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Meeting Information

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Southeast Community Facility Commission


6:00 P.M.
1800 Oakdale Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124

I.          Call to Order
Commission President Millard Larkin called the Wednesday, June 26, 2002 meeting to order at 6:14 p.m. in the Alex L. Pitcher Community Room at 1800 Oakdale Avenue.

II.          Announcement
Commissioner Larkin read the Sunshine Ordinance aloud, and wanted the record to reflect that Commissioner Looper was excused from the meeting.

III.          Roll Call

Present:                    Commissioner Bobbrie Brown
                              Commissioner Heidi Hardin
                              Commissioner Millard Larkin II                              
                              Commissioner Enola Maxwell
Commissioner Kim Nguyen
                              Commissioner Atiliai Tofaeono

Not Present:                    Commissioner Malik Looper
Staff Present:          Robert Bryan, Deputy City Attorney; Toye Moses, Executive Director; Kenneth Kwan, Clerk Assistant; Liz Palega, SECF Commission Secretary

IV.          Approval of Minutes

Commissioner Brown moved and Commissioner Hardin seconded to accept the minutes of Thursday, June 13th. Motion passed to accept minutes as printed, without changes.

V.          Public Comments
Commissioner Larkin opened the floor for public comments and noted that "Members of the public may address the Commission on matters under the jurisdiction of the Commission that may not appear on the agenda". (Speaker cards were made available)

a)          Mr. John Bellanca thanked Dr. Toye Moses for allowing him the opportunity to represent Decorative Plant Services for the past two years. He will be taking a leave from Decorative Plant Services to spend some time with his family. He expressed his pleasure in serving the Commission and working with the S.F. Community College District and the Deputy City Attorney.

Commissioner Larkin stated that he has enjoyed having a working relationship with Decorative Plant Services. During Mr. Bellanca's tenure at Decorative Plant Services, major changes were made and things were accomplished. Commissioner Larkin expressed his appreciation of Mr. Bellanca and he would always be perceived as a friend.

Commissioner Brown stated that she was sorry to lose him because of how well they work together, and how much she appreciated his efforts and extra work in trying to meet the needs being requested of him.

Dr. Moses thanked Mr. Bellanca for the wonderful job he had done and hopes that he returns soon.

b)          Former Commissioner Esther Blanchard announced that there is a study being proposed called "Hypothermia as a Treatment for Severe Traumatic Brain Injury". The community needs to be made aware of this vital issue and make inquiries. (A packet with attachments that was e-mailed from Ms. Meeker was distributed among the Commission so they could fully understand what is being requested from the ROSES group.) The UCSF Committee on Human Research is looking for community support on this issue—which would behoove the community to make inquiries. (Another packet, which deals with research done on humans, was given to staff for duplication and dissemination.) This describes the Office of Research Administration at UCSF and specifically the committee that oversees the approval of such studies.

Ms. Blanchard was mainly concerned about the consent requirement for comatose patients with hypothermia. It is her understanding that the "Waiver of Consent" means that if a family member cannot be found within a certain period of time, their rights are waived and persons with acute brain injury can be used for hypothermia study. She expressed concern about the targeted population 16 to 40 years of age for the study. Children at 16 years of age should still have parental/guardian consent regardless of timeframe. She urged that those responsible should address the issue with respect to "Waiver of Consent". Also address the statement that "Severe Traumatic Brain Injury is caused by accidents or assaults and always results in coma". Ms. Blanchard questioned the study that was done by the University of Texas in which $7.2 million was appropriated—what was the outcome of that first study? She was unable to locate this information on the website. Her concern was that if this study did not result in the conclusions required, and it is being done again, then what is it that is hoped to gain? If the outcome of this study did not show any significant difference between regular treatment procedures as opposed to lowering body temperature, why continue?

Ms. Blanchard spoke further about the documentation and expressed that it is a health and form of life issue. She asked that e-mails be sent to managers and hopes that this could be curtailed prior to the August deadline.

Commissioner Larkin wanted to know what was being asked of the Commission? Ms. Blanchard wanted the Commission to have some type of community outreach to apprise and get input from persons in health fields and persons dealing with youth/health issues; and invite Ms. Meeker to address this concern. Ms. Blanchard will request Ms. Meeker to place an article in the Independent and New Bayview about the study.

Commissioner Larkin commended and thanked Ms. Blanchard on behalf of the Commission. He concurred that this information needs to get out into the community.

c)          Mr. Gaylon Logan, Executive Director of "Infusion One" (a community development organization based in Bayview Hunter's Point since 1994). He announced that there is a serious problem in this community with violence and people being disenfranchised—not really being able to get a handle on directions for themselves. This is a nationwide crisis that is affecting most of the communities in San Francisco. Commissioner Larkin stated that he is aware of "Infusion One" and that it is a much-needed organization in this community—even more so now than in the past. Mr. Logan added that his organization is looking for support and they are actively going throughout the community and meeting with various bodies to request support. They are currently engaging in a project called "Community Outreach Project" and are seeking partnership of the Commission, organizations, city agencies, and the community-at-large.

Mr. Logan proceeded to give further description of the program, until Commissioner Larkin reminded him that this is under "Public Comments" and he should refrain from giving a presentation (presentations have to be scheduled). He suggested that this item be placed on the agenda of the next meeting. A pamphlet describing the project was distributed to the Commission.

