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Local Agency Formation Commissions (LAFCos) are independent regulatory bodies, created by the California Legislature in 1963, that regulate local government boundaries, coordinate the formation of special districts, and conduct studies of municipal services.

Because the City and County of San Francisco are consolidated, and there is no unincorporated territory in its jurisdiction, the San Francisco LAFCo doesn’t typically oversee annexations or boundary changes, so SF LAFCo's primary function is studying municipal services. Upon SF LAFCo's creation in 2000, the commission initially focused on studies of electricity service--including public power and the creation of San Francisco's community choice aggregation program, CleanPowerSF. Other topics have included refuse services, undergrounding of utility wiring, election services, and the use of City streets for emerging technologies such as app-based deliveries.

SF LAFCo's Fiscal year 2023-2024 organizes our work into three priority areas: CleanPowerSF and electricity services, public banking and municipal financial services, and municipal housing services.


Member Name: Represents: Title:
Hillary Ronen Board of Supervisors Chair
Hope Williams Member of the Public Vice-Chair
Dean Preston Board of Supervisors Member    
Connie Chan Board of Supervisors (Alternate) Member
Shanti Singh Member of the Public (Alternate) Alternate
Vacant Board of Supervisors  
Vacant Member of the Public  
Jeremy Pollock Executive Officer  
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