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Meeting Information


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held at City Hall room 400   1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place    San Francisco, CA  94102





(ACTION) Roll call.

President Stiglich called the meeting to order at 5:35pm. Comms. Queen, Fetico, Beijen, were present at the gavel. Comm Hale arrived at 5:55pm.  Comms. Ricci and Rojas were excused.



(ACTION) Review and approval of May 31, 2006 meeting minutes

Upon motion and 2nd, the minutes were approved as written.

(public comments)
There were none.



Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission

Elloise Patton, Ex Dir of Young Community Developers expressed concerns about the RFP process and delay in making any information available about the next fiscal year contracts.

Jessica (JDPA) echoed this concern.

Dr Garcia, Instituto, asked the Commission to take affirmative action tonight so that contracts could be expedited.


(DISCUSSION) Chief Probation Officer’s report:

Before addressing the bullet points, the Chief made a short statement about the one page “Summer Safety Plan” he was asked to produce as a part of the Mayor’s SF Safe Summer Plan (document attached).  Comm Queen asked if he produced these points in coordination with any community orgs.  the Chief said yes.  The Chief also reported that they are moving ahead with the youth advisory group (Youth Commissioners will make a presentation next month), and the parents group.

He further commented that the organizational analysis, supported by the Zellerbach grant, would commence July 6/7.

Mark Lui reported that there were no great problems in today’s Board of Supervisor’s hearing on the Department’s budget.  A few reductions but nothing significant.

·         Update on YGC youth awaiting placement

Nancy Yalon handed out a report on this (attached at end of minutes) and said that future reports will be on a consistent template. Comm Beijen wanted data further broken out along racial/ethnic lines. There was a discussion about how long standing this issue has been, and that much more progress was overdue.  Yalon mentioned the availability of SB 163 funds for wraparound services and there have been at times expediters who managed to ramp up placement times. (it was noted that both the Public Defender and the Dept have a position for an expediter)  Variously the system has ingrained barriers: eg. protocols for out-of-state placements (ICPC), unavailability of appropriate placements for high needs youth, delays in case processing –pre adjudication. Comm Hale expressed his continued dissatisfaction with the progress made to date. There was a question of placement quality between in-state and out-of-state sites, and how in-state operations can be made better so that there is less use of out-of-state-programs. Comm Stiglich said the Dept needs to figure out where the ‘logjams’ are so that appropriate people can be identified to address them. In many instances attorneys make recommendations for placements. The Public Defender’s office needs to be a part of the discussion about how to improve the system.

·         Update on the CARC cite backs

Yalon reported that the Dept and CARC staff have been meeting.  Referrals have increased to CARC. New processes are in place. There was a concern that kids were treated differently when CARC is closed from times it is open.  Yalon said the protocols being worked out now will address that.  Comm Hale feared that the types of cases being referred to CARC have “widened” the net that brings kids into the system.  Denise Coleman said that things have changed.  Some charges formerly referred, are not dealt with at CARC now, while others are.

Toni Powell, Director LCRS, reported on the progress at Log Cabin.  They are operating summer school now, 8:30a till 3:30p.  All residents participate in the Linda Mood Bell reading program.  Vocational programs will continue thru July.   Youth (30) will have summer jobs (from the summer jobs program) at the ranch, after summer school ends.  Writers Corp will start again in Sept. Trades and job training is still a high need.  1/3 of the residents are 18 yrs and over.  Asked about revenue generation, the Chief said some of the monies from the violence prevention supplemental budget of the Mayor’s will be used to hire a consultant to explore that avenue.   As to the AWOLs.  3 separate incidents, involving older youth. Assessing the circumstances the main issue seems to be the different mind set and needs of older youth (one was a chronic failure of Dept programs so it isn’t as if the Dept hasn’t tried working with him). The age range of residents and wide ranging personal characteristics and behavior brings on the need to treat groups differently. The Ranch has had youth as old as 20.  There were comments that such youth are inappropriate referrals to Cabin. There is also a lack of consequences for making poor choices.

Comm Hale questioned whether the staff morale is a factor in not being able to deal with the problems.

(public comments)

there were none.



(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Review and possible approval of recommendations from Program Comm. on Dept choices for ‘06-’07 CBO contracts.