Mr. Logan concluded that the Commission is very influential in this community. He is looking for them to possibly offer their expertise in terms of a workshop--where some of their participants can meet with the Commissioners individually or as a body to give an overview of how the system works. He apologized for inappropriately using "Public Comment" and will follow the President's suggestion to return and give a more thorough presentation.

Commissioner Larkin assured that under "Introduction of New Business", his presentation would be placed on the next agenda, provided it is not full. He was confident that Mr. Logan would find the support he is seeking from this body.

VI.          Communications

a)          Announcement of vacant 1450 Executive Secretary I position for the SECF Commission—deadline was extended.

b)          Third Street Light Rail Bulletin

VII.          Director's Report

Dr. Moses reported that the agendas and minutes are updated on a weekly basis, but the rest of the website is still being worked on. The Mayor approved the general fund budget and it is now with the Board of Supervisors. There was a setback two days ago, when he had requested a fulltime 1424 Clerk position. The Commission, PUC and Mayor's Office approved it, but the Board of Supervisor's Budget Analyst cut it. Dr. Moses went to defend it on Friday and was able to get it reinstated. Effective July 1st, there will be a fulltime 1424 Clerk. The vacant 1450 Executive Secretary position had to be opened to PUC employees first for two weeks. Since no one applied, it is open for citywide applicants who are on the Civil Service list. Upon receipt of the list, interviews will conducted and hopefully a person will be hired in July.

Decorative Plant Services' lease is still being worked on and a rough draft should be available by the middle of July. Supervisor Gavin Newsom was unable to make this meeting but plans to attend the next one.

In terms of Mr. James Morrison's concern about Decorative Plant Services, this is an on-going issue. There was a response (copy was available) addressed to Mr. Morrison on March 27th suggesting contacts to obtain additional reports. Staff has done all possible to accommodate Mr. Morrison. Commissioner Larkin wanted to make sure the accusations that were made at the last meeting were clarified and that all possibilities were exhausted. He noted that he also found the same letter and was appreciative of staff on their efforts.

Commissioner Brown reminded that at the last meeting "Commissioner Larkin committed to personally responding to Mr. Morrison". Commissioner Larkin replied that he already met with Dr. Moses and consulted with the District Attorney regarding this matter. He plans to contact Mr. Morrison to meet with him and try to make him understand. Commissioner Larkin felt that after consulting with the City Attorney, Executive Director, and reviewing the letter, the Commission has followed-up as best as possible. Commissioner Brown suggested that this be confirmed in writing accompanied with copy of letter. Commissioner Hardin suggested that the letter be certified. After further discussion, it was decided to send the letter certified.

Commissioner Maxwell moved and Commissioner Brown seconded to accept the Executive Director's report. Motion passed unanimously to accept report as presented.

VIII.          Introduction of New Business

a)          Commissioner Larkin proposed that invitations be extended to the following as soon as possible:
-          Mr. Gaylon Logan to give a presentation on "Infusion One". The wonderful work the organization has been doing with the young people was acknowledged.
-          Representative from the new tenant, San Francisco State University Headstart Program to speak on the types of services being offered and a statistical breakdown of those being served in the southeast sector.
-          The S.F. Superintendent of Schools to speak on what new activities are taking place in school educationally and in making it safe for kids. With all the violence in the community, it is imperative that the Commission seek answers.
Commissioner Brown suggested that former Commissioner Louise Jones who is acting as a consultant to the Superintendent of Schools; working with community-based elementary schools to resolve some identified problems; and is forming a task force to bring schools up to standard should also be invited.
Commissioner Brown noted that Superintendent Ackerman will be presenting an overall view because of the recent closure of McAteer and Ms. Jones spearheaded the closure of that school. There have been a lot of problems identified with children in this community in terms of them being accepted into other schools in the city. Commissioner Brown recommended that since they both have a lot to discuss, they should be invited to separate meetings.
-          Supervisor Sophie Maxwell to speak from a health standpoint, a security standpoint, as well as economically. Commissioner Larkin stated that there is a lot happening in this community, and as a representative of Bayview Hunter's Point, it is imperative to the wellbeing of this area that she discusses these issues.
-          Ms. Michele Meeker to give a presentation on the "Study of Hypothermia Treatment for Severe Traumatic Brain Injury" and how this would affect the citizens in this district.

b)          Commissioner Brown announced that Providence Baptist Church was approved by the City of San Francisco to establish transitional housing for the homeless. They are in the process of looking for a building to purchase. Commissioner Brown suggested that at some point, the Commission might entertain the thought of inviting Mr. Charles Flowkes to give an update on how this would affect this community. The transitional housing will include a health component, job search, living quarters and mental/psychiatric help. In addition, Providence Baptist Church was also approved for a charter school, grades kindergarten through 5th that will open in August, contact person is Reverend Jones.

After reviewing the items of "Introduction of New Business", Commissioner Larkin recommended that the items requiring immediate attention be considered first. It was agreed that invitations be sent to Ms. Meeker and Mr. Logan to give presentations at the next meeting.

IX.          Announcements

Dr. Moses announced that the end of the fiscal year is approaching and the last working day is Friday. He would like to add his end-of-year report on the agenda of next meeting prior to submission to the Board of Supervisors. A copy will be forwarded to the Commission for their perusal.

X.          Adjournment
Commissioner Hardin moved and Commissioner Brown seconded to adjourn the SECF Commission meeting. Meeting adjourned at 6:58 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Commission Secretary