LAFCO - June 15, 2012 - Agenda

Meeting Date: 
June 15, 2012 (All day)


City Hall, Committee Room, Room 263
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco, CA 94102-4689

June 15, 2012 – 2:00 PM

Special Meeting

1. Call to Order and Roll Call

Seat 1 Vacant
Seat 2 John Avalos, Vice-Chairperson
Seat 3 David Campos, Chairperson
Seat 4 Christina Olague
Seat 5 Eric Mar (Alternate)
Seat 6 Hope Schmeltzer
Seat 7 Leah Pimentel (Alternate)

2. Approval of LAFCo Minutes from the April 27, 2012 Regular Meeting (Action)

3. Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Activities Report (Discussion and Possible Action)
Michael Campbell and Nancy Miller
A. Status Update on CleanPowerSF Program
B. Status Update on Proceeding at the California Public Utilities Commission

4. Update on Study on the Voting Process, Including Rank Choice Voting, For Local Offices in the City and County of San Francisco (Discussion)
Jason Fried

5. Authorization to Extend Two LAFCo Staff Positions (Discussion and Possible Action)
Nancy Miller

6. Public Comment: Members of the public may address the San Francisco Local Agency Formation Commission on matters that are within their jurisdiction and not on today’s agenda.

7. Future Agenda Items (Discussion and Possible Action)

8. Adjournment


Agenda Item Information

Each item on the agenda may include: 1) Department or Agency cover letter and/or report; 2) Public correspondence; 3) Other explanatory documents. For more information concerning agendas, minutes, and meeting information, such as these documents, please contact:

Linda Wong, LAFCo Clerk
City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 554-7719

Meeting Procedures

Public Comment will be taken before or during the Commission’s consideration of each agenda item. Each member of the public will be allotted the same maximum number of minutes to speak as set by the Chair at the beginning of each item, except public speakers using translation assistance will be allotted twice the amount of the public testimony time limit. Members of the public who want a document placed on the overhead for display should clearly state such and subsequently remove the document when they want the screen to return to live coverage of the meeting. The public is encouraged to testify at LAFCo meetings and to write letters to its members: 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244, San Francisco, CA 94102.

Procedures do not permit: 1) persons in the audience to vocally express support or opposition to statements by Commissioners by other persons testifying; 2) ringing and use of cell phones, pagers, and similar sound-producing electronic devices; 3) bringing in or displaying signs in the meeting room; and 4) standing in the meeting room.

LAPTOP COMPUTER FOR PRESENTATIONS: Contact City Hall Media Services at (415) 554-7490 to coordinate the use of the laptop computer for presentations. Presenters should arrive 30 minutes prior to the meeting to test their presentations on the computer.

AGENDA PACKET: Available at City Hall, Room 244, Reception Desk, or on the internet at: Meetings are cablecast on SF Cable 26. For DVD copies and scheduling, call (415) 557-4293.

LANGUAGE INTERPRETERS: Requests must be received at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting to help ensure availability. Contact Madeleine Licavoli at (415) 554-7722. AVISO EN ESPAÑOL: La solicitud para un traductor debe recibirse antes de mediodía de el viernes anterior a la reunion. Llame a Erasmo Vazquez (415) 554-4909.

翻譯 必須在會議前最少四十八小時提出要求
請電 (415) 554-7719

Disability Access

The Legislative Chamber (Room 250) and the Committee Room (Room 263) in City Hall are wheelchair accessible. Meetings are real-time captioned and are cablecast open-captioned on SF Cable 26. Assistive listening devices for the Legislative Chamber are available upon request at the Clerk of the Board's Office, Room 244. Assistive listening devices for the Committee Room are available upon request at the Clerk of the Board's Office, Room 244 or in the Committee Room. To request sign language interpreters, readers, large print agendas or other accommodations, please contact Madeleine Licavoli at (415) 554-7722 or (415) 554-5227 (TTY). Requests made at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting will help to ensure availability.

The nearest accessible BART station is Civic Center (Market/Grove/Hyde Streets). Accessible MUNI Metro lines are the F, J, K, L, M, N, T (exit at Civic Center or Van Ness Stations). MUNI bus lines also serving the area are the 5, 6, 9, 19, 21, 47, 49, 71, and 71L. For more information about MUNI accessible services, call (415) 701-4485.

There is accessible parking in the vicinity of City Hall at Civic Center Plaza and adjacent to Davies Hall and the War Memorial Complex. Accessible curbside parking is available on Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place and Grove Street.

In order to assist the City’s efforts to accommodate persons with severe allergies, environmental illness, multiple chemical sensitivity or related disabilities, attendees at public meetings are reminded that other attendees may be sensitive to perfumes and various other chemical-based scented products. Please help the City to accommodate these individuals.

Know Your Rights Under The Sunshine Ordinance

Government's duty is to serve the public, reaching its decision in full view of the public. Commissions, boards, councils, and other agencies of the City and County exist to conduct the people's business. This ordinance assures that deliberations are conducted before the people and that City operations are open to the people's review.

For information on your rights under the Sunshine Ordinance (Chapter 67 of the San Francisco Administrative Code) or to report a violation of the ordinance, contact by mail Sunshine Ordinance Task Force, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244, San Francisco CA 94102; phone at (415) 554-7724; fax at (415) 554-7854; or by email at

Citizens may obtain a free copy of the Sunshine Ordinance by printing Chapter 67 of the San Francisco Administrative Code on the Internet, at

Lobbyist Registration and Reporting Requirements

Individuals and entities that influence or attempt to influence local legislative or administrative action may be required by the San Francisco Lobbyist Ordinance [SF Campaign & Governmental Conduct Code Sec. 2.100] to register and report lobbying activity. For more information about the Lobbyist Ordinance, please contact the San Francisco Ethics Commission at 25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 220, San Francisco, CA 94102; telephone (415) 252-3100; fax (415) 252-3112; web site