Comm Beijen reported that the Chief went into great detail about the process of the RFP, but had not presented a list of recommended organizations for contracting.  He was to present that tonight.

The Chief commented that the focus of the funds for the next few years will be service to JPD involved youth.  He showed a pie chart showing (attached to minutes) where youth are in the system.  Another pie chart showed a relatively similar breakout in proposed services (responses from CBOs to the RFP).  The final chart showed the Dept’s proposed division of funds for services (15% for detention based services, 25% girls’ services, 60% for community support services).  All of the percentages were fairly consistent throughout the three aspects.  54 responses from the CBOs totaled requests for about $8 mil.  The Dept will only be giving out $1.5 mil. 

He said that he is asking the Commission to approve the Dept entering into negotiations to contract with the selected CBOs (list attached).

Comm Beijen said the pie charts were useful.  He said the number of proposed girl services submitted seem to be lower than what the Dept had estimated to be set aside for such services.

Comm Queen asked what was done to assure that funds were not going to duplicate services.  The Chief said he relied heavily on Lonnie Holmes to assure that.

There was a question whether CBOs were encouraged to form collaborative efforts. The Chief said the response to that was silent.  Comm Queen said that it should be made a condition of funding.

The Commission took a short recess at 7:30pm

Comm Beijen moved to “accept the recommendation (from the Dept) of the organizations and that we approve the Dept to pursue written grant agreements with those organizations, for funding and services.”  Comm Stiglich 2nd. 

There was a question regarding the lack of amounts attached to the organizations selected. 

There was also a concern for the lateness of this process because of the burden it places on the CBOs who need to know if their staffs and programs will be continued.

Comm Beijen said that the Dept can negotiate with the agencies and come back with their final recommendations for how much to contract with each.

There was a short consideration of somehow finding “bridge” money for CBOs until new contracts can be awarded.  This seemed not an option.

Comm Queen offered a friendly amendment to the motion that the Dept can negotiate with the agencies and come back to the Commission for approval of their final recommendations as to how much to contract with each CBO.

The question was called, and upon voice vote, carried 5-0.

Comm Queen, in response to the public comments suggested the Commission write a letter to the Mayor for the “gap” funding they spoke about needing.  Comm Hale asked if they could have the Commission and the Chief write this letter.

Rebecca Katz said that it would not be appropriate to make a formal motion and take action on a non-agendized item, but if the commission would like to give a consensus to the President to write a letter to the Mayor recommending support of the CBOs, that would be allowable.

The Chief asked the Commission if they had any disagreements with the percentage breakdown as illustrated with the pie charts.  Comm Beijen said it looked reasonable to him, and said that this would be a guide for him anyhow, and not hard targets.

Comm Stiglich suggested Comms Fetico and Hale, along with herself meet with the Chief to review this topic.

(public comments)

Ellouise Patton, YCD, expressed concerns that the rankings weren’t published as promised. She was not convinced that the conditions laid out in the RFP were being adhered to in the deliberations with which CBOs would receive funding. She questioned whether sunshine laws had not been complied with.

Dr Garcia, Instituto, supported the motion, and encouraged an expedited process so that CBOs are not more severely affected than they will be already.

Shawn Richard, SF Brothers Against Guns, asked the Commission to do whatever they need to do to get the Dept to complete the process so contracts can be completed and services are not interrupted for long.

Hyacinth C. Ahuruonye, Chair of YGCIC, recommended that the Commission try to work more closely with the Chief to give him more guidance.  He had thought that the process should have been more cohesive.  The lack of any recommendations makes it difficult for the CBOs to advocate on their own behalf.  He said the Chief should reach out to the Commission earlier to get through unfamiliar territory in a more timely fashion. 

Kimo Wheeler, CJCJ, asked what the amended motion was and if the Commission was approving the proposed division of funds according to the pie charts presented. (no answer was given).

Jessica ______, asked that prior to contract negotiations, the Chief check to see if any there is any duplication of funding from DCYF for the same projects.

Shawn Richard commented that this should not be a concern if funding is NOT for the same program services.

Ellouise Patton thanked the Commission for the vote, and emphasized that very close attention needs to be paid to those orgs who are effectively providing services, the high priority areas and choose those that make effective matches. 

