She stressed that somewhere in their contract there should be language where the contractors cannot get around hiring outside the community. Supv. Maxwell stated these dollars are not federal and as such that should stop a lot of hiring outside the community. Comm. Sampson asked Supv. Maxwell to elaborate on what the community could do in an effort to help address the foster care issue. Supv. Maxwell stated the city is looking at policy specifically as it relates to San Francisco General Hospital and what the city can do to reduce the rate. She also stated she would like to see more African Americans apply for foster care. Supv. Maxwell stated the other thing at issue is high-cost housing and she also broached the subject of perhaps establishing an orphanage in the city.

Mr. Cedric Jackson asked for Supv. Maxwell’s support in his agency’s effort to promote a hiring campaign among the small businesses in the BVHP community “Each One Hire One Campaign” Mr. Francisco Decosta asked questions relative to compensation of businesses, training programs, and qualified contractors.

3.0               Communications:
Dr. Moses reported that correspondence has been mailed to Keith Foreman, BRAC regarding clean-up efforts at the shipyard; Bram Elias, SFPUC regarding increase in water/sewer rates. Upcoming presenters will be Mr. David Terzian, The Point, re: Tenant issues; Mr. Al Williams re: 5800 3rd Street Project; Mr. Brian Baker, Safety Dynamics re:  Light sensors.

The Director also reported he attended a press conference for Mayor Newsom where the Mayor announced he would make $24 million available for first-time homebuyers.

4.0               Director’s Report
Director Moses reported that he had just come back from vacation and there is not much to report. However, he stated there is a personnel issue that will be discussed at the next commission meeting and/or letters will be mailed to address that issue. Everything else is going well at the facility.

5.0               Old & Ongoing Business:
Dir. Moses announced that the scheduled farewell dinner for Commissioner Larkin has been postponed and will be scheduled in the near future. He asked that all Commissioners check their calendar so that staff can coordinate dates.

6.0               Introduction of New Business by Commissioners:
Comm. Brown asked that staff follow-up with the Mayor’s Office regarding the 1st time homebuyers assistance program, as there are many moderate and low-income people that qualify here in the BVHP. Comm. Kennedy asked that Lennar/BVHP and S.F.R.A. be invited to do follow-up regarding the efforts underway to ensure people from the three focus areas obtain employment.

Comm. Brown thanked Ms. Jackson for providing the Toxicity Report. She asked that all Commissioners read the handouts and come prepared to discuss it at the next scheduled meeting. The President was also puzzled that although the Presidio contract was extended by the Board of Supervisors, Supv. Maxwell felt uncomfortable discussing the extension. She directed staff to look into inviting a PUC representative that could address the extension.

Comm. Kennedy asked that a letter be sent to the Mayor with a copy to the S.F. Redevelopment Agency to determine when appointments would be made for the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC).

Comm. Brown also directed staff to send a letter of invitation to Mitchell Katz, Director of the Dept. of Public Health to address the ToxiCity Report and enclose a copy of the report for his reference.

7.0               Public Comment
  Ms. Espanola Jackson announced that the PAC has included the 94124 area in the survey area and she cautioned the community to be watchful when dealing with S.F.R.D. that they do not take over the city by declaring eminent domain in 94124.

Comm. Brown explained that Comm. Larkin was to have a follow-up meeting with the Mayor’s Chief of Staff regarding concerns taking place in the BVHP area and asked that staff place that on the agenda at the next meeting for follow-up.

8.0               Announcements:
There were no announcements at this meeting.

9.0               Adjournment
Comm. Brown
adjourned the SECF Commission meeting at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Commission Secretary