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Meeting Information


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held at City Hall room 400  1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place  San Francisco, CA  94102



The Minutes of this meeting set forth all actions taken by the Committee on the matters 

                                                    stated, but not necessarily the chronological sequence in which the matters were taken up



(ACTION) Roll call.  The Chair called the meeting to order at 5:32pm  Comms. Ricci, Stiglich, Beijen, Rojas, Fetico were present at the gavel. Comm. Hale arrived at 5:42pm.



(ACTION) Review and approval of January 25 & Feb.15, 2005 meeting minutes

The Feb. 15 minutes weren’t ready for action, but the Jan. 25 minutes were approved as written.

(public comments)

There were none.


Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission

There were none.


(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Chief Probation Officer’s report:

Chief Siffermann announced that the Annie Casey will be continuing its support of the Dept’s JDAI initiative for another year.  The Dept will be participating in a Youth Law Ctr training event, in San Jose on 3/28/06.  this will teach them how to assess the operations of a detention ctr.

·         JDAI update, with report on disproportionate minority confinement

G. Bieringer made various points:

·         reducing DMC is a core value of the initiative. 2) partnerships between systems partners and community. 3) determined leadership of all partners. 4) intentioned actions. 5) define success.

SF accomplishments: DMC committee is the strongest of all working groups. Mapping and surveying of an area that contributes to the DMC problem done, resulting in recommendations to the exec. comm.

SF challenges: system partner representation poor. This is opposite of other areas of the country. Need to define what success is.

Comm Fetico commented that success could be the closure of juvenile hall. Comm Hale said that judges will not release youth that might endanger the community. Comm Stiglich said that both the DA and PD’s office needs to be at the table, and if the Commission needs to invite them, they can. The Chief said he will be pushing that point with both their offices.  He felt that this topic should be a key part of the exec. comm. agenda.  He said the Dept wants to have a larger presence in the communities, and would like to encourage recruitment of future staff from the communities. He repeated that he wanted to have youth (previously involved in the system) to give input to developing processes/policies.

Comm Ricci was concerned that youth have not been involved in the workgroups. G. Bieringer said that it was problematic due to meeting scheduling problems.

·         Log Cabin Ranch update

The Chief reported the population is now 26.  Two just graduated.  He has met with the Ironworkers and Electricians Apprentice Training Coordinators and they are coming out to the ranch during spring break to speak with the students there.

            He further reported a Feb 14 visit to the Ranch by the PIC, City Build, Goodwill, Young  

           Community Developers, MOCJ to explore possibilities for developing a pre employment

            program pathway for after Ranch placements.

(public comments)
Francisco De Costa, spoke about the need to have empirical data about youth in all districts and not just about the Bayview. He said currently African Americans are only 7% of the city’s population.

He said that good policy planning depends on that.

Tracy Brown, Mission Neighborhood Ctrs, asked the Commission to support advocacy for having DCYF fund the safe haven projects, and write a letter to that effect. 



(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Review and amend, if needed, letter to the Mayor’s Budget Office advocating for 5 needed positions in the Dept budget.

There was a discussion regarding the wording, including stating that the positions are existing and not new positions.  Comm Queen moved to accept that modification.  It was decided that the Commission didn’t need to take the time to wordsmith the letter tonight.  It would be left in the hands of the President to finalize and send off on behalf of the Commission.

Comm Hale suggested adding that portion advocating for the funding of Safe Havens, to this letter. Comm Beijen felt it needed to be a separate letter.

It was decided to address that point in another letter, at the next Commission meeting.

(public comments)

G. Bieringer, and the Chief noted that previous comments about the Safe Havens being funded via JDAI were incorrect. That was done via the JJCC (TANF funding).






(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Consideration of endorsing Action Steps to End Violence and Murders in San Francisco.

Comm. Queen asked to remove this item from the agenda.

(public comments)

There were none.



(DISCUSSION) Committee reports, other reports

·         President’s comments

Comm Stiglich stated that she had very deep respect for Comm Queen’s work in the Commission, and would look to him for advice and consul in continuing the efforts to move the Dept forward. She encouraged all to go forward in a bold righteous way to effect improvements and changes.

·         Finance committee

Comm Fetico stated that the Dept’s budget was sent off to the Mayor’s office

(public comments)

there were none.



(ACTION) Election of Commission Officers (President/Vice President) for 2006.

The Chair opened the floor for nominations.  Vice President was the first office to be considered.

Comm Stiglich nominated Comm Ricci.  2nd by Comm. Beijen.  Comm Hale nominated Comm Fetico, who declined.  By hand vote, Comm Ricci was elected 7-0.

For the office of President, Comm Hale nominated Comm Queen. 2nd by Comm Fetico. Comm Ricci nominated Comm Stiglich, 2nd by Comm Beijen.

Comm Hale spoke for his nomination. The Dept has been criticized for its lack of minority leadership. Comm Queen has had a long history of service and leadership in the City.  The Commission has gone out to more communities under his leadership than in all previous commissions.  He commented on the critical need of the Commission to be connected to the community, and he felt Comm Stiglich could not meet that need.

Comm Ricci commented that while she nominated Comm Stiglich, she still acknowledged the good work of the current President.  She said that it was ironic that reference was made to a “tradition” of allowing 2 terms for officers, when she was not given that consideration last year. She said that Comm Stiglich has shown great attention to working with the Mayor’s office and on the Dept’s budget. She is qualified to carry on the duties of the office. As to attendance at meetings, she said that there were previous presidents of the commission who attended meetings only to convene them and leave.

Comm Fetico said that it wasn’t necessary to get into personal issues. It was only important to have a united perspective for advancing the Commission’s work.  He said he was inclined to respect the 2 term tradition.

Comm Beijen acknowledged Comm Queen’s work, but said change was good and another perspective is sometimes good.  He reiterated his support of Comm Stiglich’s nomination.

(public comments)

Murlene Randle spoke in support of Comm Stiglich’s nomination.

Tracy Brown Gerardo, spoke in support of previous commissioner James Rodriguez.  She welcomed Susana Rojas to the commission. She spoke in support of Comm Queen’s nomination. She asked Comm Rojas to abstain from the vote.  The Deputy City Attorney said abstentions were not allowed in this case.

Upon voting on the nomination of Comm Queen, the result was 2 yes, 5 no.

Upon voting on the nomination of Comm Stiglich, the result was 5 yes, 2 no.  Comm Stiglich elected President.

Comm Ricci commended Comm Queen for his hard work as President of the Commission.



Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission

Denise Coleman, CARC, thanked Comm Queen for bringing the Commission meetings out to the communities and hoped that Comm Stiglich would continue this practice.



(DISCUSSION) Requests for future agenda items. 

The letter for the Safe Haven.

Discussion about the protocol of interactions between the Commission’s committees.



(ACTION)  Adjournment

Comm Queen requested that the meeting be adjourned in prayer and respect for the victims of the Philippines mudslides.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:25pm

In prayer and respect to

The victims of the Philippine mudslides.