Pothole Response

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Public Works

Damaged pavement can be dangerous for people and goods traveling on San Francisco's roadways. Public Works receives requests for roadway repairs through San Francisco 311, the City's customer service center. The City has a goal of responding to service requests about potholes within 72 hours. The response to a single service request may include inspecting a location and dispatching a crew to fill multiple potholes.


How Performance is Measured

The time in which Public Works has to fulfill pothole service requests begins when Public Works receives a service request from San Francisco 311. Requests are received from San Francisco 311 through Public Works’ Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

A response usually requires two steps: inspection, and asphalt repair by field crews.

Once potholes are filled, the service request is recorded as complete in CMMS. The monthly response percentage is the number of requests responded to within three business days divided by the total number of requests received that month.

The number displayed on the scorecard page represents a fiscal year average of the response chart above.

Additional Information


Access Scorecard data through DataSF, San Francisco's open data portal.