Jessica   said that last year’s experience is not the same as this year’s.  She asked the Commission to look to the Mayor for any possibility of emergency funding to keep services until the new contracts are resolved.

Dr. Garcia said the Commission should confirm that it will make a request to the Mayor for emergency funds.

Maria Su, VYDC, also supported an emergency resolution for funds to protect CBOs who otherwise would come to a standstill when contracts end. 



(DISCUSSION) Oversight/Management Responsibilities.

Comm Stiglich brought this up to begin the discussion, with respect to setting up meetings, where Dept staff are asked to attend.  She asked that the Commission be sensitive to the Dept’s compensatory time burdens when its administrators have to attend evening meetings.  She asked the Dept to explore the possibility of exercising alternative work schedules for days when administrators might attend evening meetings, so they come in later on that day (thus avoiding OT) or other staffing options.  She mentioned the same consideration for the Commission’s own secretary.  This won’t be fully discussed tonight, but she wanted this to be the start.

Comm Fetico asked that written information from the Dept, regarding action items or otherwise, be received at least 7 days before the meeting at which they are dealt with, per the Commission’s rules of order, so that Commissioners have the ability to digest information and be ready.

Comm Stiglich said that being informed is a responsibility incumbent upon Commissioners to achieve themselves as opposed to utilizing a Dept employee to do the educating, when they (the employee) could be serving the youth.

Comm Hale said he understood the issue but never had he felt that the Commission was overtaxing Dept staff.

The Chief said that he encouraged the division management to be at the commission meetings, to have that sense of teamwork and partnership.  He said that as far as request for advance information, he would try to accommodate it if the timeframe allowed.

Comm Stiglich asked that this be carried over to the next full commission meeting.

(public comments)
There were none.



(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Further discussion and planning for the performance review of the Chief.

Comm Beijen suggested that an Ad Hoc committee be appointed to look into setting up a process for this. Comm Hale 2nd.  said he liked the document used by the City for their executive staff. (after seeing the evaluation form supplied by the Commission Secretary, he agreed that this was that document).  Comm Beijen made the formal motion to appoint an Ad Hoc committee to develop this process. Comm Hale 2nd.  upon voice vote, motion carried 5-0.

(public comments)

there were none.



(DISCUSSION/ACTION) Resolution of recognition and acknowledgement of 4 past commissioners.

Comm Hale said that he has not completed the resolution but will for the next meeting that will acknowledge the work of 4 past commissioners.  It was asked to explore getting a certificate of honor from City Hall to similarly acknowledge them.  Comm Hale also mentioned a practice of the Commission where recently retired commissioners were taken to lunch (at the active commissioners’ expense). This will be worked out.

(public comments)
There were none.



(DISCUSSION) Naming of facilities and/or spaces in YGC.

Comm Hale reviewed the past discussions held about this, where suggestions and recommendations were made to honor Cheyenne Bell (former Director of Community Programs).  He acknowledged that subsequent discussions with a wider audience has revealed the strong desire to include recognition and memorial of other past significant individuals related to the Dept’s work (counselor Liz Aragon was principally mentioned).  The discussion was acknowledged and is still open for further exploration and planning for how such recognition can be manifested in the structure and on the grounds.

Comm Stiglich referred this back to Facilities Committee.

(public comments)

Counselors  B. Thomasson and J. Radogno, as well as JH Director D. Doyle, spoke in support of the recognition for Liz Aragon. Doyle suggested setting up a protocol to follow for all such considerations so that future considerations are dealt with in a planned and consistent way.

L. Holmes spoke in support of both.

Liz Jackson-Simpson spoke about identifying the multi purpose room in the facility as possibly the most appropriate space to acknowledge Cheyenne Bell.



(DISCUSSION) Committee reports, other reports

·         Program committee

·         Finance committee

All reports were tabled, without objection, to the next commission meeting.

(public comments)

there were none.



Public comment on any matter within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Juvenile Probation Commission

There were none.



(DISCUSSION) Requests for future agenda items. 

Youth Commissioners to report on their work on establishing the Youth Advisory Council.

Update on progress on expediting Out of Home Placement youth.

Oversight and management responsibilities.

Action on Annie E Casey Foundation grant

Facilities Comm. to report on JH project progress.



(ACTION)  Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:35pm


                                     CARC and Placement doc   (pdf)                           CBO list  (pdf)