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Meeting Information


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held at City Hall room 400    1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place   San Francisco, CA  94102




(ACTION) Roll call.

The Chair called the meeting to order at 5:37pm.  Comms. Ricci, Fetico, Stiglich, Beijen were present at the gavel.  Comm. Rojas arrived at 5:40pm, Comm Hale, at 5:42pm.

The Chair welcomed the two new commissioners, Dirk Beijen and Susana Rojas.

Susana has worked in the Mission district for the past 12 yrs and is currently with the Boys and Girls Club.

Dirk is a retired policeman and currently teaches at the Life Learning Academy.



(ACTION) Review and approval of December 19, 2005 meeting minutes

The minutes were approved as written.

(public comments)
There were none.



Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission
Alfredo Bojorquez, Youth Services Coordinator, Instituto; wished the commission a good new year and welcomed the new commissioners. He spoke in support of the acceptance of the Zellerbach grant, and the Dept’s proposed mission and values statement, but felt it needed a clearer statement of striving for cultural competency in dealing with its clientele.  In regards to the dept budget he said that the commission should seriously explore the possibility of multi year funding of CBO services, so that services aren’t interrupted every year with the sometimes delayed budget process.  He also expressed support of the proclamation requested by Comm Ricci and said the commission should do more of these in the future.



(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Chief Probation Officer’s report:

·         Consideration of resolution to accept a grant of $50K from the Zellerbach Foundation

The Chief said that this grant would allow the Dept to hire a technical assistance person to develop a proposal that hopefully will result in a multi year grant for organizational development and planning.  Part of this initial grant would also include support in constituting a youth, and parent advisory group, and some support for training and professionalization activities.

Comm Hale expressed a concern about not re-treading past efforts –vis a vis ‘strategic planning’.  The Chief said that the summations of past studies could be integrated into what might be proposed in this latest iteration of a plan.

Comm Hale said he hoped the Dept was not just planning things unilaterally.  The Chief said that it wasn’t, that in regards to youth employment they were working along with DCYF.  He also said that organizational development wasn’t just for in-house staff, but building stronger partnerships with CBOs.

Comm Hale moved to approve the resolution, seconded by Comm Stiglich.  Upon voice vote, the motion carried 7-0.

·         Consideration of adopting Dept’s statement of vision, values, and mission.

The Chief reviewed how this statement came about. It was drafted and looked at during a brown bag lunch with some Dept staff, with initial comments being generally positive.  Since then he is aware that there was a concern for including clear statements of cultural competency in serving our clientele.  Comm Hale asked if there had been enough buy in from Dept staff?  The Chief said that the point of this is that these values should be the bedrock upon which all service goals are laid. They are not currently what the Dept reflects, but they are what it should strive to be. It is a living document.  Comm Fetico asked about accountability measures. The Chief said that once goals are set against the mission and values, then they can be compared continuously for performance assessment, and not just annually.

It was agreed that the requested amended language for cultural competency would not need further approval from the Commission.

Comm. Beijen moved, seconded by Comm Stiglich, to approve adoption of the Dept’s mission, vision, and values statement, with the noted amendments to include cultural competence in it.  Upon voice vote, the motion carried 7-0.

(public comments)
there were none.




(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Review of Dept FY 06-07 budget, with consideration of recommendations from Finance Committee. 

Comm Fetico said that the Finance Committee was not ready to make any recommendations as there has not been a meeting and review of the Dept’s proposed budget yet.

It was decided to hold a Finance Comm mtg next Monday, the 30th, with a call for a special meeting of the full commission, sometime thereafter, to move on any recommendations.

Comm Hale asked if the budget process has changed. He had an impression that the Mayor’s office was going to come up with a proposed budget and then letting Depts weigh in on it.  In the past, the Dept admin had convened division managers to come up with a dept budget. 

The Chief said that there were some new factors that came into play this year, with the inclusion of community focus group meetings to identify some programming directions in the new year. 

Comm Hale said there needs to be a formal process in place.

Comm Ricci said she was confident that we would be able to work with the Chief on the budget and move ahead.

Comm Stiglich commented that she appreciated the Dept’s efforts to accommodate the commission’s requests.  She thinks our financial situation is good and this may be the first real year of putting a budget together with the Chief. The Finance Committee has been gathering input, and hopefully these things will be considered in the budget deliberations.  She commented that it is important to present a unified, single voice for the Dept when communicating with external bodies.

Comm Hale commented that individual commissioners can gather info but should clearly distinguish their individual interests from official interests of the commission.  Asked about lay-offs, the Chief said he is not preparing a budget dependent on lay-offs.

Comm Queen commented that protocol set up between the commission and dept was that all information for the commission would come from respective committeee chairs to the Chief, and that the inquiry made from the commission for information about the budget, while substantively correct, was not done within that established protocol.

Comm Stiglich commented that the concerns expressed by Comm Hale have been kept on the agenda of the Finance Committee (eg. Huckleberry) and that they have been continually looked at.

Comm Queen commented that the Commission is trying to see that the Dept is setting up a process and that this is ongoing, hopefully by next year it will be firmly in place.

(public comments)
there were none.



(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Consideration of endorsing Action Steps to End Violence and Murders in San Francisco.

Comm Queen asked the commissioners to review the Bd of Supervisors’ proposed charter amendment regarding homicide prevention, and compare it to the document he submitted. 

He had some questions about the process delineated in the charter amendment and participation by relevant parties (such as the Commission) in the implementation steps after the fact. He felt the Commission should have had an opportunity to help develop the amendment from the beginning. 

Comm Hale asked the secretary what was expected of the commission in regards to the proposed charter amendment.  The Secretary said that the email correspondence notified the commission, among others, of the pending proposed amendment, to be heard in the Rules Committee, and that the Commission and/or Commissioners were free to given written or oral response to the committee.  He did not recall when the Rules Committee was slated to meet.

Comm Queen did mention a select committee of the Bd, on violence, chaired by Supervisor Maxwell, that will be meeting on Monday. The Chief commented that he knew about the convening of this committee but was not invited to attend and give input, but he did go and made public comment drawing the need to involve the families of those youth impacted by this issue.

(public comments)

there were none.



(DISCUSSION) Committee reports, other reports

·         President’s comments

Comm Queen thanked the Finance Committee and the Chair of it, for their persistent attention to the Dept’s budget.  He also announced that he was appointing Comm Hale as Chair of the Program Committee.

·         Finance committee

There was not a meeting, but the topic of concern was discussed in #5 above.

(public comments)

there were none.



(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Request from Comm. Lingad Ricci to give acknowledgment to Sensei John Collins of San Francisco.

Comm Lingad Ricci asked to table this to the next regular meeting so she can make some changes to it.

(public comment)

there were none.



Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission
there were none.



(DISCUSSION) Requests for future agenda items.

Comm Hale asked the Chief regarding the monthly report, showing many misdemeanor detentions.   The Chief said that those were all due to no responsible adult to release the minor to.

Comm Hale noted that the percentage of African Americans and Latinos detained is large (60% and 27% respectively).  What is happening with efforts on DMC.  He asked for a response at a later date.

Comm Hale asked if the Commission could arrange a lunch for the outgoing commissioners, in appreciation for their work.  Comm Ricci noted that two other past commissioners (Bonilla and Richard) be included in such a lunch.



(ACTION)  Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:55pm

                               in honor of our “retiring” commissioners,

                            Rev. Harry Chuck and James Rodriguez.